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  1. No GP (or too little) on sieges?

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  2. I can't play...

    I also have been experiencing issues with logging into the game since the latest Windows10 update (which I had postponed until end of May). The game would get to the Play Now screen, and after selecting Play Now, it would act as if loading for a moment, but no Xigncode window would pop up, and shortly afterwards, the game would crash and not load at all, leaving the launcher window in the background. I worked with support for the past few weeks on this issue, reinstalling the game, running a file check on my PC making sure everything came back clean and up to date, etc., and still none of that worked. I was in the process of waiting for another reply with a potential fix from them when I came across this post. I read down to Cheesecake's response about "Go to NCsoft/Aion/bin64 folder. Rename the aion.bin file to aion.bin.old" and I decided to give that a shot. It WORKED! I was able to log in just in time to attend tonight's seige. I replied to support the fix that Cheesecake suggested, and let them know I will still be monitoring the issue. I fully expect that after any update or maintenance, I will have to go back and rename the file again. I will of course try to launch before renaming after any updates, and see what happens, but, we all know how likely that is to work LOL. A HUGE thank you to Cheesecake for the suggestion that fixed my problem. And also to support for working with me over the past few weeks. I hope that all of the players who have had issues logging in after the Windows10 Update at least try her suggestion and if that doesn't work, take it up with support. See you in game! ~Tira
  3. New Server Name Suggestions

    How about... Aimah and Parsia? Doesn't matter which servers get which names but I think it would be nice to mention these NPC's from DD
  4. Server Merge

    Hmmm, perhaps instead of GP for transform in all areas, perhaps other ranking options should be used. Abyss Seige Points perhaps for transformation and lead options for UA Seiges, Panesterra Seige Points for that area, Kaldor Seige Points for Kaldor Fortresses, and maybe retain GP for Open World PvP. And perhaps allocate the points maybe? So that people entering certain areas can use their points the same way we use Essence Points so that they can have the option to use all capabilities provided they have enough points. Some people who have massive amounts of GP currently, don't even participate in any seiges. Still others simply hold it because they can and don't really care about helping the faction obtain forts. I think something like this would be beneficial for both PvE'rs and PvP'ers alike.