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  1. This would be the best thing to happen to Aion....BY FAR. 10/10 Unbeatable People that complain about the "West" not being able to focus on the grind. "My" most memorable gaming moment...is grinding for Fenris falling asleep at my desk waiting for those damn NPC's to spawn in that short window they spawn in and failing Dark Poeta over and over on Meslametaeda. Yes the grind is heavier, there were some class imbalances in Classic Aion but at least you are playing the damn game vs rolling dice/enchanting and afking or Quitting if your RNG is dogwater... Meeting people was always nicer in
  2. I love how we are told "everything will be okay" like we will get what we paid for. Yet we didn't get it, this is why all of us were pming support. Because we know you guys never come through. Ever... Will there be an emergency maint. today to fix the one thing you guys said would be addressed? Probably not. 0 Faith. Also thanks for 0 playable events.
  3. Give me what I paid for @Kibbelz I want my ulti xform. Something that actually changes the game not a dumb launcher loool
  4. I second this, I contacted support they confirmed that I met the requirements. But they pretty much gave me the middle finger when I asked when I would receive it. “Watch the forums for updates”. Legit what they said to my questions asking when I would receive it. They legit treat us like sht. I spend a few thousand a month on this game whenever I’m actively playing it and this is how they thank us p2w players. KEK My thought is if they can see you met the criteria why not apply it to your account ?? I’m sure there’s not many of us and I’m sure we all have contacted support
  5. @Kibbelz please extend the event. I need another week D: must.... get.... red boy/girl
  6. It sounds like you came across the really poo poo people of the server as stated above. Don’t let these ignorant people bring you down , or make you stop playing. It isn’t worth it! This game is great and a lot of people on here will do anything for one another. Most of us here care about everyone, my closest friends on Aion are LGBT. Wouldn’t replace them ever. Not even for a red boy.
  7. Possibly add a CD scroll for "Minium Vault" in the "Dungeon Bonus Entry Scroll Bundle" from Luna?
  8. I agree with animal legion, they are super organized and executed the siege perfectly. To smart and to fast for us, GG to the pro fort capture last night.
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