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  1. 2 hours ago, Azzmaria-KT said:

    Except this is not true. 

    We had a merge some years ago. People on that time had the same idea. If you mix few players from here and few players from there, then you have many players in just one place. But reallity is that does not work. After some time a lot of people left and then you have few players in just one place. There are a lot of things you lose every time you do a merge. Houses, Names, Legion names, Ranks, etc... and not less important, sometimes you need to face again people who you dont want to see and you decided to move to avoid them. 

    Why? well. The first reasson to do this is open world PvP. But that is not real PvP. cause is not something both sides want to do. In that kind of game. You have one player wanting to kill others with PvP gear. And the other one just want to collect 2316542315875 mats or items to complete something. Usually the last one does not have PvP gear. So the first one is having a great time and the second one is not being able to play. If you repeat this for some time, the second one will just leave the game. Is not funny for him. Without him, his friends will lose somebody to run some instances. They will leave too. Finally, without those players managing the groups, the game becomes boring for the first one. Also he cant find people to annoy so he leaves too. 

    Rifting and open world PvP in areas with so much PvE are a bad idea. If you want to PvP, go to dredgion or something for PvP. 

    Also the first one likes houses, framing, doing events, etc. A merge will do things harder for him. 

    If you can see that a merge is like 100 players + 100 players = 100 players (after a couple of days), then you will have no reasson to ask for one

    I understand your point of view, but I do have a couple of things I would like to say.

    First of all, we havent had a merge for a little bit. And its geting to the point where the servers are having less and less players as the week goes by.  So right now its like, 50 players here, 200 there. Combine the two and maybe after a month or so it drops to 225.. but those 25 players that stayed have an additional 200 to play with. Not everyone is going to leave, some people will but you have to remember that its from both KT and DN. And about the names and everything, a name reset doesnt hurt.

    Players just get back their old name, or new names, same with legions. As for the houses ive been saying for 1-2 years now that the entire housing system needs to be reset just like GP. Not on a monthly basis, but just like one reset. The players that have had the palaces have had them for forever now, and theyre the richest of rich. Everyone should get like an exclusive item for holding a house, mansion, estate, or palace and then reset the entire system and make housing competitive again. I know several people who only come on once a month to pay their house dues and then they're off again. The system should have been reset when 7.0 came and it reset our kinah. 

    The pvp system is broken overall, if you dont have gear you die. If you do have gear, you also die. Just slower. And as for pve, its not a farming mats type of thing anymore, its a instance grindy thing. You get with those friends and you play the instances and farm the pve gear. 

    And I know what its like to leave a server. I left Danaria shortly ago just because I didnt have a place on that server, i didnt have anyone to run with. Theres people on DN I dont like, or dont want to see but if a server merge has to happen its something we live with. In open world pvp, sieges, altars, even this tia eye event, they always pop up and its something of life. We cant always run from those who we dont like to be around, but we dont have to force ourselves to be around them 

    Aion is dying rapidly, when it comes to merging the servers its not a matter of why, but just when. 

  2. Can we skip the promotion event for just once, and have a real ultimate transformation event. Im talking about an event that gives ulti transforms at a decent rate. This event would have been perfect for it, you put it at a fixedprice like 4-5-6k and then if players reallllyyyyy want it they have to farm for it and spend a majority of the event farming for it and only be able to afford the transform and not many other things. I mean I would hands down buy that 

  3. 4 hours ago, Hallo-DN said:

    Merging with KT, wont fix the problem.It'll just take DN server down with it. Honestly for personal reasons I dont want  it to happen (yet). Also Devs refuse to the fix the real problem that been talked about recently if you want  me to be specific ,look at Mellon event as example.

    For the players base now in current servers, merging isnt good idea since everyone already fighting with their  faction for items,mobs etc...

    The problem is the game is dying, the servers themselves are small and DN is even smaller then KT. On DN it seems like it takes an eternity just to form a single group for a simple instances like IDD or PF. Everything is integrated anyways, the only thing thats separate is Inggison and instances. Some people already do end game instances cross server, and work with DN already. Sieges may be laggier, but that means theres more people. Even with a merger nothing will change, World Bosses will still be targeted by the same legions. All a merger does is allow a player to have more people around them, more players to run groups with, to do things with.

    A merger doesnt have a negative impact on the servers, maybe some more lag but not when it comes to pve, or even pvp. If anything it helps it.

  4. 2 hours ago, Ferk-DN said:

    I don't want a merge, I have had it with merge.

    I was on Nezekan, forced to merge, ended up on Siel, then, BR, then EK, then KT.

