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  1. @Loki I know that others want this daily reset for Red Cellar with Luna. And I understand if it is changed to be daily, but I feel having it at 40 Luna is WAY to cheap. Red cellar and Minimum vault can’t be compared. Red Cellar drops gemstone fragments. And drops shining shard boxes if you get S rank. This means that if it’s allowed to be reset daily, and also at 40 Luna, then people will run Red Cellar every single day resetting more and more every day and get that step up on the gemstones. More specifically, the geared individuals. Minimum is reset daily, and it’s awesome. But that’s for re
  2. @Kibbelz I am very disappointed in this event. I was so excited yesterday, and thought I would be able to progress further into the game and close the gap between me and the p2w players, just a tiny bit more. But if im lucky, ill only get 1-2 stigmas, if that. Theres the chance I may not even get one. I crafted 57 "<[Event] Balaurea Crafting Request Bundle>" only to get 14 of them. So I spent 430 Ultimate Etium (that ive been been collecting since the release of it) for 21.5m. This is very disappointing. I understand that you guys cant just give them out like candy, but it shouldnt be th
  3. As Kibbelz stated when releasing the comment of SAS coming back, its supposed to be 10 fragments a day that SAS was down. And, being able to compensate for everyone is hard. You do the most in abyssal, but some players, myself included, only do it on 1-2 toons. I know you wouldn't want to reward us with 4200 fragments when we only do it on a couple characters a day. By going off the rewards, per day it was down, for the 16 days it was down thats 160 fragments, 160 experience crystals, and 16 Mysterious Serum boxes. I doubt youll ever get major compensation, for the majority of the player base
  4. you do know this event was added to the game for money... right? Even with the world bosses, theres a select few that spawn and like what @taha-DN said, Elyos pretty much control them. But looking more deeply into it, elyos factions, One, Clarity (maybe Team Para) control them. The average player, like myself, would NEVER have the chance to even grace that loot screen, let alone roll for anything. If this event was made fair to all, it would be participation based, or like you said an instance.
  5. @Vessttemona-KT Can you explain then, how is it benefiting the members who arent good enough to join these legions. You say you dont own the WB, yet you kind of do. The only massive legion that can monopolize the WB is Team Para, theres only one, and I dont think its even capped yet. But on KT theres One and Clairty, both are full and are filled with the top 10% of players. People that are maxed out with everything. Theres not a way for any average player, or legion, to even be able to get the boss. And its not just with world bosses. On KT, its pretty much your either in the top 10% and are i
  6. Yeah, i understand that. I have found though that when explaining that to a new or returning player they get confused because they dont understand how some people want healing while others dont care or what set to build first. Even new players like clerics and heal spec chanters, they get really confused when talking about how they need to get titan coin accs and retunable weapons instead of the kata accs and like titan and kata weapons.
  7. If you were able to take the weapon outside the instance I think they would of told us. Its not like were gonna be able to do it again after they "fix it." as for the crashes.. i need my weekly reset, i just started doing cubics again!
  8. Thats understandable, and im not trying to give the intention a dps chanter is bad. But for end end game instances, most groups seem to prefer a heal spec chanter instead of dps. But youre right, chanters are capable of doing either, it just depends on the group. I always forget that armor doesnt have attack for retuning. Id just say crit and hp for dps classes on their armor, for the main 2 retunes.
  9. @Kibbelz cant we just get a decent event, for compensation, thats for ALL players. Including the ones who dont spend money on the game. An event with good rewards, that can be obtained without having to spend a penny. And by good rewards, not like 5 stigma enchant stones. Like Ultimate, and Legendary transformation contracts or potions, gear, stuff that will really benefit everyone in the community.
  10. Do you not get NCsoft events? This event was only put into the game to make them 10-20 grand..If they cared they would of given it to one of the shugos. Its too far into the event for them to even change it.. even though they would never. If they put the prototype on the BCM, that would cause an uproar by all the people who spend thousands of dollars one one weapon. Its game braking, and a limited event... but only for the people willing to spend their life savings on it. 95% of the population on the north american servers wont be able to craft this weapon, let alone grace the box with the tip
  11. Ive seen a lot of posts on the forums, as well as in game about what to do as a returning/starter player when it comes to gear or instances. I felt it would be good to just make a post about all the knowledge i currently have, and also have others comment on anything they feel should be changed and/or added. This is focused mostly on PvE, as I know barely anything about PvP. **Leveling** Starting off, when it comes to leveling just do your repeatable quests as you continue on, and the instances that open up at certain levels. Dont forget to use your acorns on the latest armor whenev
  12. I think asmos has definitely grown larger then elyos, or theyre about even. The second comment does describe some parts of the faction, though, in my opinion.
  13. @Kibbelz How do you say "were still investigating" when you guys literally took it down for an issue you found. How hard is it to fix? its been almost 10 days now and you havent fixed the issue that you "found" in the first place. This is destroying the economy, people arent getting their essence boxes, dev skills, contracts, enchant stones etc. This is one of the ways that players could get essence boxes without having to spend actual money, and now its just gone. And we probably wont even be compensated for the amount of time its going to be shut down for.
  14. Ive been playing aion for many years, and feel that right now its at its lowest point ive personally ever seen it. Theres many changes that can be made to allow the game to survive for many years to come. Aion was my first MMO and ive developed many of my interests around it. My major issue is the major Pay to Win aspect of the game. Since the start of 7.5 we havent had a decent event, for players that arent willing to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on the game. Even this event now.. if you have perfect RNG, meaning you get a grater output every single time, you have to spend a mi
  15. I havent been on DN-Elyos for long.... but i dont think theres any high population problems. It takes 20 minutes alone to form for a pug IDD easy or SL, or PF.
  16. Well Elyos may be more greedy then asmo. I dont know about DN, as I have just come back to the server.... but KT on the other hand seem to get quite greedy when it comes to instances
  17. Thats understandable, it is very helpful now to do them for fastners. But when they decide to steal them from other players, who may benefit more outside of the fasteners, by getting the armor and manastone boxes, thats when it becomes an issue. (Also, ive seen a couple of your videos. Youre part of the reason i got back into gearing my chanter. Just being able to see how amazing chanters can heal, is so fascinating, and for someone who plays heal spec for any class that can heal, including sw, its very nice to see theres more then the traditional cleric.)
  18. Its crazy how players get so greedy with the game they arent wiling to share. I dont have an issue with finding them, its just a third of the time when i do find them they get stolen from me. My alt is a support spec chanter, i can only do so much with my sov staff, it is fun grinding for them. Its just such a pain when some people decide to steal them. Literally 2 seconds ago i just saw a full group of people form 'No Se Ingles' go max dps on the hidden mob just to steal it from this sin
  19. Recently I have been farming a lot of hidden mobs, I really need the manastones for my chanter'a HB set, as well as magical attack stones for my own set. The process to obtain these stones has been brutal. On Katalam, I would say its better. But on Danaria, its absolute chaos. In the last 3 days ive had over 10 hidden mobs stolen from me by players in maxed out +15 soverign with full Luminance accessories. Im not able to produce enough damage on my chanter to actually have a fighting chance of killing them, every single time i make it to a hidden mob i have to dps it down to 50% and pray no on
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