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  1. 2 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    The last thread she ever spoke was when she started calling bad words towards everyone, whoever disagreed with her she would name call and use curse words etc, we all reported her and Loki told her "bye".

    I think this is from the forums only but knowing how obnoxious she was, she probably couldn't handle this and either also quit the game or at least she never came back to the forums (unless it was a perma forum ban of course).

    And Nalariel was constantly defending her even when she would insult everyone. I think it was a way to show tolerance and try to turn her table for good, but tolerating cancerous behavior is no way acceptable. It is like trying to hug a Nazi hoping he won't kill you later, nope!

    Hasent Valedia always been a troll? I mean I know when I was on DN-E it was sort of just known that Valedia was always everywhere, posting in LFG and all this stuff but it was all like troll-based. Honestly when I saw her on the forums it was quite interesting because shes never been anywhere else except LFG.

  2. 2 hours ago, MiphaBae-DN said:

    Took me 3 tries to get mine but I bought weapons, I can't even imagine hoping for 18-20 weapon drops for one attempt.

    That’s sort of been my life. I’ve soloed maybe 25 PFs by now (I’ve gotten 3 drops) and then I’ve duoed at least 30 SL runs, there’s been a lot more drops from SL but they’re still not common. I mean we don’t really get them very often. I’m too poor to buy weapons off the broker. But i want to go for this weapon and I’m willing to grind for it i just feel having an event, or even doing something as little as putting it in the event doin merchant, would be such a big help with the grind. 

  3. With Yornforge being released and the instance event ending Yornforge is going to go back to its partially rare state. The influx of weapons is going to decline and theres going to be not as many going onto broker as they did during the event. I dont know how others feel, but is there any type of like event with Yornforge in mind as a common reward item, or the possibility of adding it to the event coin merchant? Especially with this garden event like adding just a Yornforge selection box, or a random box or something that players can buy for 300-400 event coins would be very helpful, both for the players going for the weapon and the ones thats selling them. 

    As someone whos been farming for yornforge and not buying weapons (because im a poor child), it has been a little difficult to get all the weapons. I do also feel that the rates for yornforge seemed to have decreased. Like the week it was released we got yornforge every other 2-3 runs but now its like we could go 10-15 SL runs and have not even 1 drop, even with the buff on. So i just thought id give my opinion on the matter and hopefully something can come out of it!

  4. 6 minutes ago, HeartStrings-DN said:

    Well maybe for you dude if you have every accessories and wings are luminescence already but from my experience from the first stun a vandal takes in most cases there is absolutely zero recovery from that until completely dead...  You can't even click on anything to attack back it so freaking bad! 

    This is simply not true at all..   As soon as a vandal get stun from whatever like Sin or Glad or Temp you lose completely any control to attack back and it results in you not being able to even cast a single skill after the first attack until your dead.   no so strong at all... Death comes almost always to vandal quickly.  I don't know what class your playing to get beat by vandal always but let me know so I can try to focus on attacking that class because all the rest suck.

    Well after any class gets stunned they cant attack. Thats not something that only happens with Vandals. If they get feared, rooted, stunned, slowed or any other cc that effects every single class. But no class except Vandal is able to come back from the dead and be given 2 lives. Cloth classes have low hp, except vandal. All classes are given different abilities but Vandals are the only class thats given two lives. In PvP not only do I have to kill them once, but then I have to kill them all over again. In addition to that, they have an ability which can do like 30% more damage on someone. Thats 30% less abilities they need to use, 30% quicker you die. My Vandal in full legendary Risiel is able to get S rank in Abyssal. But my Gunner in half sov/heartguard and the other half legendary sov alongside my SM which has ulti risiel doesnt always get S rank 100% of the time. That right there is not a nerf, that is just broken. 

  5. I dont mean to sound rude, but Vandals in no way are nerfed to the point where they arent good. Vandals are still one of the top classes in the game, and they hands down deal the most damage. Vandals do insane amounts of damage on top of being a tank and having great healing. In PvP I cant even attempt to fight a vandal. The only way ive ever been able to kill a vandal is if theyre fighting someone else and im just attacking them. Theres other classes that have been nerfed that really did destroy them. Most notably would be songweaver or clerics, when it comes to healing. Every class faces nerfs. The most recent nerf to sorc, which ruined the life steal on thundering spear, really impacted the gameplay of a sorc. Now the class is entirely reliant on a healer (unless theyre max geared) and in PvP there is NO possibility of regaining masisve amounts of health. 

  6. 1 minute ago, Khonsu-DN said:

    I'm sorry, I hate to say this, but you are seriously over-exaggerating apostle collections. Apostle collections do not make players God-mode as you seem to put it.  They are hardly comparable to extra manastone stats. Yes, NcWest should continue to allow everyone to benefit form the event but this is in no ways game-breaking as many people are implying.

