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  1. It dies quick on KT too. Id just say to get to the boss 5 mins before it actually spawns. Theres normally not even 100 players farming at that location (at least not on KT-E) so everyone should get it as lng as theyre in range.
  2. So is the new like gear from best to worst this now? Paragon +9-10? - Just a guess Soul Fighter Paragon +7-8 Yornforge Could be better then paragon +7-8, depends Sov
  3. They may not even do that. Knowing NCWest theyll just post the maint log off and then wait until May 5th and be like "oops... well the events over!"
  4. Aren't the other 4 just obtained through legendary combination?
  5. The apostle shards have always been in the game, you just need lvl 9 renown, 1500 exp marks, and like a couple months to get it. This is not going to come for us, most likely. The new battlefield coin merchant was a custom thing added to Russia, meaning its not apart of the 7.9 copy and paste from KR. The only way we'd get that is if KR adds it to their version, because NA isn't about to go adding custom things... they cant even fix a stormwing egg situation.
  6. The response Kibbelz gave is sort of like when you want a candy bar but your mom doesn't want to buy it, and at the same time she doesn't want to tell you no to your face. I highly doubt in the next three weeks they're going to really make massive progress with this situation, because Kibbelz said "we cannot pivot on this one." If they're not pivoting with almost 200 responses and 5.4k view with NONE of the responses actually being happy with this outcome... Im sorry to say but its probably just not going to happen. I agree very much so with what @Gabrielis-KTsaid and I myself thought of
  7. I feel like i may have seen her on KT-E lfg, but it seemed to have vanished. or I just didnt see her at all. Shes been posting in LFG for a solid 2-3-4 years now though.
  8. Hasent Valedia always been a troll? I mean I know when I was on DN-E it was sort of just known that Valedia was always everywhere, posting in LFG and all this stuff but it was all like troll-based. Honestly when I saw her on the forums it was quite interesting because shes never been anywhere else except LFG.
  9. That’s sort of been my life. I’ve soloed maybe 25 PFs by now (I’ve gotten 3 drops) and then I’ve duoed at least 30 SL runs, there’s been a lot more drops from SL but they’re still not common. I mean we don’t really get them very often. I’m too poor to buy weapons off the broker. But i want to go for this weapon and I’m willing to grind for it i just feel having an event, or even doing something as little as putting it in the event doin merchant, would be such a big help with the grind.
  10. With Yornforge being released and the instance event ending Yornforge is going to go back to its partially rare state. The influx of weapons is going to decline and theres going to be not as many going onto broker as they did during the event. I dont know how others feel, but is there any type of like event with Yornforge in mind as a common reward item, or the possibility of adding it to the event coin merchant? Especially with this garden event like adding just a Yornforge selection box, or a random box or something that players can buy for 300-400 event coins would be very helpful, both for
  11. Well after any class gets stunned they cant attack. Thats not something that only happens with Vandals. If they get feared, rooted, stunned, slowed or any other cc that effects every single class. But no class except Vandal is able to come back from the dead and be given 2 lives. Cloth classes have low hp, except vandal. All classes are given different abilities but Vandals are the only class thats given two lives. In PvP not only do I have to kill them once, but then I have to kill them all over again. In addition to that, they have an ability which can do like 30% more damage on someone. Tha
  12. I dont mean to sound rude, but Vandals in no way are nerfed to the point where they arent good. Vandals are still one of the top classes in the game, and they hands down deal the most damage. Vandals do insane amounts of damage on top of being a tank and having great healing. In PvP I cant even attempt to fight a vandal. The only way ive ever been able to kill a vandal is if theyre fighting someone else and im just attacking them. Theres other classes that have been nerfed that really did destroy them. Most notably would be songweaver or clerics, when it comes to healing. Every class faces ner
  13. I wanted to post a response in this forum so it displays in on the front page for anyone thats struggling with getting the auto-hunt feature to appear!
  14. In some ways, yes youre right. But for me I was going for the Ariel and Azphel transformations. something that is Game breaking because without this event i would NEVER be able to get it. And in many other ways it is game breaking. For newly Jumped Characters you can get them ulti manastones, dev skills, armor enchants etc. and get premade toons the same thing. You could come out of this event with your new Jumped Character having a full set of dev skills, and somewhat enchanted/socketed armor. Thats saving people countless hours of farming. No its not descructive game breaking, but it saves p
  15. Honestly this is screwing over such a MASSIVE amount of the player base. Theres still an entire month left of the event and so many players, myself included, were waiting until the final few weeks before transferring. And overall, this is more then just Apostles and collections. Personally, I wanted to transfer my egg so I can get dev skills on my cleric and gunner without having to go spend months farming trying to get the right ones, the Apostles were really a benefit to that. This mechanic has helped A LOT of players, and to remove it is ridiculous. Lets be real here. No I highly doubt
  16. Okay, does anyone have any videos or pictures of this mount? This mount seems to be everything ive ever wanted, and im hoping to not get disappointed but i dont want to get my hopes up. It seems like this is the best place to find any skin/motion pictures. Thanks!
  17. Does anyone know how much they actually cap out at? Like how expensive should I put up my item to trade it through broker
  18. Hey there y'all, my name is Vasilios and I am a sorc that lives in Katalam. I am on a mission to find individuals to duo SLez with. I have quite the large amount of runs to complete, so why not find some friends while doing them?! Im fine with cross server, duo server, your server, my server, I dont care the server.. the only regulation is to be elyos.... because we rock, yeahhh. If you're interested just send me a message or something! Thank you.
  19. Rates will of course be low, and that’s why you go for the unicorns!!! But it’s good that NCWest is actually doing things to better the player base. For once, i congratulate them. We’ve been getting events that benefit both player bases and just are extremely helpful. Hopefully they’re moving further away from p2w and moving more toward a balanced economy Thats filled with both f2p and p2w aspects, but is fair to everyone. I like how Aion is looking right now, and i hope it continues to be like this for years to come.
  20. Yeah I agree, getting the mats for it are crazy. And because they're not obtainable they're REALLY expensive. I mean to make those 6 ultis it might have been 60-70m to buy the mats off broker. At least on KT-E.
  21. After reading over the new lunar event post (https://www.aiononline.com/news/celestial-armory-returns) the post seems to be very confusing, and I dont seem to be the only one who was confused. So, I thought id make a flow chart of sort of the run down of the post - At least the f2p part of it - In case anyone else was confused! Hopefully it helps a little bit.
  22. I thought with luna you only the person who gets the kill, or did a majority of the damage, gets the credit. I tried it with my alt and it didn't proc on my alt's luna because it wasn't doing any damage.
  23. Whats going on here? Is it just bots following one person?
  24. For the second stage?! PFT I dont even have the 40 or the first one. We need a viable way to get exp marks, even if they make that one instance permanent. If they made that one instance permanent then it would REALLY help a lot. But until we get a viable way to get them, the yornforge weapons seem to just be for people who have everything else in the game.
  25. Theres still events like the Melons which needed so much farming and didn't pay off in the end. You spent all that time farming for no benefits, but with afk farming you aren't getting upset if it goes to waste since you never spent time farming.
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