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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 3, 2020

    It is not just enchanting from 9 to 12 it is also very hard to get from 1 to 9! Well, it is for me. Plus no words about the orrific LAG!
  2. I only play as a PvE player and reading about the update I see only one place for level 80 to play relatively secure which are Gelkamaros and Inggison with some rifts for both sides, all the rest of the maps are open-world PvP. Well, I find AION so much changed from the beginning that is very sad, I remember when in Eltnen I was looking for rifts so I could try to hide and it was the same on every map, only the abyss was true PvP, but now is exactly the contrary. I wonder why so many people like so much PvP. Okay I'm done with my rant, thanks and bye bye.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    You should do the Nochsana training quest and you will level to 27 which will open other missions and in no time you'll be over level 30. I did and with the Luna quests, it worked pretty well.
  4. Your Painter's name

    MrsRainbows, ColorMe, MyColours, or NastyPalettes....... and many more.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    Really? I just would like the 250 million kinah and forget the rest! I'm broke.
  6. Account Trading Items

    So the "currently no plan to change" should be okay with the players. Well, it looks like players are punished for playing AION, whatever bugs there are in this game and never fixed are fine, the fact that we cannot see our characters the way we like is not possible if we use scrolls, because the game took away our crafting of the same scrolls which did not change the appearance of toons. Having characters with one black eye it is fine, getting kinah for new characters is so very hard that you cannot even pay for your first stigma to be able to use it, the impossibilities to share items, money with our own characters...... and many other things. So my opinion after me playing Aion since 2009 is that this game is a punishment for something I do not know, perhaps they want to close the game, but if they have no plan to change all that is so very wrong, the players have lots of reasons for changing.....game!
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 6, 2019

    You are so very right I completely agree with you.
  8. Incoming layoffs for NCwest and hopfully Gideon....

    I liked Gaile Gray she was "Guild Wars" to me. I played GW2 but I did not like it as much as the first one. I think all this is just an excuse for NCSoft to close some games now that they have transferred them to the mobile phone. If they think I will play a game on the phone well, they are horribly wrong. If Aion will be terminate I won't ever again buy or play another NCS game!
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 27, 2019

    There shouldn't be any needs of transparent scrolls, we have the right to see our characters as we made them and that's it! I'm still waiting to get the black eye fixed but it seems they could not care less, really? Do they think the players will continue to buy at the BCM items they cannot see? Well perhaps there will be some who will but I think not many. End of my ranting.
  10. Adding the possibilty to turn on and off PVP

    That would be nice but the PvP lovers do not want to PvP within themselves it would be too hard they like an easy fight, I hardly see any of them attacking a group of PvP usually are a group of PvP attacking a solo player. It's too much fun for them to aggravate a solo player.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 30, 2019

    We should not be obligated to buy transparent scrolls to see our characters as we made them at the beginning. I know that you are not obligated to use scrolls but it's not fair. I do not like my characters to be transformed in caricatures if I want to run faster or anything else. Once we could craft our own but not anymore and now we need to buy them and a transparent scroll to be able to see our characters as we created them.
  12. Long Awaited Event

    What is the use of crafting when later on they will delete all your efforts to level up to the max a craft? Why buy skins when you cannot see them all the time? Good luck with your crafting especially if you want to sell them at the brokers.
  13. Nothing to do basically.

    Yep. Aion is so very boring to me. Usually, I could not have enough time to play Aion but now I find myself doing lots of things and not playing, if I do is just to log in to see if I can still find old friends and do the Luna quests. I do not play for days and it is so sad to see this game that I played since the beginning of 2009 and I still love going down to the drains. I have lost all the fun I had with Aion.
  14. nice new paint squirt class

    I would have liked that too like a real artist but I will try it for sure. I think they got the idea by paintball games. Ho well to me this colourist is better than the tech with the bastion. I tried it but even making it small I had so many problems doing the miragent quests in the Marla cave that I abandoned it. Plus I do not like when my characters change the look.
  15. Mentor

    Hello, if you still need a mentor I think I could help you. I only have one account with an asmo character; which I do not play anymore, but it would be fun to take her out again and play with someone.