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  1. Okay I have a very important unimportant question to ask! So I am changing up my look and I plan on using my new soccer ball (thanks NCWest), but as you can see from the image provides.. "oh no vasilios, youre all out of luna wardrobe!" Gosh I know, thats what I said! And since I suck at making decisions for myself (story of my life... am i right?!), so I thought "why not ask the great people of on Aion Fourms!" So thats about the back story of my life. Now time for the juciy details! The armor set in there is for Denku, the wings are the Yume Wings and then the Hat is the Operation Soldier's
  2. Aion has turned into a game thats pretty much like the stock market, but for the individuals who dont know a lot about the stock market. They invest so much money into this game, and yet there its never just enough and there's no major return.
  3. From my research, it is a full selection box. If you go onto the data base you can see that the legendary isn't (https://aioncodex.com/us/item/188074123/) but the Apostle is (https://aioncodex.com/us/item/188074783/) so I believe the Apostle will be entirely selectable, which is why im trying to figure this out now. Also im sure there's a lot of other players trying to figure out what Apostle to get for themselves and what's best for their class.
  4. In general I was just speaking about the Apostle selection box that comes from the Stormwing event when leveling up the minion at the last level.
  5. Not to be rude, but I disagree. Yes, the game is f2p, and yes its a company that needs money. But, when you're selling off things like hot cakes which absolutely ruins the game environment for every f2p player.... thats a problem. Previously in aion, like 5.0. You farmed for your gear, you farmed for your minions, to go to CoE to enchant your Armor to go to BoS etc. In this game, you can spend 1000$ here and get full advanced stigmas, 1000$ there get a full +15 sovereign set, 1000$ there a +7-8 paragon weapon, 1000$ there an ultimate transformation. This is NOT how a game's finances should wor
  6. I get both sides and I agree with you. But for me personally its not that Im not specifically on side one or two. I understand that its a grindy game, but I feel the amount of grinding for this one thing is so much that its absurd. To spend 6 months getting something thats been in the game for 3-4 years is ridiculous. Especially with this promotion a VASTTT majority of the server is going to have ulti transform. The only players who won't are the casual players, the new players, the returning players, or the players who dont understand how to get the contracts. There is no excuse for NCWest to
  7. I do have time to grind, but I dont have 6 months to grind for one single aspect and then I may not even be able to get it at 6 months. MMOs are designed to grind, but not 6 months for a chance at one aspect of the end game content. 4-6 hours is still a bit, I spend maybe 2-3 maybe 4 hours every other couple of days on the game. Im not like a Monday through Friday player, I play this day that day the day all the way over there, its not fully determined. I like farming and grinding and getting all of that good stuff, but 6 months is truly unreasonable for a single component of end game co
  8. First of all, its a game.. not real life. Thats the whole point of playing games. Players shouldn't be divided by the upper and lower class, as well as transformation and no transformation. The two suggestions were events and SAS. I do events, and no im not the most strategic player so ill admit that I dont go for transformations. But for SAS, its a big time commitment that not everyone has. I play 6-7 hours a week, if that. Some weeks I play more, but I simply can't spend all that time on this game. No where in this entire forum have I said anything about not liking the grind, I have never be
  9. Because ulti transforms have been in the game for multiple years, and there still has yet to be an event or some type of thing that allows players an equal chance to get it. Thats why its unfair. The promotions are nice and all, but they come every 6 months and when they do, not everyone may be prepared for them. Its a hassle because as an average player, who's a full-time student and does free lancing I can't casually come on and spend 5-6 hours farming a single alt to 80 and then go spend another 4 hours trying to get it geared. Thats not a viable option for everyone, it may pay off in the e
  10. Going to Kata isn't peaches and cream, like you said its less then an hour so you can assume, theoretically, it'll take around 9-10 hours just to gear the alts up enough to be ready for it. And not to mention, I dont have any friends I can't simply go ask people to do kata camps and I haven't seen anyone forming for kata camps since 7.7. By the time I find a good group to do one rotation of kata camps with, it'll already be an hour.
