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  1. WOW ... i always thought aion would go down in a couple of years, but i guess it will be faster. @Kibbelz i thought you guys were at least trying to keep the game at live, or try to understand what we want. There would have been posibilities like: getting the next patches and stuff But i guess without rly knowing the players or even play the games you wouldnt understand that. At some point i have to suggest that you guys should reevaluate what exactly the companies intend is! Right know its going to die. Maybe make the the retail game P2P ... so you guys can get even more money from
  2. to run SAS on all your toons only requires 30mins. If you skip for that on one other run on your main its totaly worth it. And for additional, you can use another 30min to farm luna to have extra runs for SAS. If you used the free trial of prestige to get 12 toons, you can easily get 1 leg contract each month
  3. They clearly stated they would remove the luna materials from the rewards of underpath. If you keep your REWARD bundles from underpath you have to expect them to change the content of them. If someone was too lazy to open it, even after they announced it, its totaly their fault
  4. you probably still get the other rewards from underpath, just the luna materials were removed
  5. Get the exp mark gear and kill some mobs. I have my some of my toons geared with lakrum gear and i can farm those 50 mobs in less then 10 min. The only thing is you have to do it actively now. I mean put on some movie and farm your mobs, till the end youll have all your alts done
  6. How would you expect to remove the rewards? It was the only logical way they could do it!
  7. @Kibbelz we can get the bundles but we cannot open them.
  8. @Kibbelz thank you for the fast fix. It works for me
  9. the deadline was till today. so it was on that page by mistake
  10. you can also log in an another toon on your account and check it there
  11. I am using the 64 bit and i cant see it
  12. Thats the only one that is at least worth doing something for at the moment
  13. For others that only knew that others got their minions back and combined 2. they dont even get their 2 back because nc decided to publish the information late
  14. Any Info regarding the bugged Aniversary Coins?
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