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  1. Because that is still far too expensive. 99% of the endgame gear back in 4.x was eternal abyss 65, which can be enchanted with "delta" stones which is like about 5m each. 15 omegas = 1.5b minimum, where as 15 deltas = 75m minimum (rng may double the price). As a result, omegas at that price is not viable for new players.
  2. unless they somehow make it MUCH easier to obtain omegas, using 100m per TRY to enchant is ridiculous. Roll it back into 4.0 days, L120+ / Epsilon stones were like 20m?
  3. Well, it's not like they can give us 6.0 right now anyway. Even when it launches in Korea, they still need time to translate everything to NA for us. Might as well get SOME new content (as crappy as it may be) while we wait.
  4. When even the Koreans complain, you know it's eff'd up lol
  5. Oh yay, in 6.0 they reduced deadly focus skill from 100% attack increase to 30%. Now they can stop ripping up cloth users in 4 seconds.
  6. Watch NCSOFT be like.... we're removing godstones for good..... We now introduce...... OMEGA GODSTONES THAT CAN NOW BE TEMPERED TO +9000 AND WILL PARALYZE FOR SIX HOURS WITH A 99% PROBABILITY HUEHEUEUEHUEHEUHE I cry myself to sleep at nights knowing that this joke might actually come true because it's ncsoft.........
  7. can someone tldr me the update? that page isn't loading for me
  8. Damn, you donald trump now? Say something then pretend you didn't? LOL You JUST posted a scenario of NON 1v1 situations. I'm opposed to stupid OP changes that clearly show class bias, a.k.a yours. Dude, just get lost. You done... quiet down lmao
  9. re-read my edited post. archedaeva BOIC is 15k dmg with 3m cd. also, so now you're changing topics/scenarios from balancing ONE class to another SINGLE class... to "how can i make sorcs 1 vs zerg"......... lol okay there buddy.... good job defeating the entire purpose of BALANCING ONE class vs ONE other at a time.... bet you want sorcs to have a sleeping storm that sleeps 60 people for 7 hours within 300 meter distance with a 30s cd too huh? i bet you're one of those sorcs that instead of cc'ing in 1 vs X scenarios, you instantly pops wintry after BOIC and watches the enemy run
  10. You must be trolling me or something. 1) It's primarily used against physical users. None of which can strip skills. Unless you're using it for stun resist. If your main concern is a 1s stun from a SM or AT then you're pretty bad as a sorc 2) It used to be a 10m skill and it has been reduced to 5m... and again reduced to 3m via archedaeva skills to appease baddies 3) wtf does range have to do with it? you thinking of wintry armor or something? get your facts straight 4) if a physical class can dps 10k+ (15k with archedaeva) on you with non critting attacks within 5s, then y
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