  11. I understand that, but there's been no Viable way to farm for it outside of months of farming. In 7.9 there's a new ulti transform that takes 6 months to farm, but you only need 1 toon. I understand its a big grind, but like you said earlier leveling is the slowest part. But then you still have to gear them in basic gear. It takes a lot of time doing all of that PF/IDD/SL. It doesn't take 6 months to grind, more like 4-5 when it comes to getting all the alts and all the gear and then running SAS. And in addition for that, I came from DN. I still have four toons on DN so I can only do so
  12. I was speaking to someone earlier about the best Apostle for sorc, and all we found out was.. we have no idea. We discussed Vaizel, Lumiel, Ariel, and Yustiel. Still, its quite confusing which to pick. Theres so many different options, so I thought I would just come on here and create a post for anyone who would like to explain the best apostle for their class, or another class and why its the best. Im sure im not the only one who is confused on which is the best Apostle to pick for their class, especially for newer/returning players. Thank you!
  13. WHATTTT ARE YOU SERIOUS?!! How am I supposed to get hp cubics now.... cubics are rare enough to find how the heck am I going to get up my hp.
  14. Someone has gotta do it before you login and NCWest does it!
  15. It’s not that I get caught up in instances, i don’t do instances in general. But it’s difficult for me to level up toons and run SAS very day. It’s like there’s no option to do anything outside of Aion. I’m a full time stupid, i don’t simply have 6-8 hours to spend on every toon just to get it to lvl 80 not considering the amount of time to get gear for it to be capable of getting S in SAS.
  16. But that’s my point. Although lugbhg isn’t that difficult, going to abyssal splinter on 12 toons every day is a lotttt. Not to mention, they all have to be geared up enough to get S rank within abyssal. The first hurdle is getting all 12 toons to 80, then you have to gear them, and then you have to go to abyssal every single day on every single one of them for the fragments
  17. That’s the massive problem. Getting legendary transforms are such a hassle, i don’t have 8 Alts to run abyssal every day. Or that’s even geared enough to do abyssal and not fail it. Transforms has been out for 3-4-5 years, and yet getting legendary transforms still are a massive hassle. Getting the contact with event coins is virtually impossible without an extremely heavy event coin event. This event coin event is an absolute joke, i afforded 4 stigma enchants (which all failed, thanks for asking ❤️). And for the Halloween event, that was quite the grind and i know, at least around me, a lot
  18. In my mind.. I feel its bigger than that. If it was to ramp up the players then they could have given like a sov armor box, or reset scrolls. Not many people will benefit from Ultimate Risiel gear, or 10 selection bundles. Unless they're returning. But if they're returning why include an appearance change and a name change.
  19. Can you please clarity on the reason we're getting these incentives, found at the very bottom of the 7.7 patch notes. It is very much appreciated, but is there a bigger picture for why they're occurring?
  20. You can buy 21 coins for free per day, outside of that.. no where. How are y'all farming for these transforms? Now with luna being easier to do on geared alts, its a bit understandable. But outside of that, lug bug isn't enough to get the legendary contracts in that time.
  21. We normally get the maintenance later, it sorts of normal. The patch notes should be posted tonight, probably around the time of the post
  22. I wouldn't get my hopes up toooo much just yet. During the last stormwing event for the legendary transformation selection bundle you had to pick a group and it was rng based on the one you actually got. Theres the chance they might of did that with these boxes.
  23. It is a bit disappointing I have to pray for NCWest to add the soul stone merchant, because I know thats the ONLY way ill be able to obtain my accs. But even so, I still am not able to run AoA NM so im still missing half my accs.
  24. I agree, I go to PFHM and IDDHM without a problem. And im geared for PFHM 3rd/IDDHm 2nd as well as AoA and AoA NM but ive never ran them simply because there is no static groups, and there aren't any groups looking for members. I spent weeks trying to find a group to go with for PFHM 2nd boss, and well... im still where I am. Im planning on just buying all my pf accs with the merchant, if NCWest gives it to us.
  25. Dont forget to awaken the S minion you have to spend 99m, and then you also have to have the proper minion combination to get specific stat buffs or else its crap. Pvp is a joke, its very unbalanced and just isn't anything fun. I mean... I focus on pve and dont even own a pvp set and I still have a chance of killing someone in full pvp gear. But you either do the killing, or youre dead in .000002 seconds.
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