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  1. @Cyan soooo cyan about them 5-minute scrolls my dudes, no exchange for em in 6.2 or is it being decided *or are they just being sold off*
  2. @Cyan will there be a pve bracelet exchange just like the plumes pve/pvp? i see only pvp for exchange
  3. I believe he means the free one for registering *could be wrong though*
  4. @Cyan by buff scrolls would that also mean running/attack/casting speed scrolls or was there still an idea in the future for those to be traded in for something?
  5. shuggoo lovesss danaria, akakaka!
  6. actually i believe it was but idk that thing lasted from their 6.2 into their 6.5 so its been there for a long ass time
  7. when I was playing on Kr to do some testing i found out that new/returning players can talk to this npc that helps them quest so when they do hit level 75 *which should take a few hours for them* they get a free 75 set that is actually good and helps them hit 80 so new players/returning should be alright considering the stats from 15 harv conversion and that gear probably will not be much different if not the same ^^ *if nc even adds the npc in game*
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