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  1. 8 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Well these are Black Friday sales, it kinda makes sense, but yeah, right now there is no reason to log in game, no XP buffs, turning XP marks is impossible, and the rest of 7.7 sucks.

    I don’t think they’re entirely Black Friday sales. They’re not labeled under anything with Black Friday and the first thing they say on the post is “It is the Season of Thanks.” 

    I do agree that we should of gotten a thanksgiving event though. We had a great Halloween event, this could of been a great time to give us another good event. We may not get a decent event until the Christmas one comes around, and even with that one lord knows what they’ll give as rewards. 

    i haven’t logged into the game in like a week and haven’t felt any need to, since there’s nothing to do. I mean, we should pf been given something. Even if it was like a 500% xp and 200% drop or something for today only. 

  2. Gonna be honest, I didnt read through most of the posts so I dont know what others have said. But I main a sorc for pve, but at the same time do really like the pvp aspect. In my pve set alone, Im able to 1v1 anyone whos not in ulti pvp, and also several people who are in ulti pvp. But, as sorcs are very strong, theyre also very weak.  The sleeps and CC available to sorcs is extremly helpful in pvp BUT only if used properly. Just like any other aspect in the game, pvp requires skill. And on sorc, more skill is required for PvP then PvE. Anyone can nuke some mobs, but in pvp you have to learn when to cc, how to keep your distance and fight up against certain classes. Personally, I cant fight a sin or ranger, i just cant beat them. If you can learn a cc rotation, and learn how to use your flashes and dashes to get away from classes like temps, glads, sins, etc then you can do fine. A sorc is extremely strong, but as the same time very weak and can easily be taken down by any class. Its much easier against close range classes since you can avoid them. But for longer range classes its much more difficult. In earlier patches, being able to fight against multiple players is much easier. But currently sorcs aren't defense-ly strong enough to handle a 1v3, 4, 5 etc. A 1v2.. maybe, but a 1v1 is easiest. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Ele-DN said:

    The npc was taken out because it was selling the contract for 0 in stead of what was supposed to be sold at, 50. In the end, players for their contract for "free". What do you consider the contract from the survey we'll be getting? compensation? free? Which is literally the same as npc selling it for 0. And obviously the key in BCM can only be bought once, so any extra locked contract ingame does nothing. As a result, npc removed from the game for no reason now that everyone is getting one for free.

    The survey is to compensate for all the players who didnt get the transform, and to just make the community  happy. This is what we need

  4. 1 hour ago, Ele-DN said:

    Free locked contract survey like npc selling it for 0? Wasn't selling for 0? Took down the npc for a week for no reason....

    The NPC was taken down for two reasons. One, is that players got the free transform. And two, the price on the NPC was wrong.It was 30 instead of 50.

  5. I mean... come on let’s just call it what it is. This shows the entire motto of the NCWest Company. They’d rather delete 300 transformations (and lord knows, poor guy that has to do it. I highly doubt Kibbelz Loki or Hime is doing it), then give a box to everyone and have an easy solution.

    Nothing about this is easy, they not only have to delete the contracts, but lord knows how many complications are going to come up with the people that bought contracts... and on that note, let’s be real. NCsoft may not even delete anything off of their accounts because they combined it and spent money. But every free player will for sure be deleted. And, this will bring on more issues with the stupid pines that are horrible to get. It gave the 300 players a MASSIVE advantage over the entire player base for an entire week. That advantage could of been PFHM 3rd, or 4th boss. Maybe IDDHM 2nd boss. Who knows. And now those 300 players want that advantage back for at least another 2 weeks. So pine farms are going to be doubled, maybe tripled. Meaning less pines around, for the less geared/decently geared but not maxed out geared players. 

    Now if they did the simple and easy solution, they give everyone except the 300 players a survey for the box. Then there’s no paying issues, no additional pine issues (for now), and all the players are happy. 

    it’s already bad enough that we only have 2 weeks left for this transformations stat buffs. It’ll take you those two weeks just to get it. I don’t know about KT-A, or anyone on DN. But let me tell you, farming for pines on KT-E... it’s terrible. Just the other day I was LITERALLY 1v5ing an entire group for the pine mobs. I had 2 rabbits spawn and they stole both of the rabbits. I made only 3-4 pines in 30 mins by myself. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    You do not spend Luna's light when you combine, but when you craft.

    I didn't show this on the video when I crafted them, but I had 22% fails, so the 75% recipe acted better one me. So I had to craft 128 recipes to get 100 boxes (28 recipes failed)

    100/128 = 78,125% chance to succeed.

