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  1. Nothing in the game is fair, either you spend thousands of dollars to get things and be the best player in the game or you spend a year trying to gear up just to be recognized by a couple people here and there. Everything takes forever to farm if youre not planning on spending money and some things are impossible to get without spending money, like Ultimate Transformations and even Legendary ones if you dont get it through an easy enough event.  

  2. 22 hours ago, Wrathchild-KT said:

    RNG based login. You will only be able to login in game if login procs, if it fails, game dump data is removed and you have to wait for that long loading at start. This would fit more the state of the game. @Kibbelz this is an awesome idea!

    Great idea, but you forgot a massive part about it! On the bcm theres a token you can buy that increases your chances of getting in by 250%, only for 750,000$!! What a steal! 

    But overall, fantastic idea i mean the servers will be even less populated then they are right now and NCsoft doesnt have to hide under their blankets whenever a mistake happens, since no one will be on to notice it. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Jagblade-DN said:

    The sad thing is that article neither expressed any sort of vision for the future of Aion nor did it reflect on past decisions. It spent three paragraphs talking about something completely unrelated and then concluded. A corporate cop out if I've ever seen one.

    Thats been the issue for years now, NCWest keeps us uninformed and doesnt listen to player input. The last time we had a sense of the future for aion was when Kibbelz was brought to be a CM, but that form post seems to have done nothing. Theres been no changes or updates to reflect their desire to make the game better. They literally have an entire list. thats labeled by importance, of the things to change and do to please the player base and maintain a strong community.. yet its probably gotten corrupted like 90% of the other files on their KT Database.  

  4. 59 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Truth to be told I did CoE when it became a useless instance after 6.x so I said I never did them because when it was important during 5.x I never set foot in it. And Aturam Sky fortress, i only did it when it when it became obsolete too, never tried anything that required groups in the past as I was a dedicated soloer.

    I really dont like that they made CoE and FM an easy instance, they were so much fun and now no one even knows their mechanics. 

  5. 8 hours ago, Viseris-KT said:

    keep ignoring themselves out of any issues that arise on the way until it blows over because its easier than actually doing their jobs.

    To be fair, they didnt even assert themselves into the  Pine needle situation, the only reason we got those is because they messed up the trader with the transformation contract.

  6. On 12/25/2020 at 11:21 AM, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Even though I play since 2010 I haven't done these:

    • Bakarma
    • Raksang
    • Argent Manor
    • Dragon Lorg refuge
    • Sauro
    • Veilenthrone
    • Stelin Labs
    • Craddle of Eternity

    But I never enjoyed anything that required a big group as well. So I voted for Beshmudir because I used to solo that.

    My absolute worse was The Eternal Bastion, we weren't even allowed to try it when it was important and then at some point everyone could do it, I did itlike 3~4 times but I wasn't enjoying it.

    As an unpopular opinion I personally LOVED CoE (Craddle of Eternity). I know so many people hated it, but it was like that instance thats sort of after all the end game instances and is hard, but I just loved it so much. And same with EB, I have NO idea what I was doing, and I ran it like 3 times a day. I just chilled and ran around and killed whatever, but It was just the capability of being lazy and doing nothing while doing everything at the same time. I still have no idea what to do in EB.

  7. I would like to look bad at an article released on September 22nd, 2020 entitled "Our vision for Aion, and a reflection on previous decisions." Now, I would like to look back at some points made by NCWest and in the end I am asking. Whats the vision now?

    Now for background information, for anyone who wasnt playing at this time, when 7.5 (i think it was 7.5, i cant keep up with any past patches ) came it had many glorious features this included, most notably, the Tiamat and Ereshikgal transformations and the afk farming system. Now, this farming system, in particular, wasnt released on NA, but it was released on KR and EU. Thats about all the background information you need.

    But heres some quotes from it 


    To give a bit more insight into the reasons behind this decision, it's important to understand our philosophical approach to MMORPGs as the NCSOFT West Aion team, and as players of MMORPGs ourselves. For us, the primary thing separating MMORPGs from many other game genres, even other online games, is the vibrant community and social interaction they encourage. Rather than logging in and participating in a series of matches against random players each session, players enter the same virtual world together, where they can run into familiar faces and build relationships with one another.... Our takeaway from this research is that auto-hunting has a profound effect on player communities by causing a substantial shift towards solo play. The corollary to this is a reduction in player interaction and engagement. 



