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  1. @Kibbelz I do want to ask, whats the big white screens for located in Fantastic Garden and the Dream Adventure?
  2. With stormwing... we literally got a free elegdnary from just jumping I havent, but I actually though about it and want to test it out.
  3. After playing the event for a couple hours, so far I really enjoy it. And applaud you all for the event. It may not have fixed prices for all items, but the random vending machine is only 1 tokens per item. So I do really enjoy that. I love the little hidden things that werent included in the notes, like the 1 kinah retune buff, and the daev skill box every day. The one thing that is a bit frustrating is the daily quest. Its very difficult trying to collect the items for it when going up against both factions. The respawn times seem to be like 2-3 minutes, it would be nice if that could be low
  4. Was there elyos and asmos on your account on the same server? If so, then this was because of the server merger and i cant remember if they forcefully deleted a race or not.
  5. Overall I really like these events. I do wish the ultimate contracts/potions werent rng based, and could be purchased at a fixed price from the merchants.. But, Im still glad theyre in an event, finally. Especially since theyre Ereshikgal and Tiamat, and not Kaisinel and Marchutan. I hope the cost of the random bundle isnt too much, like maybe 1-2 tokens per chance maybe. If it was 5-6-10, that would cost way too much and id end up just afking in the gardens for that sweet xp. I understand why shugo sweep is being added, theres gotta be a heavy p2w event during these events, but I am
  6. I feel like this will be like the aetherforge and the current buff event going on. On paper, it’ll seem GREAT. Like oh my god, this is so amazing this is great this will be so helpful. And then it’s released, it’ll be horrible. Like with the aether forge event, the rate to get a kinah bundle was like 80%, and then with the buff event they left off the fact it’s for players 75 and lower. Or with the legendary and minion keys that were supposed to be a weekly purchase, instead got changed to a one time purchase for the entire account. maybe, just MAYBE there will be a ultimate transfor
  7. Okay, so the only set better then sovereign will be the Unleashed Stormwing, so it’ll be a bit before getting a full set of it?
  8. I’m a bit confused... so I have to get a SECOND S rank minion, and then I have to put that as a sub-minion within my current S rank minion to get SS?
  9. This is the asmo version, for cloth (i believe) I’ve never actually seen an amo with it on. But i do know the elyos set is the exact same except it’s more blue. I owned the set when during 5.8, it really is a nice armor set. One of my favorites as well, i almost skinned my commander set to my armor. The source for the pictures: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/110905236 *edit* i just noticed when looking at the pictures of the set on PowerBook there’s a second set of photos. Those are the ones for elyos. If you wanna find another set type just look up “Prime Archon Commander’s”
  10. I disagree. I’ll never get a ultimate transform if it’s not in a event. I currently have 2 legendary transformations. I’ll have to collect 12 EXTRA transforms, meaning I’ll have to probably get over 20 contracts. And then wait for a special event to combine the 12 so I can get one ultimate. Ultimate contracts shouldn’t be handed out like hot cakes, but they should be a possibility to obtain, after some grinding. This nightmare coin event is allowing players to get full ultimate gear and weapon for pve, get some sockets and maybe some enchants on it too. Without having to run a single instance.
  11. Except god stones were easily accessible and getting the best one still had the chance of breaking. But For runestones and gemstones they are a game changer. Not to mention the people running around with Erreshikgal.
  12. I was talking about the Survey, not the daily bundles. This event is really nice, and very generous. But to get that legendary contract - for a player like me - I’d have to lvl up all characters to 80 and get the bundles from them. But that’s specific to the legendary contract. I know someone who’s going to have an entire sovereign set + the weapon due to this event. And they started about a week or two ago. But, they also had to lvl up characters to 80 and casually has been since the start of the event. On another note though, the legendary contract is way over priced either way. 11
  13. Someone may of said this already, but I would love to see <Socket Reset Stone> in events. The only way to get them is through prestige, but personally I have to focus on my plat cubics so I wont have enough prestige tokens to purchase a reset stone. I would definitely enjoy getting them in events, and wouldnt be unsatisfied if I got them. That is, if theyre not too expensive or require too much to grind. Its still very rng based if youre going to get the right slot. So it shouldnt be treated as an extreme reward in my opinion, just a smaller easier to obtain reward.
  14. I mean I understand it, NCsoft mostly never gives away a free contract without doing some sort of thing. So it wasnt a massive surprise to me that youd have to spend ALL of your coins for one random legendary transformation. Its definitely meant to be a massive grind, I know several people who have leveled up like 7-8 characters since the event started just to get the bundle. They lvl 1-2 to max, delete them and repeat. I personally, am way to lazy to even lvl up one character. But Ive been told its much easier with the xp boosts, and theyre doing it in like 5-7 hours.
  15. Kibbelz I do have to say I really appreciate asking what we want in events. Im glad NCsoft is trying to turn different aspects of the game in the right direction. As some people mentioned before, p2w events shouldnt ever be the only event going. It seemed like at the start of 7.5 it was just p2w event p2w event p2w event, and then the first actually free event was the tree one. I miss the dungeon events, like people have said before the Shugo Emperor’s Vault, The Fire Temple one, the Daeva Dash, and theres a couple others. Like the one with Haramel, and the one with mehca suit that you u
  16. Wise dragon actually is in the game, and is one of the rarest dragon king weapons. Although, (i may be wrong about this) unlike the void water and fire, it doesn't have a weapon skill attached to it. But the weapon itself is equivalent, stat wise, to ereshikgal. The only way to currently get it is to play the Luna game of fate and its a reward from the highest box.
  17. These too! At least the mount, I’ve wanted the Hello Kitty and Panda mount for years now.
  18. I think NCsoft should be legally required to provide this mount to all players. I mean just look at it, I rest my case.
  19. I think they want battle field coins to be the new pvp currnecy (theres too many currencies though) with the battlefield coins you can buy boxes that can give deavanion stuff (i think), or stigma stuff (theres more in the merchant but I cant think of it off the top of my head). The stigma box can give you a stigma stone, a stigma enchant stone, a stigma selection box. I personally dont think its that beneficial because its rng based, I mean just put the items in a store at varying prices.
  20. Come on... this is NCsoft. I have a feeling its consumed contracts, as in you buy (or acquire... aka impossible) 12 legendary contracts, right click them and consume all 12. I feel if it had to do with combining they would of specified Combining 12 contracts. Either way, NCsoft is never clear about anything they post.
  21. I think its way too late into the event for them to increase the procs, and not to mention itll cause a major issue with every player thats done the event previous to the increase of procs. It seems like, unless its a major issue, they wont ever change anything to make events incredibly good. Even if its agreed upon from the entire community.
  22. I may be late on this.... but what is a Bright Abyss Treasure? I havent been able to find anything about it in the fourms. What does it do/contain?
  23. That is definitely true. The only way I can make kinah is by broker, or by soloing PF/SL... which I can no longer do. Retuning as a whole is so costly, and selective retuning thankfully its cheaper but still adds up over time.
  24. Retuning is so expensive, and with the reduction of the selective retuning cost to 20 it was really nice. And I truly appreciate it. But I feel we need a way to selectively re-retune a specific stat. Ive spent probably 300m overall to retune my armor to where its at now.. AND I just noticed that my legs arent retuned for Hp, so now I have to go and spend like 10-15m to retune them to perfect stats with Hp. There should be a way to selectively re-retune a stat, like for my legs I should be able to select Mp and then by spending luna I retune my legs but ONLY for Mp. So then that Mp can be switc
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