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  1. I always volunteer to solo heal easy instances like adma/fallen poeta/AOE etc on my SW, but random LFG people are always too narrow minded to believe that would work. I actually do full support on my SW a lot, more often than I go full DPS. I stopped healing AOE on my cleric because that's not challenging any more, on SW it's a lot more fun. SW is very easy to start cause cancer class but there's a bit more to the full potential of the class. In group pvp if you have a good support mindset you can extend the possibilities.
  2. Yes I'm going mainly for k+7 stones only. After working on some gear calculators it looks like it's good enough to hit cap with a chanter staff, so I guess that makes the choice. Little bit less crit spell though <1k. (even with full harvester accessories) Let's hope NC is not giving us a magic staff a few months later saying "sorry, we forgot about it".
  3. Even with k+7 socketing one can reach way above 5k MB which is cap for most instances (actually only except BOS I guess?) so sacrificial power basically does nothing in most situations. Being able to do some support heal while being in DPS spec is very handy. I can of course macro to healing set for healing and back for DPS but if you have tried doing that with a potato PC + bad ping you would know it's highly inefficient. I would always prefer NOT switching sets a lot unless the group needs emergency major heals because every time I use gear macro the whole game lags ~1s freeze which is not c
  4. It's a 7/8 year old game and not even the game developers expect actual new players. Whoever rolling a new character is highly probably an old player, so any pre-archdaeva contents are designed to be done in a rush. And I may say over half of the players ignored the lore and skipped all cut scenes. Aion DOES have a good lore/worldbuilding though, but you may not have access to the full story as a new player since the lore progresses with patches.
  5. I agree, classes NEVER get the gear with the right stats. We all know game developers are always drunk when they design gear/skills for classes. Like once everything went mythic concentration has been all gone, and all healing boost had been gone on chain sets in early 5.0. I don't think ncsoft even remembers what some of these do. They don't even remember what the whole chanter class does in general. Also the "mace DW" case is not even close to the 5% pve attack difference. Anyway my concern is that I'm not going full tryhard with k+9/k+10, the MB (or even crit spell) loss can act
  6. It does speed up but I think it's VERY expensive to level it up in a long run. If you're in a hurry to get 499/master, you may check the broker for 500% crafting boost scrolls. Or you can use both to make it even faster if you really have the spare kinah. Don't forget as your skill level goes up, the higher it is from the required level of what you're crafting, the slower it gets. For example crafting 400-required items while you're at 430 is not the same efficiency as when your level was 400. It keeps slowing down and max difference is 41 levels i.e. when your skill level is 441 and you're st
  7. So clerics don't have any magic staves with pve stats, is it better to have a chanter staff and socket knowledge or just stick with a mace? Chanter Staff - Higher PVE attack (~12% if you fuse two harvester staves) but no crit spell, loss of extra MB from magic weapons Mace: Casting speed but much lower PVE attack (7%)
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DxS7eT_ky4 The Ultimate Cleric Guide
  9. Let's be real, any properly geared magic dps will have more MA than your MR because there's higher potential MA than MR. It's been like that since 5.3. Same for accuracy/block. And +20 doesn't improve much of your defensive stats, it's just for the skills.
  10. I don't main a chanter and this is all from a cleric's perspective so the followings can be very wrong but...why is it "selfishly" when the whole group gets the crit spell and crit strike bonus? Unless your whole group has p2w-tier crit strike/crit spell I don't see a reason to completely omit this in PVP. I think Hit Mantra makes even greater impact in PVP than in PVE. In PVE, mobs have fixed spell/strike resist values and you can (soft) cap crit easily according to them especially for earlier instances, but definitely not that easily in PVP. Also it's a defensive mantra at the same
  11. NCSoft: Thank you for your suggestions, we'll change the rewards to these after next maintenance: Potion 1 Potion 2
  12. Thank you but not very close to what a friend chat should be. You'll need to invite people to join or they can't see you talking. Also there are limits same as public channels (LFG/trade etc) like you can only talk once every 30 seconds and it's very annoying. Imagine your legion chat having this limit you don't even want to use it any more.
  13. I still use some of the unused keys that are less convenient in touch for the most used windows (like U,I,M,K etc). Some I changed to Shift+something so it doesn't mess up with skills. Anyway, the whole point of this kind of keybind setup is to allow you heal in one hand and switch targets fast in another hand. That's a lot more efficient than clicking to switch around and avoids mistakes. This is just an example and probably not the best example. Like my Ripple of Purification is right handed skill but I'm used to it already. I'm quite sure you guys can come up with better bindings.
  14. Just like in some old style MMOs, you could talk to all friends on your friend list in a separate channel, just like legion chat. It will be much easier to form instance runs if you don't want to put it on LFG and asking every single friend online is tedious. Also common friends can talk to each other so there is something apart from legion chat and LFG chat you can troll have a nice conversation. And for people who's in a solo legion/legionless like me, it will be a nice feature to have in game. NCSoft: We hear your words and they are much appreciated. We will forward that
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