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  1. Server Transfer

    Was wondering when the next Server Transfer will be open?
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 18, 2020

    Honestly, in my opinion and keep in mind I rarely post on forums because i know 95% of the time usually questions will never be solved or answered, but this event can be easily fixed and it surprises me how you guys the company and developers can’t come up with. Why not instead of making it a afk event where people have to stay logged in for 24 hours which a majority can’t do due to life work and etc.. obviously, just make the coins an rng drop table and chance reward For open world mobs+bosses in instances+ monsters in instances. This game has and always will be an rng game with money or no money and so fourth any player who has played aion will know that by now, and also Why not make the stormwing quests where we have to kill something like a certain amount of monsters or bosses in instances to get the coins as quest rewards even open world works. The reason for this is because this is Aion online not AFKOnline, make the players US the community as a whole to actually play the game and for people who want to grind and do stuff and can spend time doing so and get rewarded for it meaning people who like to grind on the game can do so even if it’s 24 hours if wanted to, another reason for this also is that it can give either a PVP player or a PVE player both benefits regardless of which people choose to do more then the other. I know a good amount who spend their time open world pvp most of the time to actually do something and if u have people running around and meet each other there will be active things going on and for the PVE players they can just basically do their thing in instances , and don’t have to be out in open world i know also people who use luna to just reset instances to do things so they get rewarded as well its a win-win situation to anyone that plays obviously, trying to keep the game active. Not to mention there is people who are so bored on the game and will example go to the opposite factions outpost in Lakrum to just find people to pvp or whatever even in Crimson Katalam just trying to find things to do, also i noticed this event is about 2 months long obviously that tells me that u guys the company are running out of ideas and seem to be pushing aion aside meaning bad news for the players and it also seems getting darker the more we go down before there will be no more light for Aion again as in forever. We try to keep the game going because right now there is rarely or none at all of advertisement of this game but the streamers me Especially one of them and the playerbase which is trying to do what we can for the game as a whole, also keep in mind Nc for NA there is only a handful of us now who even streams Aion anymore and a majority of them are my friends and i will be honest alot of them if u all haven’t been updated with twitch for aion they no longer stream or play the game anymore and we do that because we wanted to try and do what we can for ourselves you the company and the playerbase knowing we would not get any type of reward or even ask for one but yet we tried what we could and some just can’t do it anymore and you lost a good amount of them at this point NC why? You tell us so getting back to this event topic above maybe that can be a good suggestion or similar if u do it that way in my opinion -Mik3ykun
  3. The Man Who Saved Aion

    EC is never gonna get fixed until next year honestly, we all know but EC is one thing but this clip bro are you trying to get him in trouble or something because that part isn’t necessary.
  4. Event is GG suggestion

    So, as we all know or basically anyone that doesn't know about the ice sculpture event everything in non tradeable or account warehouse tradeable, i have a suggestion that the bundles that we get from this event should at least be account warehouse tradeable. Nothing has to be brokerable but i would not want to open a bundle on an alt and get let's say ultimate etium, when i have a main i can use it for stones and etc everything we get is not transferrable at all this means we would get useless junk on alts when we need them for our mains instead i think this should be the change simple easy everyone will be happy. Another thing i have noticed that a friend has told me that the hammers that drop form the boss drops are only for the person who loot it first this is another issue and im sure alot are already gonna complain about this so if anything do a few changes to this event please and thank you.