    Got so annoyed at the congestion  on KT, I deleted all my toons except just the one on DN.

    I can't attend fort sieges on DN because I get disconnected within seconds when I get close to the zerg.

    The game engine can't handle a large number of characters close together.

    A server merge won't have a massive impact on the game engine itself. DN is a fairly small server, smaller than KT that is. Not to mention KT's server faces a lot of bugs and kinks which don't get worked out. Personally, I can't do siege because once the alliance of elyos gets close and kill that door my game freezes until the boss dies. Aion is dying quicker then ever before, and a server merge makes it slightly better.

    I know on DN there's not a lot of small legions, but on KT-E (no offense to the legions) but there's no small legions. Theres no legions to create the sense of a family or to just have fun with. You either join the Clarity, One, Luminace, or Omega. Unless your a Spanish speaker then there's United, but outside of those select four there's not really that many public legions for just fun. I know OnlyFans is new, but I don't know how public they are to inviting people. None of the legions are perfect, none of them give a sense of home or a family. Its really just a name under your name to progress through the game. As for DN, I haven't played on there in a while so I don't know how legions have changed over the last year. But anyways, my point is that the game is so focused on these specific legions and these specific areas but there's not many options. The servers aren't populated enough to run a successful legion that's meant to be for just fun and a family-type legion, and attract those players to keep playing. Trust me, Ive always loved those legions and I haven't found a single one. There was a few earlier in 2020, but those legions have disbanded and no longer are even really legions. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    But until we find the reason of the bug a merge won't serve us anything else other than more hustle. You are lucky to be on DN, in KT we get whole days of unplayability due to the bug, people have lost sieges in altars because they couldn't port to the shared maps, many of us lost the daily runs of a few instances and when the restart occurred we didn't earn double entries, as we couldn't do the ones before the bug, while DN people have been cashing solid 2x entries per week because of the bug.

    Lets see how this is going.

    Well let everyone suffer, they get the resets let them get the bugs. OR merge everyone in KT onto DN and get rid of the KT server and hope that fixes it.

  6. 1 hour ago, Kibbelz said:

    Hello everyone! We will be deploying a hotfix today at 1pm Server Time to implement the following change:

    • Fixed an issue where players are kicked upon entering Tiamaranta's Eye.

    The expected downtime is approximately one hour. Thanks for your patience while we worked to get a resolution to the issue.

    What about the chests? The brown boxes have old loot in them, like the crown that uses to give ap two years ago. Only the golden ones have updated rewards.

  7. 15 minutes ago, Unbuff-DN said:

    here it feels the other way around, sometimes 5min, then 3, then 2, then 1, then insta-kick xDD then give up completely. 

    Yeah, I don't know if time has a factor in it either. I think someone did mention that we all got kicked out at like 11:00 or 12:00 server time, but I don't remember it that well.

    But hopefully they have the fix soon, I know missing Sunyaka was a big thing last night. But, it bugged out and didn't even spawn so players didn't miss too much. 

  8. 2 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    So it is true some people can farm 4 hours there while others get booted the moment they get into the map.

    I understand why you enjoyed this so much, less competition for you, no paragon for us.

    I stand by my meme.


    I don't think anyone got more then like 250 coins, I only got to like 210 and I farmed for the entirety of the 4 hours. Also the asmos  were farming. I think their group was just much smaller though. There was one big group, with like a full ally but they seemed to have left and then it was just maybe half an alli farming. They had half the map and we had the other half, the only time we pvped  is when the asmos  came to us! 

  9. At first, this bug seemed to be a nightmare. But now as the night has gone by, I truly want to thank you NCWest for this bug. I had the most fun tonight then I have in aion for years! Not to mention the elyos faction probably worked together more today then we ever have before! 

    We started off the night like everyone else, going insane from the bugged Tia Eye and getting kicked out every 3-5 minutes.. But then it all changed. It seemed as if there was natural section in Tia Eye for those who were able to enter and stay in. As we went through the night more elyos made it through that natural selection and we grew our army! Now, what do you do in Tia Eye? You farm the fatty mobs of course! So thats what we did, after we stopped getting crashed we started farming the fatty mobs and we started a league and invited more elyos.

    Now this was a wonderful part, we just filled up that league and maxed out at 120 players and spent 3-4 hours grinding out  those coins. It honestly was so much fun, and I havent seen elyos work together like that ever. We got wiped once or twice by the asmo league, but as we grew and grew closer to the 120 players we started dominating any of the asmo groups that came our way! After around 3 hours we finally got a rotation going, with also giving the asmos their own spots to farm some mobs. We took one side of the map and they took the other, we started our rotation and stuck with it! 

