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  1. Are they not even releasing a Weekly Server Maintenance post? They probably know they messed up and decided not to even release one this week, its not like theres a major update tomorrow and we have no patch notes or anything...
  2. this is disgusting.. the patch come tomorrow and you say that you want to make the game better yet you take away from all the free players... not even free players, ALL players in general and then you reward those who spends 1000$ on legendary contracts. How can you sit here and say one moment you want the game to be better, and then the next you implement a p2w aspect. AGAIN. We dont even have the patch notes yet, our servers are bugged, rng sucks, theres no viable way to get contracts.. theres all these issues and yet you find the time to make sure everything only benefits yourself. This cro
  3. This event, honestly is just horrible. But I will admit, if they are releasing legendary transforms to the BCM, this is how id want it to be. I mean, make them incredibly expensive so if you do get benefited from them then you gotta get a 2nd mortgage on your house. As for the key, i feel like somewhere or some how a box will drop. Maybe from an instance, a random drop from mobs, a npc, or maybe you just have to entirely sell your house for one box. And they can be opened with the keys? I feel like thats what I would assume it is. I mean, I was sort of expecting a p2w transform event. Theyre r
  4. I love how youre comparing RNG to stuff thats been like 1-2 years ago. Thats how any game is, you cant wave your finger and expect the 50% or 40% success rate to be statistically true. Nor can you confirm an increase in success rates, its just about trust. You may fund the game, but no... thats not how MMOs work. Youre supposed to FARM up youre things in MMOs, you cant expect to throw a couple thousand bucks at the game and have all your wishes come true. Andd you have been given advantages, advanced stigmas, 1000$ weapon skins, runestones, gemstones, runestone and gemstone enchants, and
  5. @Arhangelos-KT i completely agree, DN players are living up the good life getting all these free resets and runs and all this stuff with no competition on Saturday and Monday. While KT players are having to put up with these bugs for hours on end. Someone in my legion sent in a ticket, and they responded and told him to just do a file repair pretty much. Such great support, really the best of the best.. who doesn’t want better support?
  6. Idk about today, but SAS normally is removed. So there’s clearly someone there that can go in and delete SAS from our server. But it takes countless hours just for a server reset. This is completely absurd. It’s 5 Pm for me... FIVE. This is unreasonable. If they want family time, then fix the bugs. Then they won’t have to put up with resets every single week at Sunday/Monday. We can’t play. What’s the point of even logging in and trying to get instances done if the servers will be bugged. If they really care about the game and want it to succeed, then we need to start seeing those improve
  7. People have been recommending that for god knows how long... and were still here It would be even better if they could just fix their mess. this is the THIRD time this bug has occurred in the less then two weeks. And the bug has been happening for a bit of time before this
  8. Yes.... this is KT.. every. single. week.
  9. I dont know if this would be for the best, its can be very much abused. I do like the concept though and feel there should be an easier way to obtain them. I do really like this, although i feel before its implemented we need to have a stable way of obtaining contracts. Like you said if they increased the % that the transform contract box drops, then that would be fantastic. The transformation box still drops, its just more so 1/5 runs instead of 4/5. I completely disagree with this. p2w ISNT bad, but it BECOMES bad when theyre given an advantage over every other player. That
  10. Valedia, I get that and respect it completely. But theres some people who just cant pay for it. I dont spend money on the game. I personally cant shuck out these big bucks. Nor would I want to in a game, Ive grown up learning to work for what you get. I feel its truly unfair that someone could come in, lvl 1 the day 7.5 came out, get to lvl 80 spent 2k on stigmas, spend 1k on aetherforging for a weapon, and outdps me when ive been working on my set for months now. Not to mention, farming kinah is so difficult now that I cant even buy stigma enchants. Ive been trying to farm them just to get my
  11. They would never introduce this, its unique to Spirit Master. A temp casually summoning someone..... that would be funny, but it doesnt play into the lore or stereotypes of a class. Now, an event item that can summon someone but with like a 2-3 hour cool down, now that I feel could be really nice. Very recently (I dont remember exactly when) but they actually did do this. If you have prestige currently and look at your benefits, all prestige members get 20% more renown from quests and ncps and all that good stuff. I dont know if you remember, but its like when song weaver
  12. Yeah thats true, they said theyre releasing all the details when its closer to Wednesday. I hate how these class nerf's are coming so soon. This week is the last week ill ever be able to Solo PF for a long long time.
