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  1. I been gathering for 5 hrs straight to get the rings for the quest Essencetapping, Expert i am lvl 69 i started with the blood ring which is gathering ruby then switch to the diamond saphhire azure so far no luck is there any other way we can get the rings bc i am about to give up... just lvl to 400 was bad enough ,,,, these may seem simple but is just a head ache i am a dedicated person and never give up but these here is pointless it suppose to teach what any how .. aion little help here at least one after 5 hrs i am not asking for all at once but give hope at
  2. well i found the problem all i had to do was go in my files and set the program to window 10 ..that was all easy if they would explain it without all that xtra file add on i would of get it ...JUST GO TO AION FILES ONCE IS ALL INSTALL RIGHT CLICK U HAVE OPTION THERE FOR WINDOW 8 OR WINDOW10 SET WINDOW 10 TADAAA PROBLEM SOLVE NOW the little pop up thing on ur legt with the cute pic and num dont care for as long as i can play the game save the explanation wat dose that do third party security ehhhh is wat ever i play the game all it matter
  3. i do same thing here re install it 2 times already ad did repair nothing lets hope they do something about i just came back to the game too a bit disappointed ...
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