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  1. Event is GG suggestion

    So, as we all know or basically anyone that doesn't know about the ice sculpture event everything in non tradeable or account warehouse tradeable, i have a suggestion that the bundles that we get from this event should at least be account warehouse tradeable. Nothing has to be brokerable but i would not want to open a bundle on an alt and get let's say ultimate etium, when i have a main i can use it for stones and etc everything we get is not transferrable at all this means we would get useless junk on alts when we need them for our mains instead i think this should be the change simple easy everyone will be happy. Another thing i have noticed that a friend has told me that the hammers that drop form the boss drops are only for the person who loot it first this is another issue and im sure alot are already gonna complain about this so if anything do a few changes to this event please and thank you.