  13. @Vantheria-DN I think they meant were getting the skill changes that KR got on February 19th. I know EU just released the open test server for 7.6 which had IDDHM 2nd boss and auto loot and all of that stuff. Im surprised theyre releasing the divine transformations now instead of waiting for the official 7.6. I think they do have to save some stuff for 7.6 though.
  14. Have you guys seen the stats for the new transforms? Tiamat gives **470** PvE Att and Erreshikgal (its probably not spelled right, idk how to spell it) gives **470** PvP Att. And theyre gonna be obtained by the p2w players right away who have been saving up legendary stuff that theyve been buying over the past months. We NEED an ultimate transformation event. The gap between players with and without ultimate transformations is going to be even larger with these massive stat boosts. Thats like carrying an entirely new weapon. I highly doubt that we'll get an event (thats free) for these new tra
  15. Whats what my opinion is as well, and in those 10 hours Danaria was able to do all their instance runs and get everything done while we only had 2-3 instances open for us to even do. At some point it starts benefiting DN way more then it does for KT, the only benefit that it gives KT is that we can actually play the game (after the reset, before it we just have to lay back and wait unless we do cubics). While theyre able to do a whole new set of instances that some of us maybe werent even able to attempt.
  16. Does anyone know when the ice cream event is ending yet?
  17. I really do appreciate this, although its not ideal (for right now) I hope you and the team are able to figure out a way to get more potions into the game. I do hope it is soon rather then later though, as there will be two more ulti transformations added in 7.6 (when looking at EU) that are better then the ones we have now. Even if you dont add a way to get contracts into the game, having a quick way to get ulti potions would be really nice. And I dont mean through level 9 renown, as thats something that not everyone can get for every map. Im having a hard enough time getting it for one map.
  18. I understand, but we had a reset for this exact same problem, four days ago. So i didn’t expect us to get a second one. I’m not the type of person that can sit down and do 50 instance runs one day and then the next do it all over again. I do expect it, but it’s bad when I do log in, ready to run some stuff, and oh KT is bugged. Oh well there goes SAS, oh Lower Udas is broken.. oh PF isn’t working. There goes my 2 sources of experience, my ice cream farm and the place i farm my kinah. I wanted to do SAS and Lower Udas this morning to get my xp for stigma enchants in Demaha, but they were both
  19. Its not DN's fault, but when they are able to get their runs done and abuse the reset.. thats when its a problem for the game. DN players see, oh theres a bug on KT let me do my runs. While KT players see, oh theres a bug I hope it gets fixed soon so i can finish my runs. I understand after a while, DN not getting resets is a bit unfair. But by you all getting resets every single time, thats incredibly unfair to every player on KT. DN deserves a reset like every other time or something, but not every single time. Its not KT's fault that NCSoft keeps messing up our server. This is the second ti
  20. But.. we literally cant do anything. So all the players who play on later time zones, like when its night time around 10pm-8am est thats when they do their runs. Yet all of last night KT was broken, so anyone playing during those times can only do cubics and dailies and weeklies, and thats about it. I understand this is an event where were burning entries, but... were having major issues. Issues where we cant even do 80% of the stuff in the game because of this. You guys arent facing that. Your the ones benefiting from these resets, were not. Like @Ereliya-KT said, they can only play in the mo
  21. I couldnt even finish my PFEZ solo this week because of course out of SL, IDD, and PF.. PF has to be the one broken
  22. Thats what im saying, when we get a server merge (eventually) DN better pray and hope KT merges into DN and not the other way around.... because lord theyre gonna be coming into a whole new turf full of bugs and lag and issues and face the same problems we face every single week. We get resets every week, due to some bug or issue were facing. Their server is running fine, ours seems like the interns have split a lifetime supply of coffee on the motherboard. Danaria doesnt have our issues and they are getting the resets, they can use the gold sand shop and talk to teleport people and go do inst
  23. Theyre really sleeping in today, on a Tuesday.
  24. Yeah, ive been farming them up but am very limited on time this morning. So I was hoping to do Udas to get the rest of my missing exp marks for the stigma enchant stones. But Ill just have to wait for reset and get them for kata.
  25. We had the same bug literally like 5 days ago lol, and SAS is gone... again. I cant even get in my instances before the reset!! How do I get xp?!
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