    In some ways, yes youre right. But for me I was going for the Ariel and Azphel transformations. something that is Game breaking because without this event i would NEVER be able to get it. And in many other ways it is game breaking. For newly Jumped Characters you can get them ulti manastones, dev skills, armor enchants etc. and get premade toons the same thing. You could come out of this event with your new Jumped Character having a full set of dev skills, and somewhat enchanted/socketed armor. Thats saving people countless hours of farming. No its not descructive game breaking, but it saves people countless hours of farming alongside getting things that would be unobtainable.  

  7. Honestly this is screwing over such a MASSIVE amount of the player base. Theres still an entire month left of the event and so many players, myself included, were waiting until the final few weeks before transferring. And overall, this is more then just Apostles and collections. Personally, I wanted to transfer my egg so I can get dev skills on my cleric and gunner without having to go spend months farming trying to get the right ones, the Apostles were really a benefit to that. This mechanic has helped A LOT of players, and to remove it is ridiculous.

    Lets be real here. No I highly doubt the possibility of transferring the egg and was intended to be a mechanic. But the players found a loop hole, and you cant just block that. Players did this during the first stormwing event and its not our fault it wasnt caught. You guys cant simply remove the transferring of the egg in the middle of this event. Thats like making everyone refund the kinah from the kinah box event. 

    Overall I applaud NCWest for the events we currently have and are getting alongside the rewards we've been given for these events and the new items coming to the BCM. But the transferring mechanic is something that too many players have benefited from. You cant simply just let all these people have all their apostle collections and these dev skills and items, but then decline it from everyone else. This is just like what happened with the Pixel Transformations. 

  8. Hey there y'all, my name is Vasilios and I am a sorc that lives in Katalam. I am on a mission to find individuals to duo SLez with. I have quite the large amount of runs to complete, so why not find some friends while doing them?!  Im fine with cross server, duo server, your server, my server, I dont care the server.. the only regulation is to be elyos.... because we rock, yeahhh. If you're interested just send me a message or something! Thank you. 

  9. 46 minutes ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    I saw in a video a guy got 4 boxes out of 30 attempts in Russia, so I assume it should be around 10% chance.

    Rates will of course be low, and that’s why you go for the unicorns!!!


    3 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    These weird events again. Last time I wasted 300 legendary enchants and got nothing.

    But it’s good that NCWest is actually doing things to better the player base. For once, i congratulate them. We’ve been getting events that benefit both player bases and just are extremely helpful. Hopefully they’re moving further away from p2w and moving more toward a balanced economy Thats filled with both f2p and p2w aspects, but is fair to everyone. I like how Aion is looking right now, and i hope it continues to be like this for years to come. 

  10. I thought with luna you only the person who gets the kill, or did a majority of the damage, gets the credit. I tried it with my alt and it didn't proc on my alt's luna because it wasn't doing any damage. 

  11. 4 hours ago, DMob-DN said:

    *looking at the required 56xp marks for 2nd to 3rd yornforge weapons stage with a nice 15% chance to success*  .....Mmmm  we might need auto hunt anyway :D

    For the second stage?! PFT I dont even have the 40 or the first one. We need a viable way to get exp marks, even if they make that one instance permanent. If they made that one instance permanent then it would REALLY help a lot. But until we get a viable way to get them, the yornforge weapons seem to just be for people who have everything else in the game.

  12. 1 minute ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    We are in middle ground now, we do not have auto hunt and we have one tenths of the requirements for events that rely on auto hunt for amount of mob killing.

    The other option is to get auto hunt and have the events as they are designed with ten times more kills.

    You wouldn't expect them to give us auto hunt and keep the events nerfed because that is convenient for us.

    Theres still events like the Melons which needed so much farming and didn't pay off in the end. You spent all that time farming for no benefits, but with afk farming you aren't getting upset if it goes to waste since you never spent time farming.

  13. Just now, Arhangelos-KT said:

    The only thing I will agree is the 50-kills for luna, it will take it from afk luna to legit bot the sht out of it and earn the same if not more now because there will no longer be bans for auto-botting.

    But I will have to skip every single event that is based on auto hunt, I cannot leave my pc running for hours just to do an event.

    Thats why there needs to be a balance, a middle ground where the mob requirements for events can be solo-able without costing much time while also being afked for. 

  14. 34 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    But the problem is that an event that takes you 10~15 minutes to do manually would en up being 3 hours worth of botting. And there is no other way around it, you either waste 1,5 hour doing it manually or leave it 3 hours afk since the auto hunt is at least twice as slow as an actual player. Not to mention the potential of dying and coming back and see no progress.

    If you could not spend 10 minutes to do the 100 kills every day then you have 0 time to play the game and autohunt won't make it better for you, you will only come back to check if it is dead to simply re-bot it.

    The auto hunt will make itself mandatory since everything will be based on it. You will run out of the 24 hours you have in one day to do the things you need and most of it will have to be auto hunt afk.

