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  1. I guess some people cant' read lol. here's a snippet from Cyan's original post to this thread. "Ranks will work the same as they always have, albeit with lowered GP requirements to rank up"
  2. I know that's an option for some people but a lot of people shouldn't have to and won't go that route because they have characters they've invested time into and not to mention the legion's they're a part of and the friends they more than likely have on their home server. So while I applaud your out of the box thinking, to have to resort to that just to avoid the mistake they've made with the gear is an even bigger slap in the face. Don't get me wrong, I love this game! I love the concept of what they've done in Lakrum with the camps and the interwoven aspect of pve and pvp and if things
  3. Well the sad fact of this whole thing is that they really don't care. They catered to the whales who were able to get their gear up to that point in those 3 weeks or so, to where they would have full +15 ultimate gear with the exchange because that's who benefited them the most and who will continue to benefit them the most. Those are the ones who are going to continue blowing huge amounts of money regardless of what nonsense they told you that they hope you will believe. This update wasn't to change the way the game was so imbalanced, because it's going to continue to be imbalanced for ages t
  4. What gets me is that for whatever reason, they removed/exchanged all of the crafting charms and kept all gathering charms in the game. But yet essencetapping has very little to no value and relevance in the game anymore, whereas Aetherforging at least has endgame relevance. So it would seem that they completely messed up when it comes to that whole aspect with the charms.
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