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  1. saludos, en kt asmodian somos la legion numero 13 del ranking 100% latina, si te interesa estamos activos ayudamos en lo posible y llevamos a los nuevos a instancias para enseñarles, contamos con servidor de discord que tengas buen dia!
  2. Why u deleted my post? we all are very disappointed with this event, is hard for the fewer players faction and the rewards are... you know what they are lol.
  3. is what this event looks like, a joke. seriously ncsoft? after so much without events u throw us this in December? ... what a disappointment, I expected much more from this version, you are killing the game. learn to listen to your players, not only see the wallet, there are more ways to make money with microtransactions and not directly p2w
  4. I was excited to play today, but I've been a bit disappointed ...
  5. in addition to being without content two or three days after the weekly reset, u put an event that in addition to having a global boss missions and with the imbalance of the servers how much you can do two of these daily missions. placed some garbage items in the merchant, because that bag of 7 genesis crystal is garbage, expect a lot of this game in 6.2 but in my opinion is worse than before, who has money is who can be strong, when what everyone needs is get contracts put those things already very high cost in terms of what rewards each mission of the event? I do not think it's a good event
  6. wich success rate have the enchantment stones? i spend 229 to enchant my ancient pauldrons from +10 to +15 and i wasted all without success so... how much success rate we have? like 10%? we need to fix it at least i think it isnt okay, if it fails it becomes +10 again, doesnt matter if is +14 isnt fair. tehres no supplement to help, nothing and we have to put it +15 to purify and enchant again to +15 and purify again, is pay to win again? we have to buy ultimate stones to enchant ancient grade?!
  7. Theres an issue, mastarius is called veille in the collection and veille is called heranas
  8. can not play aion comfortably being asmodian, for every 1 asmodian there are 10 elyos and the server does not limit the creation of characters in the dominant faction. We need you to do something, reward the new Asmodian players, give them equipment at a certain level, encourage the new ones, but what you will have is a dead game if you do not do something, I returned after a few years ago and I can not even go level, I can not do quest, there are elyos everywhere, army general, 5-star, killing lvl 66 characters who are just trying to level up, they do not have a pvp team and still kill them r
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