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  1. At least you got some skill changes!! This is the second skill change where sorcs got screwed over. The only changes we got were for +10 gemstones..
  2. When it came to EU their updates were broken up, I believe. So they had 7.7 part 2 which was like the soul stone merchant and some other things (maybe SS minions too). Then they had 7.8 which had the new weapons and all that good stuff.
  3. Well actually while looking over the post, it says nothing about Exp marks. Like it says "This promotion requires Essence of the Craftsman and has a chance to fail." So im thinking, maybe there's a small chance NCwest removed the exp mark requirement for it? There is always the chance... but then again its Newest so who knows.
  4. I dont know how they expect us to farm up so many exp marks for the weapons. I know we had the garden event, but seriously the exp marks from that may not even be enough to cover it.
  5. Come on y'all... I dont even have a second S yet... or even 99m to spend to upgrade it. Wheres the soul stone trader?! Oh my god... I dont even have enough soul stones yet!!!
  6. I mean... there's at least 300 players on KT and im sure the bot companies are still going strong. We can combine our forces and get daily resets. And then, you can drag in the DN players and just have them make lvl 10 alts to benefit their mains.
  7. I think if everyone did it, it would be possible. And, we couldn't get banned for it because then NCWest would literally be banning 80% of their player base.
  8. Getting decent gear is much easier now with the possibility of getting the exp mark armor. It just takes some days to farm up.
  9. I think this new Luna is better, I mean idk about you but id rather spend 5-10 mins killing 50 mobs rather then spending 10-20 mins in luna just to get one luna bundle. I do miss how the xp isn't there, but at least its still an option.
  10. Could we just get an ultimate transformation event, rather then a promotion.. like an event that can give ultimate transform contracts at a fixed price and not be rng based.
  11. Well of course not, the last time Kibbelz logged in was last Wednesday and then Loki was on recently but didn't seem to have any activity. Even if we had 1% more communication then we currently get.. I mean it would just make the entire game such a better place.
  12. They should have brought back heart seeker now, instead of earlier in whatever event it came back in. But also, can we get a more variety of skins thats attractive. Like the delegate skin, the angel skin, or the fairy skin. Id spend money to buy all three of those skins, but where are they? Idk...
  13. Arent we still waiting for 7.7 part 2? I want my soul stone trader!
  14. Its simple, on paper its 20% to success 80% to fail... but then its 90% youll get that 80% and .0001% 20% youll get that and dont ask where the other 9.9999% went...
  15. Honestly, if NCWest wanted to make aion more lively this is the solution. But it has to go back to the way it was.. EXACTLY the way it was. Not implementing p2w here and there, or giving advantages to player for spending ungodly amounts of money on the classic version. We need the original BCM with the old skins and all of that good stuff. I know theres probably a bit of players that would return and purchase skins for nostalgia alone. Aion Classic is a GREAT idea and if NCWest plays their cards right it could revive the game by using the OG players... but thats IF they play their cards right.
  16. If were going to be real here, NCWest isnt going to do that. Kibbelz made that list as an attempt to bring back the game and show the community they have a voice.. but then probably realized thats not how NCWest rolls so that list found its way to the garbage. We have been told repeatedly that it takes time and the company is looking at ways to meet player demands... but its been how long and there hasnt been any change. Its not going to happen, its sort of just a dream we all have... but sadly dreams are just figments of our imagination.
  17. This is where I feel NCsoft went wrong as a whole. If they want to get back a big of the OG player base, they need to implement Aion Classic WITHOUT any p2w option and make it just like how aion truly used to be. NCSoft doesn't even hide that they want the money and only care about the money. But sometimes not everything can be a cash grab. I know personally I would go play Aion Classic if it came to the NA servers, but not if its p2w. I have spent too much time falling behind those who spend thousands on the game every other month for these events just to have to restart and do it all over ag
  18. I see how its only character based (if it already isn't). I mean it would be a bit broken if you got two +15 DT weapons on one toon and get the reward for the account. But even if it isn't account based, its not too big of a hit. I mean god if you put in 20000 +15 stigmas you'd get like 50 hp out of it.. which is sooo broken its unbelievable!
  19. Well hopefully NCWest doesn't make it p2w and take out the f2p aspect of it. Now the main issue is having people spend 6 months farming for it. We should have an event when its released that gives items for the transform, like KR had.
  20. Thats just expected.. no one really expected for it not to happen.
  21. I know personally I was never able to farm up for the weapons in 7.0, even though im currently geared enough for these instances. Im sure some others are probably facing the same thing. But outside of that, this is just another copied and pasted event from KR. It would be a little crazy and maybe too strong for this event to release the 7.8 extendable - which shouldn't be in the game currently - like others were recommending. I think its just another way for them to add an additional thing to the event without it being too strong or unfair. The extends are used primarily in PvP as well a
  22. There are three versions of the new 7.8 extendable, but the benefits are a bit different. Theres an extendable for melee classes, but each version varies with stats and the type of weapon. NCSoft is bringing back the old mechanics for weapons, like when orbs gave Matt and crit and books gave Matt and Macc. Only the third version (of ranged classes NOT melee, no melee weapons have this) gives the passive buff. When it comes to ranged classes, theres two levels to the buff, when they just proc on their own. But level 1 gives 500 pve att and level 2 gives 1000. Versions 2 and 3 ar
  23. I don't know about anyone else, but can we start getting better events? I understand that the Tia eye event was exceptionally good, but these last few events have been so disappointing. The last event was only for exp, and then for a few short days also event coins. Now this event is for melee classes, or socketing. But when it comes to socketing there's not even mana stones that drop from it! How can there be a 100% socket candy thing without there even being a merchant or some type of reward for mana stone drops. Now, with the extendable weapons its great they're being added and everyt
  24. I get this is a big problem.. but uh, those Luna Lights. Sharing is Caring 😄
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