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  1. The Asmo Situation and Ideas

    are you sure about the Elyos outnumbering the Asmos? Everytime I log in and check the influence ratio, I see the Asmos being in advantage. Everytime I dare to step outside the main city in Lakrum I get one shot by asmos. Doing weeklies for me is almost impossible.
  2. Few questions!

    I'll go straight to the point: 1) I'm playing with a relatively new toon I made exclusively to check out the new campaign quest. As a result, I am missing tons of titles which would give me various bonues like the Movement Speed. I noticed a lack of those, I have only a few which grants me only HP, PD or MP. My toon feels so slow when walking because I don't have a mount and I run out of tranformation potions. Is there a way to improve my speed? It's really frustrating playing like this because everything feels so slow! It takes me minutes and minutes to get from one side of the map to another only to get one shot by the asmos! 2) I noticed that, before this last patch, it was possible to craft permanent mounts with Luna materials which I did on my (now-ex) main Templar. Now I only see 5-days-only mounts. Are the permanent ones still craftable? How do I obtain more mounts? 3) Since now Aion has become a game quest-oriented, what's the point of keep old instances like FT or BT? Do they drop unique drops inside or what? I checked out FT just for fun with my SM and realized that everything was left the same except for Kromede that now is a boss again and not a normal elite. 4) Last but not least, I'm farming the Genesis Crystals with my SM by doing the Weeklies in Lakrum because I kinda know that they are needed to upgrade my equip but... what do I need to do first? At the moment, I'm using my Lakrum set (both PVP and PVE ones) which I enchanted a bit with the stones. Which is the next equip set? Is there a guide that I can read? I'm so confused about this!
  3. what are playing for then? We're all gonna die! Asmos, Elyos, who cares!
  4. Why... Why mess up templars...>.>

    I had to make a new toon because farming with my (ex-main) templar was impossible.... I made no dmg at all! Other players suggested me to switch class and try something else.
  5. Wedding in the lore

    Hey! As I am a fan of Aion's lore myself, I never read something that made a wedding between a daeva and a normal human impossible. However, through the game there are plenty of examples of couples in which only one of the two managed to ascend, dooming the other one to live like a normal human and, eventually, get old and die. One of these examples is the two Elyos revolving aroun the Fire Temple, Denlavis and Hannett. Hannett is now a old woman but Denlavis is still as young as he was when he ascended. Also, I didn't know about the chaning in the lore where they made Denlavis to become Hannet's son lmao but originally he was his husband. There is also the story of Bollvig and Maynee, yes,a very tragic one. Apart from these few stories which are kinda important or notorious in the lore, there isn't much more... You have to interact with every single NPC to know more about them. When it comes to interracial couples, I can remember in the old version of the game there was a Shugo being held captive by the Dukaki in the N-E part of Verteron (which now isn't avaible anymore) who was in love with a female Dukaki that you had to attack but not kill and kite towards the Shugo to end the quest. However, this was an impossible love because of the two different races. After this last update, the Archdaeva system got removed and, in the lore, the Archdaeva sacrificed him/herself to prevent the destruction of Atreia again caused by the collapsing of Reshanta, therefore there is no Archdaeva now, only normal daevas. I think marriages between two daevas are acceptable as well as those in which one of the two is human and the other is not. However, Seraphim and Shedim Lords were not allowed to have sex or fall in love because of the importance of their duty (do you know what happened to Kahrun, don't you?).
  6. Origins - New Comic!

    Do you know where I can read La Veroca comic in english? I used to read it on ncsoft site but now every link doesn't exist anymore. I managed to read the first chapter only because it was uploaded on a different site. Also, Kahrun's comic? I've never read it before
  7. Hit lvl 67, what now?

    I would like to thank every one of you! Your replies were so useful, thank you so much!!! <3
  8. Skill stigmas HELP

    So, we can't buy stigmas from the stigma merchant anymore? We have to wait and drop it from mobs? Because if it's so, then the rate drop is extremely low. I have 2 toon, level 66 and 68, and so far I have dropped only 1 stigma, but for an Assassin.
  9. Hit lvl 67, what now?

    Thank you so much!!! Finally I have an Idea of what to do now ahahah And how about Archdeva's points? How should I distribute them? I am increasing HP, Power and Precision.
  10. Hit lvl 67, what now?

    Hello there! I recently hit level 67 with my Elyos Templar on Katalam server and suddenly got flooded up with tons of quests, yellow, blue and light blue. I also noticed how difficult it is to level now that I reached the end game (or so it seems). What am I supposed to do now? Mostly of the instances I unlocked are too hard for me (yesterday I tried AoE with some other guys and we kept wiping) therefore I need a new equip but... how? Which are the end game sets I should aim for? I am still using the purple one I got in Cygnea with the campaign quests. I also have lots of coins (bronze, mithral, gold, etc) and I remember they were useful in the previous patches to get good sets (I used to play on EU 4 years ago when the level cap was still 65 and Katalam and Tiamaranta were still a thing). Are those still useful or not? I just feel so... confused. The game didn't expain me anything on how to fuse weapons and such. I have literally no idea what to do. Can someone be kind to explain me which quests have priority in terms of EXP and rewards and how to get a better gear? Also: How do I get more contracts for minions? And where do I get mounts? Are those avaible only on the real-cash shop? Thanks in advance to whoever helps me understand