     Now, I want to bring back my question. Whats the vision now? Since this news release we have had multiple events and special occasions that punished and discouraged any multiplayer activities, or things that were implemented into the game and further divided players, by making them have to solo even more to make accomplishments, or creating a situation where players are giving the ability to progress without giving everyone the same capabilities (and no, I am not talking about p2w and f2p.... this time). I do want to add that my memory is not the best, so I may have forgotten or left out some things. But here are two examples, that I remember:

    The first event right after this post, "Harvest Festival & Hanbok Pixel" showed an aspect that punished players for grouping to work through the event.  The  Pine Lover Moon mobs spawned every day from 20:00 to 22:00 sever time, I dont know about asmos but swarms of elyos on KT came in and were killing these mobs like crazy. The first three days of me trying to farm, i got like 10 pines in total. It was crazy times. After that, more and more players grouped up but there was still a lot of mob stealing. The players that did group up had to give up pines, because they had to be rolled on and divided up between the rest of the group members. This HIGHLY discouraged group activity and working together as a community, if anything it did the complete opposite. We did get a survey with pines, but this feature was still implemented and approved by the NCWest team in the first place. It was shown with enormous criticism and no change was made to the feature itself. 

    Then the current events going on, they discourage group activity and community building more than anything before. First of all, the Melons are roll-able again so they cant even be farmed as a group, but thats not as important. The NPCs that spawn at 9:00 server time every day, are absolutely horrible. They might as well have been taken out of the event entirely. How can something thats so limited be so community building, or encouraging players to work together. A +12 RANDOM class-based stigma bundle has FIVE stock for the entire server, an Ariel transformation or an Imbued weapon has ONE stock for the entire server. One, thats it. I know people who have been going to these NPCs every single day since they stated working, and they havent gotten a single thing. Personally, I have been going these last few days and I havent been able to buy one +12 stigma bundle. Even the enchantment stones, I know several people who still havent been able to get them even though they go every day. A vast majority of the people getting these rewards are those who have bots, this event has done nothing but encourage bot activity and tell players its okay to cheat. These types of events hurt a faction more then helping it, players get excited and believe they have a chance but then they get shut down night after night. Personally, these NPCs spawn late for me and Ive tried to stay up to get to them. But whats the point if the chances for me to get one +12 stigma box is .000001%. It feels like im trying to get an ultimate transformation from any event, except I literally get nothing else when I fail.


    So back to my question. What is the vision now? 



  8. I dont mean to be rude, but I think anyone can see that Aion is not a  game or something that NCWest even cares even a littttleee bit about. At this point its just a cash grab, and theyre just seeing how much profit they can make before the game officially gets shut down. The Devs have shown no care in making the game a better environment, kibbelz made some posts when he started but now it seems they come on to the forums to post the weekly maintenance but other then that theyre gone. And even so, sometimes they dont even do that. I mean last week we didnt even get a maintenance post.   I seriously cant tell you the last time I have seen Loki or Hime in the fourms, and whenever Kibbelz is on the forums he doesnt seem to ever be replying to anything going on in the actual game environment.

    But dont worry guys... no need to fear, theyll never stop giving us constant p2w events, and its not even subtle p2w.. the worst part about them is like "oh and do you want a full +15 set of truestorm, and also bitterhorn, and a full set of advanced stigmas, with all four ultimate contracts?! Then no biggie! Just give us $50,000." The worst part about these events is people keep paying for them, and its no small charge its like $1,000+ it seems like theyre giving constant p2w events and every time they increase the cost of it by like 500$ and keep doing it just to see how far people are willing to go and when they'll cap out. I understand that they need a source of income, but how can the game be fun when a new player can out dps me and go to end game instances in a month, due to the capability of buying ulti transforms and gear and everything else, while ive been playing and farming for my set since last summer.  The BCM is an exceptional place to make a nice chunk of change, yet its been dead since the start of 6.0 (or whenever the patch was with the update)..  I remember watching the live stream for that patch and Hime was so excited for this update since it made it more appealing and allowed for more capabilities yet its been trashed. I mean they could completely delete the bcm and it wouldnt effect anyone, well outside of the p2w items for the events. 

    The environment of Aion is crazy, and the divide between p2w and f2p players is getting larger and larger. It would be nice if they could just pretend to care about the game, and make the smallest changes to make it better. I mean, we've had like what 3, 4 maybe 5 p2w ultimate contract events and yet still not a single viable f2p one, and im not counting that 11th anniversary one... cause that was just a sad excuse for a f2p event. We need more f2p events that allow you to make purchases with tokens at fixed price, like add a ulti contract box to an event and make the players farm for it every single day. I dont know about other people, but I am more then willing to farm every day for the duration of an event to get one ulti contract box and nothing else, even if the contract box only gives Kaisiniel and Marchutan. Putting ulti boxes at a fixed price can be a great thing, the f2p players that are desperate for it can get it, and they can sell some sort of way to get more tokens or whatever to allow for the p2w players get a ulti box and something else. 

