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  1. Entry to Arena of Harmony/Discipline

    perhaps you should just look for a new game to play
  2. ATs can wear both chain and leather, is there a difference in 6.2? or is it still advisable for ATs to go chain?
  3. crafting mats

    yeah just saw it, does it spawn on both sides of the map?
  4. crafting mats

    thanks so much!
  5. crafting mats

    thank you! are these the mobs which will have an icon moving around the map when spawned? or are they just hanging out somewhere like those elite mobs?
  6. crafting mats

    hello! can anyone help me with where i can get legendary kirbrium from? thanks!
  7. Kumuki's Daring Rescue Event Reward List

    Hello! are the shining prime royal chests random weapons/armors or can you choose what you want?
  8. Prestige Pack

    Thank you kind sir
  9. Prestige Pack

    Hi all, can you no longer farm FT for the prestige boxes for candies/prestige coins? are there any other ways to do it? thanks!