    Now here comes the best part. We finally finish our rotation, were four hours strong our league is slowly growing, as we pull in more players. It looks like its going well, life is perfect. And then... every single one of us gets booted out of Tia. 

    I would not take a single second of this journey back! And I am here to thank the NCbugs!

  10. 15 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    You can still turn them back in pandaimonium or sanctum tot he same NPC we traded 5.8 stuff when 6.2 came.

    But those relics give really low AP, killing mobs there gives far more AP than going for the boxes.

    Well I demand the boxes have a 100% drop rate for ulti transform contracts!

  11. 1 hour ago, Kibbelz said:

    Hi everyone - just providing an update that we have been investigating the issue and have reached out to our counterparts in Korea for a fix. Given that they are off-hours atm, it might be a little while before we have an ETA, but we will update you as soon as we have more information.

    Apart from getting kicked out, the chests in Tia eye provide the rewards from when the event was first released  back in March, 2018. I just opened a chest and got an Ancient Crown, the things used to get AP years ago that are no longer obtainable or able to be turned in anywhere. 

    And on another note, can we have the list of items supposed to be in the chests, thank you.

  12. 2 hours ago, MiphaBae-DN said:

    Yeah, this current event has been insanely good for the few that are fast enough to consistently buy the legendary contracts or the occasional para weapon. But for everyone else it's been pointless. 

    Those "few" are bots 99% of the time.

    14 minutes ago, Ferk-DN said:

    I was watching someone from Team Para on DN a couple of days ago who told me to "nyerk off" because it was his spot farming the Wild mobs in Sawtooth Valley for the 1hr event each day. He was selfishly running between several mobs telling everyone there were his, even though I had been farming just the one mob each for the past couple of days. Anyway, he started to ninja the mob from me, like a real jerk, and I thought he must have a good ping to be doing that. Then I noticed that he did not have the animation of throwing the bomb like I had. How is that done?

    This shows the division and selfishness of aion. Lets be real here too, this guy is probably richer then rich with billions of kinah and is just so greedy that he wants more. Thats how most elitists are that think theyre the greatest of great, and top star people. This has happened to be a couple of times, this one guy constantly stole my mob non stop, so I simply just stopped doing it. And about the no animation either you were lagging and didnt see it or they were hacking by using no animation hacks, which honestly is probably really what it was. Will they get banned though? No, and thats just how Aion works.

  13. Nothing in the game is fair, either you spend thousands of dollars to get things and be the best player in the game or you spend a year trying to gear up just to be recognized by a couple people here and there. Everything takes forever to farm if youre not planning on spending money and some things are impossible to get without spending money, like Ultimate Transformations and even Legendary ones if you dont get it through an easy enough event.  

  14. 22 hours ago, Wrathchild-KT said:

    RNG based login. You will only be able to login in game if login procs, if it fails, game dump data is removed and you have to wait for that long loading at start. This would fit more the state of the game. @Kibbelz this is an awesome idea!

    Great idea, but you forgot a massive part about it! On the bcm theres a token you can buy that increases your chances of getting in by 250%, only for 750,000$!! What a steal! 

    But overall, fantastic idea i mean the servers will be even less populated then they are right now and NCsoft doesnt have to hide under their blankets whenever a mistake happens, since no one will be on to notice it. 

  15. 1 hour ago, Jagblade-DN said:

    The sad thing is that article neither expressed any sort of vision for the future of Aion nor did it reflect on past decisions. It spent three paragraphs talking about something completely unrelated and then concluded. A corporate cop out if I've ever seen one.

    Thats been the issue for years now, NCWest keeps us uninformed and doesnt listen to player input. The last time we had a sense of the future for aion was when Kibbelz was brought to be a CM, but that form post seems to have done nothing. Theres been no changes or updates to reflect their desire to make the game better. They literally have an entire list. thats labeled by importance, of the things to change and do to please the player base and maintain a strong community.. yet its probably gotten corrupted like 90% of the other files on their KT Database.  

  16. 59 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Truth to be told I did CoE when it became a useless instance after 6.x so I said I never did them because when it was important during 5.x I never set foot in it. And Aturam Sky fortress, i only did it when it when it became obsolete too, never tried anything that required groups in the past as I was a dedicated soloer.

    I really dont like that they made CoE and FM an easy instance, they were so much fun and now no one even knows their mechanics. 

  17. 8 hours ago, Viseris-KT said:

    keep ignoring themselves out of any issues that arise on the way until it blows over because its easier than actually doing their jobs.

    To be fair, they didnt even assert themselves into the  Pine needle situation, the only reason we got those is because they messed up the trader with the transformation contract.