    If the autohunt based features get a reduction to 1.10th of the mobs need to be killed, then it is a game worth playing than afking.

    But if auto hunting is incorporated then people are capable of that 3 hours. People dont play aion every second of every day, we all have things to do outside of aion so while doing said things its much easier to get stuff done. You won't have to worry about the daily luna or those events, because you can set up your toon to farm while you're out shopping or doing stuff with friends,

  15. 40 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    But the chocolate event required normally 1000 mobs to kill with autohunt, we got just 100. I prefer having to manually kill 100 super fast than have no other option and have to put my char to auto combat for 1000 because there is no way I would have sat every day to kill 1000 mobs for the chocolates.

    If we have autohunt it would be mandatory to do the events afk, now we can do them by hand super fast and enjoy the game. By hand I could kill 100 mobs in 10 minutes, the 1000 would have taken me more than 1,5 hours and if I had to put it on autohunt (since it is much slower than a player) it would have taken the char like 2~3 hours to finish in which case I wouldn't be able to play the game.

    The meloons were an early event that required the auto hunt and after we mentioned it they made a change so all mobs dropped meloons.

    There has to be a balance. But i know i would much rather leave up my computer running for afk farming and get the event over while i am doing other things. I’m sure there’s a whole lot of player who don’t literally play this game 24/7, so it allows the opportunity for people to leave the game in the background while doing work. And even if they do implement the afk feature, it’s not like it’s fully broken. People can still die or be killed and it’ll stop the entire thing. But overall it’s something we need in NA.

  16. This is just another example of NCWest’s disrespect for players and just juicing the situations for money. Time after time we see NCWest break the boundary of p2w items. I mean come on, $100+ for a SINGLE Apostle.. they can’t be serious. This event was targeted at players who’s willing to spend thousands on the game, and just like every other major p2w event it pushes down f2p players and any player not willing to give NCWest enough money to buy a car. 

    As for the transformation box. As a pro tip for anything NCWest, super p2w or not. NEVER go after anything that gives an ultimate transformation Thats rng based. And most of the time don’t buy anything that is majorly RNG based. It’s a gamble, and with NCWest’s rates the odds are farrrrr from in your favor. Especially if there’s only two possible outcomes, including the ultimate transformation. NCWest is too greedy to make those boxes have high rng, they wouldn’t casually put in two possible outcomes - the ultimate transform and the coins - then make it a 30% chance to get the transform. NCWest has never done anything nice when it comes to getting the transforms by rng, and i highly doubt they ever will. If you’re planning on spending money on the coins your best bet is to buy the contracts outright, the 400 legendary one, rather then try to get a specific contract.  

  17. I agree with this, but also i feel it’s good. The devs don’t even show any attention to players or care at all about the major concerns were facing every day while playing the game. This list should honestly be plastered all over the site. If i was a new or returning player I would get very disappointed if i had to go through all of this and find all these errors on my own. 

    55 minutes ago, MechEagIe-DN said:

    I hope nobody read ur post @Rag-DN, cause you just give all reason why that game is rubbish :S


  18. 14 hours ago, Rag-DN said:


    • Yornforge weapons are a total disaster. Because you need to gather so many of them for attempts players are being greedy again forming private farming groups for world bosses and excluding the rest of the faction on a server. Again this is another "Team work gets you nowhere, be a solo player to profit" mechanic.
    • Xp Rates for farming in general are still horrible making getting XP Marks difficult
    • XP Extractors are still too expensive
    • Kinah is still hard to gain, esp for new/returning players

    I do want to give my two cents about these four statements and how they're all truly connected. For the first one, from what I have seen Yornforged isn't making people form private farming groups for the world bosses, or instances. Thats always been a thing. Nothing has changed when it comes to world bosses/privatized groups for instances for Yorforged weapons. And why? Because the xp rates for farming are so horrible, which makes the xp marks hard to get. And then you have to spend so much kinah on xp marks. Why spent 100m buying exp marks and then farming up enough to get all those exp marks just for the chance of the Yorgofed weapon to not proc. From what ive seen (at least on KT-E) there's very few players actually going for Yorforged. To put it simple, aint no body got time for that. Since exp marks are the main currency in aion, outside of kinah, its a mess to make it so reliant on Yornforged weapons, ESPECIALLY since we dont even get the afk farming system. Yeah, if we got the farming system it would seem understandable, but we cant go out and farm up all these exp marks FOR A 2% CHANCE. Thats like telling a millionaire that spent 50 years getting all that money to just go burn it. How am I supposed to get anything with renown, armor, I can't think of anything else but you get the point, if I have to save up 500 exp marks for a single weapon.. its a broken system and not a smart one. It would be much smarter to eliminate the exp mark aspect from it and increase the fragments needed from d/eing. 


    And to put it simple. Yorforged = ENDDDD game players with ungodly amounts of kinah they dont know what to do with and nothing else to do. 

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