    But in the end, I dont understand why NCWest does the things they do. They can make so many changes that would keep the game alive, keep a good flow of money, and have older players return... yet they dont. And its not like itll even take a lot of work, give players A GOOD CHANCE at Ulti Boxes, and other p2w items and take a bit of time every day to slowly fix our horribly bugged server, its that simple. 

  9. 17 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:


    They should at least give us like 1000 slots of wh for the skins we have and we will never use because we do not want to lose.

    I so agree with this. And they should also put skins back on the BCM....

  10. On 12/31/2020 at 12:35 PM, Vantheria-DN said:


    This. You most likely have a lot of junk in your special cube. I understand there's a nostalgia factor, but you need to delete all of the old quest items and leftover items from events that we haven't had in years.

    Ill be the first to admit im a bit of a hoarder, but it would still be nice to get some more space. I currently have like 4 storage things in my studio, two inventory pets and yet I am still capped out in them all. Im just saying, i feel expansion cubes should be a reward. Im sure theres plenty of players, especially new ones, that dont want to spend like 500m maxing out their inventory. And idk if this is entirely true, but didnt they lower the amount of space you can buy with kinah? Like after 4.

  11. On 12/31/2020 at 3:24 AM, Bubblebutt-KT said:

    Title speaks for itself - as a returning player and all these new changes to the game since 6.x can someone put a list of what needs to be done first and what's worth buying off the BCM to get up to "speed" when gearing? Too many new items in the game this patch and no idea where to start 

    Just wait a little bit, dont worry. In a week or so youll probably be able to buy full ulti geat +15 and a ulti contract selection box for 15,000$.


    But jokes aside, the number 1 thing to get, in my opinion, is Prestige. it allows for a lot more capabilities. Also, dont forget to get all of the tansformation key stuff whenever theyre up. And the other free stuff! 

  12. Is there any way we could possibly get Expansion Cubes as a not super rare event reward? I mean personally right now is the cleanest my inventory has ever been and im at 122/126. And does anyone else have issues with their special cube filling up? Im currently at a whopping 120/102 space in my special cube. 

  13. 2 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    Honestly, it doesn't look too bad... except deleting all of our unused snowballs after the event is over. Like bruh. 🥺

    You know what I’m FURIOUS about.... i read through the entire rewards, and i get to the VERRRY end of the Solorius Shenanigans Event.. and what do i see? 

    [Event][Emotion Card] Snowman (1 day)

    I mean come on NCsoft.. this is too far now. A One Day emotion card?! And there’s not even a motion card in this entire event?!! Where’s the skating!!!!


    overall though, this entire event seems to just be for skins. The changes of getting any decent rewards seems to be low, and not really important for end game players. It seems the only reason to participate in this event is for skins, to enchant stigmas (and hope for the +12 bundles and stuff) or to try and go for the wise dragon box, or the erreshikgal armor and weapons. The only “end game” type content is probably the wise dragon weapon, or the occasional erreshikgal box. 


    Also, might i point out that there’s a SOVERIGN accessory box.. i mean seriously, they couldn’t have just included one of new pieces of armor sets added, or even better with the addition of the Starlight merchant in 7.7 part two (although with NCWEST I don’t even know if we’re getting that because it “discourages group activity because you can buy the accessories”), maybe even a AoA accessory box as a more rare type drop. I think that alone would get people very interested in it. 

  14. I feel like the BCM is the way for NCsoft to say like "hey, were not trying to rob you of your money... see were not putting a lot of stuff on the BCM to sell you!" *then puts up an event that sells a full set of pvp and pve gear for 20,000$.* But in reality, the BCM is the one place where people are glad to spend money and there's no complications between p2w and f2p players. I remember when the new summer skin (i forgot what it was called) came out earlier this year, and no one that I spoke to about the skin knew what I was talking about because of how dead the BCM no one even checks for new stuff. 


    Theres clearly a reason why they arent updating it, as we have seen, NCsoft is EXTREMLY money hungry and yet the one way they can make a constant flow of income and they dont try and pursue it entirely? Personally, I feel NCsoft feel like if you arent willing to spend 1,000$+ on the game then you dont deserve to get anything. Thats why they dont put skins that are cheaper, or things that would make them a lot of money on there. I mean seriously, i would spend money to get the Delegate, or some more rare skins again. People have been asking for skins and different cosmetic items for a while now. It says a lot that the ninja motion, a motion that was once 15m, can now be sold for so much kinah due to it not being on the bcm and unobtainable now.

  15. 16 hours ago, Ferk-DN said:

    That's why so many players use hacks to get around the programed in nerfs that certain classes have.

    Because NCsoft doesn’t do anything against it. ESPECIALLY if you’re heavily p2w.

