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  1. Who doesn't love people that just shove their money into everyone's faces and waste it on a game thats dead anyways. Wasn't he also the one that said if aion put enchant stones on the bcm he would quit and never come back?
  2. There seems to be A LOT big spenders now, even so. I know of like 30 people alone that would spend 1000$+ on the game just for a single event. yeah, well... now its a reality. Theres less then 5,000 players, if that it seems.
  3. The game is dead, you're just watching it go extinct
  4. The issue is that the weapon was designed to afk for. When It comes to afk farming the only other thing that people will really afk for is for the exp marks for the renown merchants. You would think if its such a massive issue on KR or EU it wouldn't be offered here. In addition to that, in the long run we will face bigger problems if we don't implement this feature. EVERY farming-type feature from KR will have some sort of afk farming aspect in it, until its removed. And we all know NCWest isn't changing that. They will just copy and paste the code over to NA. They're not gonna take off the e
  5. Its more than that. This new weapon is an easy way to get into IDDHM 3rd Boss, PFHM 4th Boss, Besh Hard. I don't even know if anyone is able to fully complete Besh hard and get S rank with just like bitter horn or sov gear. For melee classes this gives an extendable, which truly is extremely powerful and has been begged for a while now. And for ranged classes, it gives a skill buff that can be used on your entire group which gives like 1500 pve att. Now imagine in PFHM 4th boss you have a vandal, cleric, sorc, chanter, temp, and a glad. Thats three people with that weapon, so prett
  6. I believe its PvE, but kinah isn't the problem. The only way Kinah is used for the weapon is to buy the exp extractors. The average player will probably need 200-500 exp marks, if that, to get the ultimate weapon. The issue is the amount of time it takes to farm that 200-500 exp marks. And even so, 200 seems a bit low. Theres only a 33% for it to proc to get the weapon set you want, so you may end up spending 100 exp marks on that step alone. As a ranger you want the 3rd weapon set, which gives the weapon skill. Every time you upgrade the weapon when going to step two it costs 23 exp
  7. I didn't know they did this! I have like 30 luna bundles on a lot of my toons that I never opened in the hopes of a legendary transform event thing to buy the common bundles...
  8. No, not one bit. Assuming you don't buy any of the weapons or anything and you have PERFECT rng you need a bare minimum of 50m.
  9. But this new gear is entirely different. You have to get 20+ exp marks and then on top of that you have to get the coin thingies that you get from d/e the same gear. The coins aren't the biggest problem because you can d/e your failed upgrades and also the original part, prior to upgrading. But those 20+ exp marks PER UPGRADE with only a 33% at first to proc the type of legendary weapon that you want and then in addition to that you have to proc a 13% just to get ultimate.
  10. You can't simply just ignore the best weapon in the game in 7.8. The weapon buff alone is extremely powerful. Even if the stats on the weapon were rubbish, the buff on it would make it so amazing. its like a 1500 pve att increase for your entire group. In addition to that, all of the melee classes need the extends, especially for pvp. This weapon is crucial for success, its not something to be simply ignored. KR and EU have the afk farming, which is most likely why this weapon was added to the game. Newest won't make any changes to the upgrading, or obtaining the ultimate weapon. So
  11. Id rather eat it without a knife or fork, then to spend months and months and months just to find my knife and fork just so I can get to the cheese.
  12. Everyone is saying that Auto Hunting is too strong because it takes the grind away from aion. By adding two more slots it does exactly that. Four is fine. And might I add, even if NCWest wanted to add two more they couldn't and wouldn't. NCsoft would have to make that change and I highly doubt they will. We either get Auto Hunting AS IT IS, in every map with four skills potions etc, or we get nothing. Its just that simple. As for luna and cubic, I don't know if Auto Hunting works there. You have four skills, but I dont think you pick the specific mobs to target.
