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  1. I would just like to point out, having a better PC doesnt have any difference in this situation. And, real money is partially required. 10 people MINIMUM got the transformation, thats 200$ that NCsoft loft. Lets say it was 10 people on each server, thats 400. Or 50 people on each server, thats 1000. Or 100 people, thats 2000, 300 is 6000. So yes, it does involve money. NCsoft is losing money (but with all the p2w events it wont affect them), but more importantly players got free transformations while others didn't. I didn't get one. I want my 20$ contract without having to grind. We do need a
  2. @Kibbelz What bosses drop the Rice Flour? All it says on the post is "Obtained from the following bosses:" I agree, the event doesnt seem too bad. It is going to be very rng heavy, like it was with the promise ring event. Youve gotta get the Honey Spogpyeon, and then upgrade it to the small basket. And then you have to combine 2 legendaries to get the Superior pouch. And then thatll be 50/50 it seems for the legendary to the ultimate transform (but lets be honest, its NCsoft.. its more like 10/90 for legendary and ultimate). I do really like how there is the legendary sel
  3. https://www.aiononline.com/news/harvest-festival well the page has been created, but theres just no content.
  4. Well legendary contracts are supposed to be a 'low-tier reward' so... that either means itll be a real low-tier reward, or there will be like low-low-low-low-tier rewards and then, low-low-low-tier reward, etc.
  5. @Kibbelz Are we not getting the patch notes for the new event? Is it gonna be just up in the air till we actually get it tomorrow?
  6. Lets start off by saying this. Im glad they came out and spoke publicly about the auto hunt situation, and made an official letter for it. Not just plopping it on the forums where people may not even see it. I would also like to add, I understand why the auto hunt feature isnt in the game. It gets rid of the entire grindy aspect of a MMO and is just an afk type thing. Now, some negative things on that. In my opinion, a large portion of the player base that complained about it wasnt complaining about the fact we dont have it. But more so, the issue that it takes an absurd amount of time ki
  7. DN got a server reset, aka more runs. KT was bugged and couldnt do anything. I do agree, it should maybe be extended. But not that long.The point of the buff is to be a special thing thats never happened, or very very rarely happens. By expanding it till the end of the event completely gets rid of the point of it. Maybe expand it by a week or something, which would be every nice. But not for 3-4 weeks.
  8. Conspiracy theory — they spilt the cake on the servers...
  9. We've been experiencing these bugs for MONTHS now. Non stop, every week. To the point where people could almost predict when out "first" weekly maintenance will be... its so bad that its started to be called a maintenance, with instance resets. This is the WORST day for this to happen. Now were losing the 150% dop rate buff, and the xp buff. That may not even get extended. So its like this day is gone to waste, and the buff is pretty much a DN server exclusive thing. We need this buff to be expanded, at least on KT. I was going to do PFHM and SLNM today for the accs, and now I can
  10. Theres issues eveyr week, normally around Sunday-Monday. And 99% of the time its due to something happening on KT. It seems most recently, the issues surrounded Katalam, the map not the server.. We always have resets because something always happens. The way to think of it, is to get all the runs you wanna get done on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And then the runs that arent as important do them Saturday and Sunday. So when server reset comes, you dont miss anything you really need. And, I say to get your important runs done Wednesday-Friday, because theres times where the server resets on
  11. I dont know about you... but perosnally, i find it more absurd that 7000 mobs gives you only 25 event coins.. Have you guys still not won? I know on DN yesterday at likemaybe 8-9 there was literally 0 asmos participating in the event, the tiles were 100% elyos. Its a hype based thing, theres 24 events a day and the quest is daily. You guys should be able to get one win! And for the machine, yeah I agree. The RNG is probably really low. Im only farming up for the motion card. But on my chanter ima go for the machine just to try and do it.
  12. Is it really every day? I thought it was a one and done type event quest.
  13. I am personally outraged that you cant ride these unicorns around in Dream Adventure!!
  14. Just cause an event is taking place during the anniversary, doesnt mean its an anniversary event. The 'Event Coin' event isnt an anniversary event and we still have it. EU got tiamat potions and contracts as a reward, we got tiamat and erreshikgal. NCwest hasnt given the best events recnetly, so we need to take what we can get instead of comparing us to EU. Theyre not the same, they have different GMs and come up with different things. We might of goten the short end of the stick, but its better then having another p2w event. At least in these i can participate and do something.
  15. You can pop balloons for days though! I want it cause its limited edition and wont ever be given out again. Theres a chance for the other motions to be given out, but not an 11th anniversary one.
  16. It adds up over time! I mean, you can just lay back afk and enjoy getting the xp. Its much better then having to go kill mobs for it.
  17. Its just 3 anniversary tokens, but the quest may have some issues. I didnt get it during the most recent event. It really is! These are the types of events that show my personality. Yes, theres a chance for a ultimate transform/potions... but why do that when I can get a limited edition motion?! Also, I dont know if this is the right video for it. The One day card is like the flower motion, but instead its a balloon with an 11 on it and then it pops.
  18. @Kibbelz I do want to ask, whats the big white screens for located in Fantastic Garden and the Dream Adventure?
  19. With stormwing... we literally got a free elegdnary from just jumping I havent, but I actually though about it and want to test it out.
  20. After playing the event for a couple hours, so far I really enjoy it. And applaud you all for the event. It may not have fixed prices for all items, but the random vending machine is only 1 tokens per item. So I do really enjoy that. I love the little hidden things that werent included in the notes, like the 1 kinah retune buff, and the daev skill box every day. The one thing that is a bit frustrating is the daily quest. Its very difficult trying to collect the items for it when going up against both factions. The respawn times seem to be like 2-3 minutes, it would be nice if that could be low
  21. Was there elyos and asmos on your account on the same server? If so, then this was because of the server merger and i cant remember if they forcefully deleted a race or not.
  22. Overall I really like these events. I do wish the ultimate contracts/potions werent rng based, and could be purchased at a fixed price from the merchants.. But, Im still glad theyre in an event, finally. Especially since theyre Ereshikgal and Tiamat, and not Kaisinel and Marchutan. I hope the cost of the random bundle isnt too much, like maybe 1-2 tokens per chance maybe. If it was 5-6-10, that would cost way too much and id end up just afking in the gardens for that sweet xp. I understand why shugo sweep is being added, theres gotta be a heavy p2w event during these events, but I am
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