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  1. Was wondering when the next Server Transfer will be open?
  2. Honestly, in my opinion and keep in mind I rarely post on forums because i know 95% of the time usually questions will never be solved or answered, but this event can be easily fixed and it surprises me how you guys the company and developers can’t come up with. Why not instead of making it a afk event where people have to stay logged in for 24 hours which a majority can’t do due to life work and etc.. obviously, just make the coins an rng drop table and chance reward For open world mobs+bosses in instances+ monsters in instances. This game has and always will be an rng game with money or no m
  3. EC is never gonna get fixed until next year honestly, we all know but EC is one thing but this clip bro are you trying to get him in trouble or something because that part isn’t necessary.
  4. So, as we all know or basically anyone that doesn't know about the ice sculpture event everything in non tradeable or account warehouse tradeable, i have a suggestion that the bundles that we get from this event should at least be account warehouse tradeable. Nothing has to be brokerable but i would not want to open a bundle on an alt and get let's say ultimate etium, when i have a main i can use it for stones and etc everything we get is not transferrable at all this means we would get useless junk on alts when we need them for our mains instead i think this should be the change simple easy e
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