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  1. LVL74 Asmodian Quest- Army of Ice. Bugged!

    It's possible to reach lvl 80 without this quest. Just do Luna or another instance and lvl up. Once you reach 75 quests open up in Lakrum. You can proceed onto 80 from there.
  2. Server merge plz

    EK is now closed to new players. Only players with existing EK characters can make a toon. House bidding has been suspended. Something is going on. Looks like transfers will be coming.
  3. Siege times and PVP windows

    I'd like to see a compromise that would make much of the player base happy. Will we get it? I highly doubt it. For some reason, a few years ago, they stopped adjusting time for DST. I thought these were North American servers. In North America we observe DST. I really did enjoy participating in the sieges. I guess that has now come to an end weekdays for me. Past 11:00 pm is too late for me to stay up. I hope there are lots of 2nd shift employees that will now make it to the sieges. It's hard not to think about oneself when one plays a game for enjoyment and part of that enjoyment was sieges. Would be nice if they would make a poll and ask the players what they want.... I'll wait...….