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  1. @TALENTED-DN yeah bro it would be pretty worth to start working on the gear now. Even if you don't finish your gear to full ulti +15 this patch you can still turn whatever you make from here into the newer 7.0 gear. For instance, you can turn the legendary cloud war into the 7.0 legendary version of the gear so I would say just get to it my man! YOU GOT THIS!
  2. wewt! finally i get into the forums! anyways. to answer all your questions no. Not hacks i am a sin with 30 ping lel. Half the skills in that one second @Shag-DN are scoundrels and apply lethal venom in which i have no control in how they work. as for popping 3 skills and a auto in one second welp. I am a sin with 30 ping dude its easy to pop one of the fastest chain skills *yes fang strike beast kick and beast swipe are a 3-chain* easily.as for recording on rainmeter everyone else explained that it is a bit delayed but ye. And to all those other commentators on my attack speed it is .8 and my
  3. I'd probably write them a ticket about the paint. That thing really shouldn't be a chance to get so just write em and ask. if they say it was too long tell them to actually come to the forums and read for once. <3
  4. @Sapherie-KT I would definitely just sell it if you can. It is much more worth making a quick 20mil or so *if someone even dares to buy it* Since the all mighty aion NA dev team works countless hours working so hard for us aion players bringing forth a copy paste of the last 3 events im gonna assume you might get transparent scroll x5! so better off making 20 mil to buy other things actually worth it.
  5. im just sayinnggg last time we went on strike they realized the money they were milking stopped *during tia event* and they ended up throwing some good shit in bcm might as well help support ncsoft in killing the game if they plan to keep it this shitty anyways. *i mean going on strike seems to pull their attention here anyways. Gotta get them good good bcm items rolling in!*
  6. time to begin the spam pictures les go everyone!
  7. quick! everyone get a picture of transparent scrolls and start spamming at cyan! just like with shards huehuehuehuehue @Cyan
  8. I know this was probably already said but I heard in 6.5 there was going to be a solution already for 6.5 by making it just how harmony / discipline is where it is a seasonal rank. Apparently every time the season ends gp gets reset or from what I was reading in korea it worked that way. Lets hope ncsoft does the same thing here when 6.5 hits us!
  9. actually same here i have been using pingzapper and have the same problem. Everyone keeps saying its the pingreducers but they should not be giving this error in the first place as this is the only patch i have noticed giving me such a error due to it. aka Ncsoon!
  10. @Cyan every time players log into the game we receive a error or a box pop up that says "connection to shop server was interrupted. Please launch the client again to use the shop." will this box pop up ever be fixed? it has been out since the start of 6.2 and has been one of the main causes for dc problems. Especially when going into a instanced dungeon if a player moves around too much before this pops up some automatically Disconnect from the game.
  11. someeewhatttt the mobs they send you to go kill takes a long while to finish so that genesis gear is very good in helping ya achieve the kills *when i was playing in kr found out you had to kill like 40 mobs per quest* something like that. so yes! genesis gear will still be useful!
  12. nerf or not be happy it still lets you crit. that ambush has a insane amount of stun time and the crit makes it still broken.
  13. Ncsoft is just trying to teach us how to mountain climb again guys
  14. @Arieluma-EK I'm pretty sure your having same problems as me the only solution to the option I'm assuming your having is every time you log in wait at the loading screen for that crappy "shop error" icon to pop up when it pops up click ok and log in that should prevent you from getting crashed. When doing instances DON'T MOVE it sometimes crashes me too so if you sit still and don't move wait patiently for the same thing to pop up then click ok and you should be good.hope it helps!! @Cyan could this be asked of the devs for a fix? It's not only annoying but it causes too much problems and many
  15. damn bruh i see i wasnt the only one who got jebaited sent in a ticket to try and get maybe the legendary potions something much more worth the time *lul still not*
  16. ikr D: its so hard with it like 2 runs a week and even then 2/2 runs could all mythical but yeah i agree on the primeth just it would be nice if the ultimate rate was higher or something most of the runs i have been doing was like some 0/5 a week 1/5 2/5 3/5 then to top off random class only 800 more runs to go for a full set!!!
  17. @Cyan just out of curiosity but after doing quite a lot of runs since the start of 6.2 I wanted to ask but was there any plans in the future to make some of the loot kinda like group loot? *for example boxes drop for ever player to get loot* for probably primeth and IDD? its ridiculous having to roll on the loot vs 12 people and sometimes the loot isn't even ensured in most IDD runs and primeth most players are starting to get done but after many runs just only one gets the loot. Thank you in advance!
  18. @Cyan the best for power shards I would say is to make it 16k *16,000* per stack of 1,000 and allow players to buy an unlimited amount. After some point in time being forced to grind for the shards all the time will burn players out. *this would also help new players to level up with more ease and all other regions do this method*
  19. @Cyan So I know a few people have already bought scrolls like fissures and such in 5.8 but when 6.2 came they were exchanged as crappy scrolls was that intentional or was it a bug issue? some of the dungeons listed in the scrolls aren't in the game any more if I recall *or one of them* but was there any plans to add the actual newer dungeons like coe fm and bos into them? Also thank you guys for fixing all these issues fast I know there's a lot going on as of now
  20. 4. can i get himes shirt plox? *was gonna say 9 but taken there goes my chance :(*
  21. yeah servers are still down no one knows when they will be back up as they have changed the times ^^
  22. time limit was only for enchanting if you enchanted something after the timer they claimed you will not be allowed to exchange that item but i would still prefer for 6.2 you keep stuff in your inventory just in case ^^
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