  18. On 12/25/2020 at 11:21 AM, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Even though I play since 2010 I haven't done these:

    • Bakarma
    • Raksang
    • Argent Manor
    • Dragon Lorg refuge
    • Sauro
    • Veilenthrone
    • Stelin Labs
    • Craddle of Eternity

    But I never enjoyed anything that required a big group as well. So I voted for Beshmudir because I used to solo that.

    My absolute worse was The Eternal Bastion, we weren't even allowed to try it when it was important and then at some point everyone could do it, I did itlike 3~4 times but I wasn't enjoying it.

    As an unpopular opinion I personally LOVED CoE (Craddle of Eternity). I know so many people hated it, but it was like that instance thats sort of after all the end game instances and is hard, but I just loved it so much. And same with EB, I have NO idea what I was doing, and I ran it like 3 times a day. I just chilled and ran around and killed whatever, but It was just the capability of being lazy and doing nothing while doing everything at the same time. I still have no idea what to do in EB.

  19. I would like to look bad at an article released on September 22nd, 2020 entitled "Our vision for Aion, and a reflection on previous decisions." Now, I would like to look back at some points made by NCWest and in the end I am asking. Whats the vision now?

    Now for background information, for anyone who wasnt playing at this time, when 7.5 (i think it was 7.5, i cant keep up with any past patches ) came it had many glorious features this included, most notably, the Tiamat and Ereshikgal transformations and the afk farming system. Now, this farming system, in particular, wasnt released on NA, but it was released on KR and EU. Thats about all the background information you need.

    But heres some quotes from it 


    To give a bit more insight into the reasons behind this decision, it's important to understand our philosophical approach to MMORPGs as the NCSOFT West Aion team, and as players of MMORPGs ourselves. For us, the primary thing separating MMORPGs from many other game genres, even other online games, is the vibrant community and social interaction they encourage. Rather than logging in and participating in a series of matches against random players each session, players enter the same virtual world together, where they can run into familiar faces and build relationships with one another.... Our takeaway from this research is that auto-hunting has a profound effect on player communities by causing a substantial shift towards solo play. The corollary to this is a reduction in player interaction and engagement. 



     Now, I want to bring back my question. Whats the vision now? Since this news release we have had multiple events and special occasions that punished and discouraged any multiplayer activities, or things that were implemented into the game and further divided players, by making them have to solo even more to make accomplishments, or creating a situation where players are giving the ability to progress without giving everyone the same capabilities (and no, I am not talking about p2w and f2p.... this time). I do want to add that my memory is not the best, so I may have forgotten or left out some things. But here are two examples, that I remember:

    The first event right after this post, "Harvest Festival & Hanbok Pixel" showed an aspect that punished players for grouping to work through the event.  The  Pine Lover Moon mobs spawned every day from 20:00 to 22:00 sever time, I dont know about asmos but swarms of elyos on KT came in and were killing these mobs like crazy. The first three days of me trying to farm, i got like 10 pines in total. It was crazy times. After that, more and more players grouped up but there was still a lot of mob stealing. The players that did group up had to give up pines, because they had to be rolled on and divided up between the rest of the group members. This HIGHLY discouraged group activity and working together as a community, if anything it did the complete opposite. We did get a survey with pines, but this feature was still implemented and approved by the NCWest team in the first place. It was shown with enormous criticism and no change was made to the feature itself. 

    Then the current events going on, they discourage group activity and community building more than anything before. First of all, the Melons are roll-able again so they cant even be farmed as a group, but thats not as important. The NPCs that spawn at 9:00 server time every day, are absolutely horrible. They might as well have been taken out of the event entirely. How can something thats so limited be so community building, or encouraging players to work together. A +12 RANDOM class-based stigma bundle has FIVE stock for the entire server, an Ariel transformation or an Imbued weapon has ONE stock for the entire server. One, thats it. I know people who have been going to these NPCs every single day since they stated working, and they havent gotten a single thing. Personally, I have been going these last few days and I havent been able to buy one +12 stigma bundle. Even the enchantment stones, I know several people who still havent been able to get them even though they go every day. A vast majority of the people getting these rewards are those who have bots, this event has done nothing but encourage bot activity and tell players its okay to cheat. These types of events hurt a faction more then helping it, players get excited and believe they have a chance but then they get shut down night after night. Personally, these NPCs spawn late for me and Ive tried to stay up to get to them. But whats the point if the chances for me to get one +12 stigma box is .000001%. It feels like im trying to get an ultimate transformation from any event, except I literally get nothing else when I fail.


    So back to my question. What is the vision now? 



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