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  1. Chanter needs a nerf

    NPC in Lakrum? Oh, but they very much decreased our kinah. And I'd better have these seeds from my own toon than buy them. Or I would sell them too.
  2. Chanter needs a nerf

    Why using Clairvoyant trap at all? It occupies a stigma spot. Rangers have an Eye to see through hide. Earlier, there also were seeds of detection from gathering. NCSoft made a foul thing to us by making them untradeable without a warning, so most of them stayed at my storage toon ::( It was said GATHERABLES would stay tradeable, then they broke their promise
  3. Chanter needs a nerf

    You show 3 Stigmas, I never used on my Rangers, there's always a choice for stigmas .
  4. Where is the schedule for Divine F siege?

    Thanks. My time is CT+9, then 3am Monday.
  5. Where is the schedule for Divine F siege? I heard about a vortex at Jotun in Lakrum, used to be there on Saturday night, never seen any vortex.
  6. Do you speak about Transparent ones? I've never seen transparent potions. I NEVER use non-transparent scrolls /potions cause it's disgusting. We would better have Axelerox, Blitzopan, Crytozine etc lasting 30 min and effective after death, like we had before. Scrolls lasting 5-10 min and disappearing at death are a mockery
  7. Chanter needs a nerf

    They were denied of Wind Mantra and Swiftwing, isn't it a nerf already? As well as Songweavers were denied of Soaring Sonnet :( But we continue needing flight time when sprinting. Clerics, Rangers were also denied of flighttime restoring skills :(
  8. Event total fail

    I wrote about this issue in Bug reports
  9. Got [Event] White Nesting Doll but no [Event] Magic Paint

    Here is my screenshot
  10. In the event description https://www.aiononline.com/news/all-dolled-up-mar-2019 I read "Open each Nesting Doll for a chance to reveal another Nesting Doll of a higher level. At +10, opening the Nesting Doll will reveal an [Event] Magic Paint and [Event] White Nesting Doll. Combine it to create a [Event] Magic Nesting Doll." I got a White Nesting Doll but no magic paint, why? I also got this problem on my other toon.