  13. I don't think people are realizing this, but from what I've seen when it comes to the Auto Hunting Functionality there is no here or there. It's all or nothing. You can't simply have it in luna or cubics, or specific parts of maps. I mean seriously, NCWest can't even get it to work in a signal instance imaging them trying to have specific areas within Inggi and other maps to have the functionality. It'll cause more bad then it would good. As for the bots, its not that simple. The auto hunting only allows four skills, that means these bots have to be geared enough to kill these mobs using
  14. Look at what @MechEagIe-DN said, thats literally the definition of what the Aion grind is going to be in 7.8. As a ranger you have proc a 33% chance to get a specific weapon group, and then on top on that you have to proc a 15% chance to get it to ultimate. And every single time you upgrade it, it costs 20+ Exp marks. Imaging spending hours farming up 100 exp marks, just got the weapon to not proc and wasted all that time. It seems this Afk farming system has brought nothing but fighting and arguing between everyone. Why can't we look at the feedback received from it on KR and EU. They hav
  15. Not to be rude, but thats not how it works. Aion is dead because of how the game is. Its super grindy, and very p2w. People do run instances, the issue is that DN is dead so you see none. On KT there's plenty of things to run. Nothing in Aion, outside of exp marks, is a soloing experience. Except for when NCWest makes it that way. Even though they say they want the game to be a community they constantly do things to divide the factions, and servers separating them, even further. To get end game gear, like Bitterhorn, sovereign, or Lumin accessories they all require PvE instances whic
  16. Its actually much lower then that. Its 15% to proc it from legendary to ultimate, but in addition to that there's 3 versions to get. So you have to proc the 33% when going to Legendary and then 15% when going to Ulti. In addition to that, for magic classes who don't use extends only the 3rd set of weapons have the weapon skill thats really worth it. So we have to proc a 33% for a singular weapon, and then on top of that a 15% chance to get the ultimate version of it. AKA... it'll make paragon enchanting to +20 look like a breeze.
  17. Auto hunting is essential for playing in aion. As we have seen, the game it too unfair and too grindy. The Meloon event is a GREAT example. People spent HOURS farming those things just so they got nothing from it. With auto farming you just turn it on and let it go to work. Its less time for you to waste, and when you get nothing you're less upset about it. The same with experience marks. Not everyone can spend 4-5 hours farming for exp marks just to get the Apostle transformations. In aion's ecosystem there is TOO much of a grind for a casual player to make exponential progress. Its impossibl
  18. When it comes to leveling, overall its quite easy. It only takes a few days. You go around and do the dark blue quests that are repeatable until you're high enough level to do the campaigns. As for end game content, a vast majority of it is p2w and is super difficult to progress as a free player. Its also very RNG heavy like others have said. it seems at times you spend an ungodly amount of time praying to the RNG gods just for a +1 to proc when enchanting armor. As for your server, no offense to anyone on DN, but if you're looking to start over and make it further to end
  19. Are you an Elyos? I don't know for sure but I do think I may have one or two somewhere around.
  20. NCWest doesn't care too much about the little spenders, they only care if you're going to spend thousands on the game for events.
  21. I think the Kromede was actually a bug, or it was their intention. Someone in my legion said they rerolled and got Kromede 8 times. So I think they made her RNG a bit - a lot - higher then everyone else. And USELESS?! I use courageous Hyperion! Its good on sorc so you have more def and can take those big hits with his buff.
  22. Im sure its quite high. Normally when stuff is sold on the BCM and RNG is a factor, the more "rare" item is less rare. For example, if you bought the bundle in game for free using coins, if that was an option, the chances of getting normal compared to blessed would be like 90% to 10%. But if you bought it from the BCM it'll be like 20% to 80% for getting normals or blessed. Of course, these numbers are just examples, they're not accurate. But thats sort of how the BCM stuff works.
  23. NCSoft seems to be going in the direction to make the healers, clerics, a dps class. And the dps class, chanter, a heal class. And then a super dps class, sw, useless. Chanters are much stronger then clerics in terms of healing, which I don't think thats ever been a thing. Of course chanters healed, but it was never to the extent of clerics. Now its like one chanter heal can beat out an entire rotation of cleric heals. And who knows what they're even going with sw. I mean seriously, that class is just the worst of the worst right now in game.
  24. Yeah, I hate that nerf. But in the patch notes I didn't see it get changed to a fix number, like it was still 20%.
  25. We have a life steal skill, I don't think I even saw that one switched to a flat amount.
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