  16. 11 hours ago, HavocChordz-KT said:

    I really think we should be looking at a server merger of KT and DN vs adding a 3rd(classic) server that spreads an already sparse player base even thinner. Consider for a minute what that will do to the over all health of the game. Lakrum, Crimson Katalam, and Demaha already feel very empty as is. It maybe we successful in other regions but they have the spread to maintain it. I am intrigued by the notion of reliving  some of the old content but at the same time i dont want to see Aion NA servers die even further. Its all ready in the ICU, why try to slap it with a dose of adrenaline when its too weak? Focus on the change and repairs we need first to get more people back. Save that shot for when its stronger. IMO

    The point of Aion Classic is to bring back the nostalgic old times, and bring back that original player base that will then integrate back into the current game. Well, that’s the idea of it. KT is dying and DN is dead (at least on elyos side). Combining the servers will create more players in maps like Inggi but that’s it. There won’t be a change in the players in Katalam or Danaria, or Lakrum. There will be the same amount of players, just all in one server. 

    Aion classic is supposed to be the way to bring back a MASSIVE group of players. The original players. And have them get back into the game, possibly play more into the current updates. Or spend money on the BCM for skins, motions, buffs etc. 

  17. immortality+drive.jpeg


    Hello there, i was just reading an article about the Immortality Drive. And could someone please explain this to me (look closely at the drive). Why can NCsoft send something to space, and not maintain a living game. I’ve never seen or heard of NCsoft contributing to this. 

  18. 11 hours ago, Hoarror-KT said:


    Will the Event Coin NPC be updated with newer items? And get rid of the old items that are no longer viable to the game? 

    Also, I would like to hope since this event's rewards are not good; at all. Is next event going to have decent rewards at least so it might actually be worth farming the event coins?

    The community really needs a quick response, because what was once a community favorite event is now absolutely atrocious. 

    The next event SHOULDDDDD be the Christmas snowball event, if they follow tradition. Lord knows how the rewards are gonna be though. Normally they’re not too bad, but with how NCsoft has changed over the last year it’ll probably be like you get one free snowball once for this entire event and if you want anymore you can buy 3 off the BCM for 8000 BCoins, and there’s about a 25% chance to get to lvl 7 :D


    And we won’t get a response. We’re just thrown to the wolves. 

  19. On 11/26/2020 at 1:00 PM, Arhangelos-KT said:

    They are labeled as Black Friday and Thanks Giving at the same time with a twist on Black Cloud Market. The title is a mix of Black Cloud Marketplace and Black Friday itself.

    This is nto an event, it is sales on BCM, we have had it in the past and people were still confused to call it an "event" as if it is an ingame free to play event.



    ...they could at least ive us anotehr anniversary passive buff and a big turtle that gives something similar to coffin buff. 

    Honestly, i didn’t even read the heading I just saw the title on the homepage, haha.


    On 11/26/2020 at 12:34 PM, Iostcrazyman-KT said:

    We all know NA does't do anything but ship KR stuff so the likelihood of getting an actual event is low as KR doesn't celebrate thanksgiving, their thanksgiving is Chuseok which we got a few events ago the Songpyeon event is their thanksgiving

    doesn't change the fact it comes off lazy and the promo isn't that amazing but sadly to be expected

    And im Pretty sure we’ve had a thanksgiving event before.  80% of the time, yeah NA just does whatever KR does. But at the same time, NCwest has reused events. Like I don’t think KR got the Halloween event we had, but we also have had that Halloween event several years ago.

    And even if it wasn’t Thanksgiving specific, just decorate sanctum and give us an event that is easy and gives amazing rewards. I don’t care about the specific event, i like good rewards and easy events. Like, working 2 weeks to get 1 “basic” reward, which is how most events seem to go on. An event that maybe boosts enchant rates, or gives stigma enchant stones... i mean god even another event that gives event coins. A simple event that gives event coins or something like that. 

  20. 8 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Well these are Black Friday sales, it kinda makes sense, but yeah, right now there is no reason to log in game, no XP buffs, turning XP marks is impossible, and the rest of 7.7 sucks.

    I don’t think they’re entirely Black Friday sales. They’re not labeled under anything with Black Friday and the first thing they say on the post is “It is the Season of Thanks.” 

    I do agree that we should of gotten a thanksgiving event though. We had a great Halloween event, this could of been a great time to give us another good event. We may not get a decent event until the Christmas one comes around, and even with that one lord knows what they’ll give as rewards. 

    i haven’t logged into the game in like a week and haven’t felt any need to, since there’s nothing to do. I mean, we should pf been given something. Even if it was like a 500% xp and 200% drop or something for today only. 

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