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  1. Aion Needs More Events

    "This is deliberate – with the release of the new content, we wanted to ensure players are able to spend time engaging with the core of Aion’s gameplay instead of hopping from event to event. We think this slower event schedule will help boost the appeal of the core content of the game – with the brand new content introduced in the Aion: Awakened Legacy update, we want to make sure our events enhance the core game, not replace it." - From the producer's letter. So nope, we are not supposed to have lots of events during this patch, and where i strongly believe this is a good idea, cuz basically everything else dies during these events where you have to grind a lot, basically what's killing the game is enchantment rates and lack of content, but especially enchantment rates. We desperately need them to give us the buffed enchantment rates Korean servers got during 6.5 patches, but are they gonna do it before servers die until next patch? i don't really think so lol with holidays and the usual lack of commitment towards our game community, i highly doubt they are gonna try to rush and fix anything. /shrugs
  2. Yeah, they are especial like the dev. team.......... +35? not even people who spend a lot of money in this game got +35 gear, not to mention is pve which is totally non existent for most people. This is not Korea, most players got only +20 and +25 gear and that's their pvp, please reconsider those exchange rates, they are ridiculous. Don't disappoint players about 6.0 when it hasn't even been a release date for NA yet , most of us had some kind of hopes for this new patch (`皿´#)
  3. The best clothes of all time in Aion

    Might not be the best for some people, but this set is one of my top favorite (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  4. 6x xp rate?

    Noooooooooooooooo, give us kumuki please
  5. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    Spend it on Fortnite skins!
  6. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    I mean before people realized you could alliance up/league up the zerg was still strong as fk... people could barely farm and only the strongest groups controlled fatties like this everyone gets something... in a way. Besides setting it as group loot is gonna cause so much drama, people will slit each others throats over mobs...so much drama to be had if only 6 people can get loot......
  7. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    ^^^^^^^^ THIS First of all, I think the main way to farm coins would have been better as quest rewards from pvp kills or something........ instead of going hardcore farming for hours. But now people are gonna go double hardcore in those fatties since prices are going to be set up higher. Disable fatties instead give us our merchants with normal prices, you guys already nyerk'd up, and it's not the players' fault, take responsibility.
  8. Tiamaranta's Eye

    You guys had only one job............ A god-like event like this was too good to be true, I knew some kind of nerf to the event will come back sooner or later, but removing the map completely? Then saying it ill be gone who knows til when? "NCsoon"?? and thing is, removing the NPC before maintenance was a low blow, even for NCsoft, like seriously, you guys are pulling our legs, this has to be some kind of joke, this is complete bs, basically they are making us a laughingstock. We deserve answers, real and quick answers, I know the "compensation" will be crap cuz it's always been like that, and to be honest I don't care, what real bothers me is that I feel insulted, so I think everyone does... worse thing is that probably NCsoft won't care smh
  9. gj ncsoft

    Leaving the delusional guy behind, I really want to thank whoever started this thread, bless this post. I thought no one else was complaining lol As a support cleric, I spend most of my kinah and some money on making support sets; therefore, my top dps accessories are +2/+3, I can't believe how ridiculous the chances are to get 'em +5. I have seen friends failing over 10 accessories trying to temper a single one to +5, so now, trying to temper them to +7 it's just way beyond insane. Most of us just gave up on tempering our own accessories and just buy them off broker, but still, with retarded prices as 8 billion for a single earring makes me wanna give up on the game. China and Japan needed to temper the accessories to +5 in order to upgrade, why NA didn't get it? Hello? Korea got tempering events where their accessories wouldn't break or just go down by 1, that's why they had to temper them to +7. IF NA has to +7 the accessories then give us the same event as Korean servers had, since this is way beyond for most normal and casual players capability.