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  1. Thats a lot of luna, haha. If Im able to do luna every single day until the 20th, before the event ends, ill be able to get 192 Luna Lights. And then I just have to hope I get the transform box.
  2. @Arhangelos-KT how much Luna lights did you spend on combining? There was so many numbers, and it’s so early in the morning it sort of just consumed me.
  3. Amen, this sums up everything. Welp, case closed! Time to find the next issue!
  4. I completely forgot about powerbook! Thank you. Sadly theyre not as good as I was expecting.. maybe the elegant one.
  5. So, I am looking over the rewards at this new event again and saw the skin box is actually purchasable with Songpyeon, and so like any person I tried to find what these skins looked like. I cant find anything, anywhere about how they look. So I thought id ask here and see if anyone knew what these skins looked like. The skins are '[Event] Starlight Dew Hanbok' '[Event] Elegant Hanbok' '[Event] Moonlit Hanbok' '[Event] Royal High Class Hanbok' '[Event] Hair Ribbon.' Thank you!
  6. Extendables are crucial in pvp, and extremely helpful in pve. I dont know if youve ran PFHM 2nd boss,... but yeah. And in pvp, its difficult keeping up with a ranged class running around with 12.0 running speed. Its not that they "break" the game. They simply allow close ranged players to do more. We havent had an extendable since 7.3, and there hasnt been a crash in melee classes. So it cant break the game. Melee classes are still strong, and very capable of things but at the same time they arent as capable as they can be.
  7. But in the end here, we need to hear something from Kibbelz or Hime, Or Loki. The first week of this event is almost up -- the first week of three, I might add -- we've had no communication, except for a simple message on Thursday that we werent going to have a rollback. Which was honestly expected, you cant wait over 24 hours and then say, "oh theres gonna be a rollback." We need the merchant back, and we need change with this event. At least put our merchant back and comment on the pines, making change with the pines and spend the last two weeks of this event figuring out whats going to hap
  8. I get what youre saying, but it doesnt seem to bring players together fully in the end. In these last couple of days I have been doing KT-A winning the tiles a couple times a day, so elyos are clearly getting a bit bored of it. Its not bad to push players to their limits, but this entire event is literally for newer-ish players. The only end game type content, is the combining aspect. But newer players cant get any benefits from the event, due to the more advanced players dominating the pine farm. Like, the newer/returning players need the transform, and the materials that can be obtaine
  9. I feel the issue is bigger then this. Right now I’ve got over 30 rice sitting in my inventory and I’ve combined 16 things this week. You can get 30 rice from doing all the weekly quests (i think?) and then from any instance you get one rice and you get some rice from doing lugbug. So there’s no shortage of rice. But the pine needles are the issue. No matter what, we won’t ever have enough of them. And the very end game players, the ones with full Tiamat or erreshikgal contracts, and all advanced stigmas and all this stuff are the ones who 1 shot these things and it makes it even more difficult
  10. Who could forget tia's eye?! My oh my, that went from of the best events in aion history, to one of the worst. And, there was no compensation for the raised prices. It just got boring and no one farmed it. The only point to be in the map was for some pvp that no one had experienced for years, and for Sunyaka. For anyone who didnt play duing that time, below are the price changes:
  11. I tried to farm them up during siege, but all the strong sms sorcs and vandals were taking them. It wasnt until I grouped up with people that I got any rewards. It seems any fast attack speed player does really well, as long as they have enough dps to 1 shot the mob with 1 skill.
  12. In my personal opinion, if NCsoft really raised the drop rate for pine needles. -- And by raising it, I dont mean "oh here you can get 2 every drop, but you also have the chance to get 10!" with the reality that to get 10 its a 2% chance.. -- I mean like an equal chance to get anywhere from 5-10 pine needles per mob. Also, making the needles alliance/group lootable. Then I would be perfectly fine with forgetting about this legendary transformation stuff. And, i would find this event to be very valuable. But right now, this event sucks. The amount of time to get pine needles is crazy.. i mean s
  13. Extendable would be great to add back to the game, but I feel like if theyre ever added back (at the current time) itll only be for a limited edition time, like an event or something. I dont think NCsoft would add in an extendable in the middle of a patch, we'd have to wait till the next major update (7.7). And, that being said if it is added to the game, in the form of an event, I highly doubt itll be a common reward. I mean, they may say its a 'low-tier' reward like this transformation in the current event, which means that yet it takes a week minimum to farm (if youre really getting the p
  14. What would you say if this was an ultimate transformation, maybe a dark talon weapon box, or a wise dragon, void dragon that was casually given out to a lot of players, free of charge, while others have to now work for weeks to get it.
