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  1. you make ncsoft support team look like kindergerten kids, what would have taken them a day or 2 you did in 2 posts.. its working now..thank you very much and keep doing what you do.. im 100% sure you have kept alot ....ALOT of people playing this game. real talk.
  2. ok will try that, il let you know the out come asap
  3. ok cheesecake. they should hire you..all the things ive tried were from people you helped..you are amazing..
  4. if could see a technical discussion page i would post there but i don't see one so here goes.. game is installed perfectly file check/repair done ,run program as blah blah done..compatibility box unchecked, done.. everything on every forum has been done.. clicks "play now" aion logo pops up..then......the game encountered an error windows will close the program. i'm tired and just have had enough.. this is the ONLY mmo i play where every patch and every maintenance you encounter an error.. this is too much.
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