    I used the 1x luna's light recipe, thus I spend 128 luna's light on that which is a little more than 4 months worth of luna on that toon. He still has more but I do not need more so I won't waste more now.


    Thats a lot of luna, haha. If Im able to do luna every single day until the 20th, before the event ends, ill be able to get 192 Luna Lights. And then I just have to hope I get the transform box.

  7. 11 minutes ago, Ulti-DN said:

    How dare you ask for such a thing? It's only been 4 days.... you think you're entitled to an update? Transparency and communication is done only by decent and respectable companies 

    Amen, this sums up everything. Welp, case closed! Time to find the next issue! 

  8. So, I am looking over the rewards at this new event again and saw the skin box is actually purchasable with Songpyeon, and so like any person I tried to find what these skins looked like. I cant find anything, anywhere about how they look. So I thought id ask here and see if anyone knew what these skins looked like. The skins are '[Event] Starlight Dew Hanbok' '[Event] Elegant Hanbok' '[Event] Moonlit Hanbok' '[Event] Royal High Class Hanbok' '[Event] Hair Ribbon.' Thank you!

  9. 22 minutes ago, 5sB1C19-DN said:

    Or you can play the game how it was designed and stop relying on a clutch to win the game for you. Extendables break the game making you reach 7-8m when the only class that is melee ranged (AT) should have that benefit.

    Having that weapon nerfs the passive they get and make it unless.

    We've been saying this since 2.0 that extendables are for bad players. Get good.

    Extendables are crucial in pvp, and extremely helpful in pve. I dont know if youve ran PFHM 2nd boss,... but yeah. And in pvp, its difficult keeping up with a ranged class running around with 12.0 running speed. Its not that they "break" the game. They simply allow close ranged players to do more. We havent had an extendable since 7.3, and there hasnt been a crash in melee classes. So it cant break the game. Melee classes are still strong, and very capable of things but at the same time they arent as capable as they can be. 

  10. But in the end here, we need to hear something from Kibbelz or Hime, Or Loki. The first week of this event is almost up -- the first week of three,  I might add -- we've had no communication, except for a simple message on Thursday that we werent going to have a rollback. Which was honestly expected, you cant wait over 24 hours and then say, "oh theres gonna be a rollback." We need the merchant back, and we need change with this event. At least put our merchant back and comment on the pines, making change with the pines and spend the last two weeks of this event figuring out whats going to happen with that contract. If in the end you do decide to give everyone a locked case, and people have already bought and opened one with the event currency, then they can save it for another time whenever another key is added to the bcm. No matter the decision you make on about the transformation contract, we need our merchant, and we need changes with the pine. 

  11. 4 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Well this is the bad side of being in an overly populated side. At one point you always won the flipping game and it helped that your side has a ton of people, but now you compete against each other for the mobs.

    On the Asmodian side things were slightly better. I managed to burn all my rice and left with enough pines.

    Imagine if the game was not dead and we had the 4.0~5.0 amount of people thought. And if this event is made for Korea the same way, I understand the developers love to push the players into their limits and provide exclusive content to the few that are the "best" in doing those things against others.

    I get what youre saying, but it doesnt seem to bring players together fully in the end. In these last couple of days I have been doing KT-A winning the tiles a couple times a day, so elyos are clearly getting a bit bored of it. 

    Its not bad to push players to their limits, but this entire event is literally for newer-ish players. The only end game type content, is the combining aspect. But newer players cant get any benefits from the event, due to the more advanced players dominating the pine farm. Like, the newer/returning players need the transform, and the materials that can be obtained. Personally, I just want the motion. I dont care too much for the transformation, if I can get it then it would be nice. but im really only doing this for the motion. And I do know some end game players that are just doing this event to try and get the skins/motion from it, instead of the transform, as well. Which isnt bad, I mean to me, motions have priority over literally anything, haha, but that means that the end game players farm these pines till they get what theyre after and the newer/returning players might not have as many chances to get the more higher end rewards, due to that. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Thankfully the pine needles one needs is also limited by rice, rice is the only material that will make you unable to use as many songpyeons as you want.

    So we got a bunch of rice in the start and there were people that were greedy to farm like 2 hours in one spot not letting anyone else farm at all. I do not blame them, but they won't need all that pine.

    Still the only god thing is that Aion is dead and not many people will try to farm those.

    Keep the 2 hour window frame if you want, or keep it solo loot, but please make the mobs spawn in more locations than just 3~4 or however many they are. The whole map should have them spawning.


