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  1. my friend is famous now jee jee and also only Laser skill got nerfed another skill of vandal still have the dmg
  2. I sent a ticket about Platinum cubic are inversed. and support team replied me to create a topic on forum.. because this is out of their knowledge but seems no one cares lmfao
  3. mine doesn't show on special cube..... =___= @Riot-KT
  4. @Cyan also you use <Bobonerk's Coin> to get those gems <Bobonerk's Gem> but you don't get gem and losing exp.....
  5. also if GMs played this game, you would see these bugs... nice job NCwest
  6. @Cyan need an explain, this is not even players fault. How many times that NCwest banned people because of the game mistake??
  7. @Tuu-KT you misunderstanding his point.. so free to play people cannot get legendary transformation ? LOL not everyone in this game can afford real money into game. btw the event is another way for F2P people to get gear + stuffs. but this event you need to afford money for good reward.... what a funny
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