  15. I hope they give us all a free contract, although idk if they will. Also, they need to fix the event while theyre at it. The white emojis - or as i call them, the balls of satan - are incredibly frustrating and just so difficult in general. We had a group of SIX people, all of us had soverign gear, with a few advanced stigmas. And one cleric, and one vandal was enough to take like 3-4 mobs from us every round. Not to mention, we have to roll on them since were a group. So, if were lucky we get 1 mark every time. I dont know who at NCsoft though itd be a good idea to add a solo loot, rando
  16. How are we expected to farm these? Im a sorc, I have like 4 moves thats insta cast. I cant do anything against these people, not to mention theyre all geared with full advanced and ultimate transforms. I dont have the attack speed for this. I literally cant farm any of these mobs. This whole idea is ridiculous, to make it solo loot. And can I remind everyone the legendary transformation is supposed LOW-TIER REWARD. How can it be a low-tier reward if you cant even get the mats to make rewards in the first place. If the mobs are this hard, then they need to drop more then 1-3 pine... Or, m
  17. I think people will definitely get bored and less and less people will show up over time. I mean like with this anniversary events, it doesnt even seem KT-A is trying Ttaji. It seems theyre literally just sitting back and not doing it. But yes, we need group/alliance loot. The pine is the hardest material to get, and we dont even kow what bosses drop the rice, or where they spawn.
  18. Amen. WIh the speed, and way they handle things it doesnt feel like a business/game anymore and more so just a cash grab. Sitting back in their chairs waiting to see how much money they can make before pulling the plug on the game, and being like "oh we didnt see this coming"
  19. Thats my point... the stats are temp. Meaning that they wont be as valuable after the event ends due to the fact that the stats are worse. And youre not spending 15$ to farm for it. You can either spend 3 weeks to farm for it, or 15$ to get it without doing any work.
  20. I crafted 8 things yesterday. I got 1 burnt, 2 small, and 5 songgpyeon
  21. That is very helpful and a great tip to start farming for ultimate, but I dont have enough time for that. Im currently a full time student and have very limited time on AIon. Ive mostly been afk these last couple of weeks for this anniversary event, or im not on at all. I go like 3-4-5 days without logging in, due to intense study periods or just by being too tired to do it. I cant spend multiple hours a day every day farming on alts and my main and for months.
  22. Thats may be your position. You may not have an ultimate xform yet, or spend the price of a car on this game. But theres PLENTY of players that spend a lot of money on this game. I know a bit of people who had tiamat/ereshikgal DAY 1 of it being released, as well as the Aetherforge weapon, and full advanced stigmas in like a couple days when they came out. It can get you to a goal faster, or it can just completely rubbish the goal and bring you right to the finish line without even stepping foot on the starting line. If a free player can get to the same destination with time, please tell me ho
  23. I say 20, because the easiest way to buy the contract is to just buy 1.6k BCoins instead of getting the 800 and then the 400. Its ALMOST 20$. Thats my ENTIRE point. F2P you have to farm stuff, grind it up and work for it. You shouldnt get anything and everything without an issue. But, for no cost.. thats insinuating that there should be a cost. Let me remind you, aion is FREE TO PLAY game. Meaning, I shouldnt have to spent 5000000$ to be able to unlock all the wonders it holds. I understand they have to get money some how, and that way is the p2w aspect. But As I said earlier, NO ONE, wh
  24. But, you can only make so many items a day. Not to mention its entirely RNG based. I combined enough matierals for 8 outcomes, and only for 5 of the ones nessecary for the legendary transformation. With those rates, ill have to farm enough materials for 80 combinations. Let me be known, i spent about 30-45 mins to get enough mats for those 8. Its not 'early birds' they skipped out on the entire event, and are given an advantage other other players as they literally dont even have to do anything for that box. After some math, it seems you can get 3 pine needles, maybe like 13-15 if you st
  25. I agree, giving out a free legendary transform wont break the game. And its their easiest solution. But, it wont kill the event. The transformation portion of the event is for combinations. As these transforms were just released today, no would already have this transform (unless they bought it) so you cant really combine it to get a new transform. As you have nothing to combine with (again, unless you buy it). Like personally, I dont have it. So if they gave me a free box, then id just have 1 more legendary transform. I cant combine it, since I dont have an extra one, nor do I get the co
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