    I feel the issue is bigger then this. Right now I’ve got over 30 rice sitting in my inventory and I’ve combined 16 things this week. You can get 30 rice from doing all the weekly quests (i think?) and then from any instance you get one rice and you get some rice from doing lugbug. So there’s no shortage of rice. But the pine needles are the issue. No matter what, we won’t ever have enough of them. And the very end game players, the ones with full Tiamat or erreshikgal contracts, and all advanced stigmas and all this stuff are the ones who 1 shot these things and it makes it even more difficult for other players to get them. It needs to be group/alliance lootable, and fair to all players. Not just the ones that are the top like geared. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Azzmaria-KT said:

    Anybody else remember when we had the issue with the Tiamaranta´s Eye in the past?

    On that moment the enchanment and other items were really expensive, so they added that event to get them. The loot on the mobs wasn´t in the way they wanted and the prices resulted so cheap (cause we were able to loot in alliance mode), so Hime came with a brilliand idea and made the prices a lot more expensive. With the new prices wasn´t profitable anymore, and the community complained a lot. They lost so many prestige suscriptions on those days. Just like now, they found the price situation really fast and removedthe npc in few minutes. But they needed a lot of days to "fix it" and add it back. 

    Also we had an aditional miniboss to kill, but same with the white faces now, the loot was complicated and after some days you have the elite players farming that one alone and the rest of the players complaining about that. Just like now... With that, some players obtained one of the best weapons ingame on that moment (Sunayaka´s Extendables). 

    I remember that even on that moment, some people decided to pay to get more of the items. Some people invested a lot of money. 

    But, even after that issue, they never tried to be nice with the community. But they are not smart, so not so long aftet that, they added a couple of events, including a team race, and we get a LOT of those enchanments stones. But really a lot. Even more than the amount obtainable with the previous event before the alteration. And really. wasn´t so much time between them. Finally we got Sunayaka´s extendables in another event in a large amount. We had maybe 5 or 6 for each toon. The price for them was incredible cheap and every toon had it. 

    And, after some time they came and changed all the game and all that became useless....

    Oh. just memories..... Somebody else remember Tiamaranta´s Eye event? :P 


    Who could forget tia's eye?! My oh my, that went from of the best events in aion history, to one of the worst. And, there was no compensation for the raised prices. It just got boring and no one farmed it. The only point to be in the map was for some pvp that no one had experienced for years, and for Sunyaka. For anyone who didnt play duing that time, below are the price changes: 


  14. 1 hour ago, Drugged-KT said:

    well, me as sin i farmed like 90 in 1 hour, cuz it was siege time :P

    I tried to farm them up during siege, but all the strong sms sorcs and vandals were taking them. It wasnt until I grouped up with people that I got any rewards. It seems any fast attack speed player does really well, as long as they have enough dps to 1 shot the mob with 1 skill.

  15. In my personal opinion, if NCsoft really raised the drop rate for pine needles. -- And by raising it, I dont mean "oh here you can get 2 every drop, but you also have the chance to get 10!" with the reality that to get 10 its a 2% chance.. -- I mean like an equal chance to get anywhere from 5-10 pine needles per mob. Also, making the needles alliance/group lootable. Then I would be perfectly fine with forgetting about this legendary transformation stuff. And, i would find this event to be very valuable. But right now, this event sucks. The amount of time to get pine needles is crazy.. i mean seriously. I farmed for over an hour and a half yesterday for 13 pine needles... Thats stupid.. If the chances to get 2, or 3 was much higher, like to the point where you got 3 about every other mob or something. Then yeah, Itd be easier, but not enough for me to be perfectly okay with this legendary transformation issue. But I havent seen a SINGLE drop thats more then 1 needle. We killed about 50-60 mobs last night, and none of them gave 2 or 3. 


    So in conclusion, I wont speak for others, but for me. Raise the amount of pine needles dropped, and make them alliance/group lootable, and this legendary transformation issue is no longer an issue. I cant say how others will feel about this idea, but I feel its a good idea. Youre still requiring people to farm for the box, while also giving players the opportunity to get more then just the legendary transformation during this event. As well as, brining the community together to farm for these mobs.


