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  1. When it comes to leveling, overall its quite easy. It only takes a few days. You go around and do the dark blue quests that are repeatable until you're high enough level to do the campaigns. As for end game content, a vast majority of it is p2w and is super difficult to progress as a free player. Its also very RNG heavy like others have said. it seems at times you spend an ungodly amount of time praying to the RNG gods just for a +1 to proc when enchanting armor. As for your server, no offense to anyone on DN, but if you're looking to start over and make it further to end
  2. Are you an Elyos? I don't know for sure but I do think I may have one or two somewhere around.
  3. NCWest doesn't care too much about the little spenders, they only care if you're going to spend thousands on the game for events.
  4. I think the Kromede was actually a bug, or it was their intention. Someone in my legion said they rerolled and got Kromede 8 times. So I think they made her RNG a bit - a lot - higher then everyone else. And USELESS?! I use courageous Hyperion! Its good on sorc so you have more def and can take those big hits with his buff.
  5. Im sure its quite high. Normally when stuff is sold on the BCM and RNG is a factor, the more "rare" item is less rare. For example, if you bought the bundle in game for free using coins, if that was an option, the chances of getting normal compared to blessed would be like 90% to 10%. But if you bought it from the BCM it'll be like 20% to 80% for getting normals or blessed. Of course, these numbers are just examples, they're not accurate. But thats sort of how the BCM stuff works.
  6. NCSoft seems to be going in the direction to make the healers, clerics, a dps class. And the dps class, chanter, a heal class. And then a super dps class, sw, useless. Chanters are much stronger then clerics in terms of healing, which I don't think thats ever been a thing. Of course chanters healed, but it was never to the extent of clerics. Now its like one chanter heal can beat out an entire rotation of cleric heals. And who knows what they're even going with sw. I mean seriously, that class is just the worst of the worst right now in game.
  7. Yeah, I hate that nerf. But in the patch notes I didn't see it get changed to a fix number, like it was still 20%.
  8. We have a life steal skill, I don't think I even saw that one switched to a flat amount.
  9. yeah, the only true reason Tia is busy now is for the Event. But, through the event were pvping , having fun, making cross server friends. its a great event and has great rewards.
  10. At least classes got nerfs and buffs! Sorcs didn't get a single skill change.
  11. Yes, I do believe you're right. 6.0 was frost spark I think so probably 5.8. Whichever patch Master Harv was the best set. Theres too many patches for me to keep up with.
  12. It was a pvp set released in 6.8, I believe. It was the strongest pvp set in the game, but had to be upgraded to +9 using tempering solutions and then upgraded to advanced Caesus using 100 tempering solutions. So its like the paragon of that patch. But anyways, the Caesus set and weapon are unable to be skinned onto pieces. Or they weren't able to be, it may have changed in the past.
  13. I believe 7.7 part 2 has been called 7.7.1, but in EU and KR I think they're getting 7.8 though. Which holds the extendables and all of that good stuff. Part 2 of 7.7 just gives the soul stone merchant and I think some class buffs/nerfs. I don't think Distorted Sunayaka can be used to remodel any weapon, just like Caesus.
  14. Yall, we still haven't even made it to 7.7.1 yet. Where the part 2 update? Wheres my soul stone merchant. Also in 7.8 the extend weapons aren't really "broken" yeah extends are very strong, but to get these weapons to be very good you gotta upgrade them, like the imbued weapon, and its only like a 20% to proc an upgrade. AND THENNN on top of that if you proc the 20% there's a 50% chance you get one weapon and a 50% chance you get another weapon and there's three versions. For sorc, I know they're bringing back the whole mechanic where books give Matt and Macc, and Orbs give Matt and
  15. I shall cherish this meme till the end of time
  16. This has already been in the forums like three times already. I also would like to add, how I love that you guys are trying to turn "two" into "twelve"
  17. I genuinely have been enlightened to a whole new level tonight, and see memes in an entirely new way. Who knew something so common could have such a beautiful and extensive definition behind it.
  18. Aion es muy 'grind-y' y toma mucho tiempo. PvP no esta equilibrado, y PvE toma mucho tiempo. Conseguir Kinah también es muy difícil. Actualmente, el evento Tia Eye es bueno para el 'Selection Shining Gemstone Box.' Es muy util para el juego final, y se pueder vender por Kinah en el Broker. Pero no lo vendas todavía, esperar hasta después del evento para vendor. Y también unirse a una Legion, Si esta en KT, unes a United. Finalmente, yo lo siento por mi español, es muy salo. Es posible que no responda después de esto, porque me tomó 20 minutos escribir este mensaje. y Buena Suerte!
  19. Wow, I never knew there was so much to being a memezident! I would never survive, Im not even creative enough to make memes in the first place!
  20. I would just like to say, I love the Memes you're always creating and think we should all start a petition to have NCWest hire you as their official meme creator.
  21. Thank you! Im glad my leading is doing some good, haha. I wish they would add it in more, but I feel it may be the same situation that happened in 2018 and we have to wait a long time for it. I know a lot of people are going for various rewards, like Soverign gear, paragon, shining gemstones, armor enchants etc. Extending it by a week helps out everyone! I don't think NCWest would do this. Firstly, I don't know if they could even add a map permanently to aion without the approval of NCsoft, or some sort of discussion. Also, I don't know how booming Tia would be. Currently there
  22. I think thats his point. They bot luna so much, and have so many characters in luna all at once that these bots are getting 30-40 of these difficult to get items from the luna dice roll. They're chances aren't higher than anyone else, so clearly they must be doing it a lotttt to get that many of an item from the dice roll. AMEN!!! I so agree with this. If NCsoft would make this game a monthly subscription, with the promise and follow through of removing MOSTLY ALL p2w aspects of it.. id pay for it. As long as its not absurd like 50$ a month. And then on top of that monthly subscription t
  23. This is just renown in general, its really difficult to maintain renown levels at lower levels.
  24. This is a great event, and I personally have had so much fun. Its bringing together our factions, and helping players of all kinds in so many ways. I would love to just say, good job NCSoft. Now, I don't know what others think about it, but I would am here to see if there's a possibiility Tia Eye could be extended for another week? This is a fantastic event, and is truly one of my favorites. Tia Eye as a whole is so nostalgic to all the old time players, and allows for so much opportunity. With the farming, and the pvp, and sunyaka. A lot of players missed out on that first day too, because
  25. No its enchantable to go to +20, but after +7 even 8 its meant only for the p2w players who wish to spend 100,000$ on the game... so give it a week and people will have full sets.
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