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  1. @Cyan

    @Cyan @Germ-DN Is that Shugo Console that you are using ingame? I don't think that is allowed.
  2. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    How is that even advanced content? Everyone are getting FREE transformation from flower event and this event. I don't see what's wrong with supporting the game if you enjoy it. Enjoy aion but don't want to support the company? Buy the 500 coins contracts. Don't like it, there are other games out there. NC is not forcing anyone to buy ncoins, but bare in mind, someone has to pay for the severs and the staffs in NC. People just need to stop complaining and bashing the "$24 p2w-er" for this event. Without the so call p2w-ers, the free-to-play aion won't exist.
  3. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    @Nylo-KTThe game is free to play. Free ancient contracts from flower event and free ancient on this event. It is just 500 event coins instead of 1k or 2k. He can run on alts all he wants and combine those ancient to legendary. My point is 1k legendary contract is extra $24 and selectable legendary is an extra $104. It is not too much to ask for an endgame item. Good things in life aren't free.
  4. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    Sorry, going to disagree with you. Base off your math, you can farm 700 coins during the event and you just need 300 extra coins to get an ENDGAME ITEM. (yes legendary xforms are endgame items) 300 coins worth of reset scroll is $24. Since when does $24 become p2w? lol Yes, they can tweak the drop rates, but it is fine as it is. Just to remind you, running a sever is not cheap and GMs/cyan needs to get paid somehow.
  5. Stream replay: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/324721522
  6. Awakened legacy gala gift pack sign up

    But we are all busy watching the twitch stream on 12 PDT. Saw @Cyan pop in the stream too. Anyway. Thanks for the info. /ThreadClose
  7. As mentioned in the title, I tried to find the link to sign up for the gala gift pack on forum and the main site, but I couldn't find it. Is the link to sign up for gala gift pack closed? If not, can someone link it? Thanks
  8. @Cyan "With the rarity change, characters will be granted new gear based on their current gear. Click here to see the list. Characters will keep their current gear along with receiving the new gear after the game update." Does that mean we can only exchange gears that are currently equipped or everything that are in the inventory?
  9. Aion CN announced Refly patch

    july 4th 6.0
  10. As stated in the title, for this weekend, will it be 100% AP boost or 100% exp boost? Thanks. I try to find what kind of buffs we will be getting, but I couldn't find it. Appreciate any help.
  11. Hey, is it possible to get a clarification from staffs that only prestige pack account gets GP and siege reward from divine fort? I do not have a prestige pack. Participated in last week siege. No reward. Sent Ticket. No response. This week is the same again. No GP, no siege reward from the mail. tsk tsk. People I know that acquired rewards are the one with prestige pack. So I would like to know if this is as intended or a little coding error from NCsoft side.
  12. Fake snowball~

    It is that time of the year again. We all love the snowball event. Unfortunately, there are many that sells plat coins or silver coins as snowball. Please everyone be ware of the fake snowballs. Also, is there a function to report these fake snowball sellers if they advertise them on their shop as "snowball +1"?
  13. Curious what is "Solorius Weapon Box"?