    Id like to bring up something NCsoft said before, they said "With that understanding, we looked into how auto-hunting features have affected communities in other games in order to better understand how it might affect Aion. While the player experience varies widely between different MMORPGs, at a high level, they can provide a point of reference for how this kind of system affects players, or in our case, specifically Western players. Our takeaway from this research is that auto-hunting has a profound effect on player communities by causing a substantial shift towards solo play." - https://www.aiononline.com/news/sept-2020-producers-letter

    This event does everything you guys are trying to avoid. Players are required to go solo to kill these Mobs so they can advance in this event. And if they group up with players, its seen as a punishment due to the fact that loot has to be shared and the amount of pine needles received can be reduced by 6x. In my eyes, this encourages and promotes solo play. And showing new/returning players, its wrong to work with others and run together for this event. That they need to do the work alone, but theyre new and returning so doing that work is nearly impossible. I have full +15 sovereign, 3 advanced stigmas, and Viola. I was not capable of killing mobs last night by myself, due to the fact that there was Geared Vandals, and SMs all around. As a sorc, I have about 3 insta casting skills, that are long ranged. Now, these skills are not capable of killing a single mob unless theyre all used together (at least for me, for a moe geared sorc then they an get about 60-70% of the mobs hp down with 1 insta skill). By the time I click/tab onto a mob, and use one of my insta skills its already been killed by someone whos fully geared, with everything there is to imagine, that can insta cast like no big deal, and has the damage to be able to 1-2 shot these mobs with thier insta cast skills. (And no, im not saying a sorc cant do this event. Last night there was a sorc that was getting a majority of the drops, but he is very well geared. As well as SMs, and Vandals). If I was new, or returning, this would have a major negative impact on me and might make me leave the game. This could be some one's first ever event on aion, and its based solely around soloing. But, they cant even solo because theyre not geared enough so they then have to join a group and be punished by getting less rewards because of it.

    Thats my thought on the current issues, I would love to hear what the community thinks about it and possibly the GMs as well. Thank you.

  16. Extendable would be great to add back  to the game, but I feel like if theyre ever added back (at the current time) itll only be for a limited edition time, like an event or something. I dont think NCsoft would add in an extendable in the middle of a patch, we'd have to wait till the next major update (7.7). And, that being said if it is added to the game, in the form of an event,  I highly doubt itll be a common reward. I mean, they may say its a 'low-tier' reward like this transformation in the current event, which means that yet it takes a week minimum to farm (if youre really getting the pine needles, and have good rng). So, i personally feel that to get the box it would be like a rare reward.


    1 hour ago, 5s2C40D6-DN said:

    if you guys dont put this in events at least put them back as drop from world bosses

    And as for this comment. I feel that would cause more bad then it would good. World bosses are controlled by normally end game, high end players. So, either they have it or they dont and they roll crazy for it. As DM said, returning and new players need it mostly because they didnt have that opportunity. If they drop from world bosses, then returning/new players would have to buy the boxes, which may be 300-400m+. Having it in an event, or to be a craftable item would be the best bet. 

  17. 26 minutes ago, buknoy-DN said:

    so many cry babies, lol. too bad some people got the event item for free, at the end of the day when they put the npc back you can grind and buy it; the key is still free in BCM as far as i am aware. life is not fair, too bad  :(.  There's this saying " You have to be aware of the opportunities around you and take advantage of it" i.e: expecting NCFAIL to fail every single event and take advantage of it. xD. there's always next time, :). toodles.

    What would you say if this was an ultimate transformation, maybe a dark talon weapon box, or a wise dragon, void dragon that was casually given out to a lot of players, free of charge, while others have to now work for weeks to get it. 

  18. 1 hour ago, Azzmaria-KT said:

    in some way you are right. 

    but on the other hand, those 4 contracts provide some bonus stats combined between them and with the others. Maybe is not so much, but if you add all thebenefits you can get by buying things, then you have a real difference between a free to play player and somebody who pays. A lot of people compleined a lot about P2W in Aion in the past, but IMO now that is real. 

    Also, they are going to give us 1 for free. But in some way that will make some people to have more interest in buying the other 3. 

    And, once again they found so fast the feature that made them lose something. But they need a lot of time to find other issues without a monetary impact for them. ¬¬ Some people will be looking for days the white emojis in Demaha to get the pine things.... But that is not their problem

    I hope they give us all a free contract, although idk if they will.

    Also, they need to fix the event while theyre at it. The white emojis - or as i call them, the balls of satan - are incredibly frustrating and just so difficult in general. We had a group of SIX people, all of us had soverign gear, with a few advanced stigmas. And one cleric, and one vandal was enough to take like 3-4 mobs from us every round. Not to mention, we have to roll on them since were a group. So, if were lucky we get 1 mark every time. I dont know who at NCsoft though itd be a good idea to add a solo loot, random spawning mob for an iem that you need two of. I combined  more things today, and got 5 of the S stuff. So with that logic, itll take me  almost 8 days for the legendary transform. And thats only if I can make 16 marks a day. To get 16 it took me about a hour and 30 mins, near the end of the farming a lot more people came in and it got much rougher. 

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