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  1. Dead no update on webpage or info given to the players on 2 months only 1 CM to our forums while EU already have 6.2 patch, better exchange gear table and youtube content to keep their players up to date on info, avoid this p2w game the old aion is dead and our 6.0 version gona be even worst than the actual 5.8 fully p2w system made to make you pay to be able to compete on endgame pve or pvp. They decided to milk to dead the p2w playerbase with enchant events before they launch the patch knowing that the gear they get in exchange will be rubbish in matter of 2 to 3 months as you can see t
  2. Yes pls put the old pw2 rubbish in one server and let new and returning players, play in other so we don't have to deal with those try hard pople tha ruin the game in first place.
  3. 200 bucks and 10 months no big deal what about returning and new players that came some months ago and worked for some gear now they lose everything and have to start over again 95% f2p player base actually your what is called a veteran player and no a f2p at the moment you spent money ingame you stop being a f2p user but well youcan see why our region doesnt even have a new web page in more than 5 years people is just conformist and short minded.
  4. Ye we have better rates for legendary/ultimate since the point of NC is to create a gap betwen free and paid players so they have some meat to kill and farm basically will be naked vs fully geared players but nobody cares anymore the game will be dead in matter of months
  5. And tou know they know how to do his job instead of copy paste korea info also they updated EU aion page and give info to the players also contacted the youtube playerbase to ask for feedback on the beta server GG........... Gear Exchange We will exchange high-end PvE and PvP gear that was enchanted to a certain level with new gear usable in 6.0. Old gears that players have will not be deleted in the exchange! Old gear Enchantment Lvl New gear (DE Names) New gear(EN Names) Ancient Fallusha Weapon/ Headgear/ Armour/ Wings 15-19 Uralte +5 Auswahlkiste
  6. Weapons are easier to get than jewelry, commander and caeus has worse rewards than sunayaka and almost the same table as korea even worse taking in mind the difference betwen enchant events on both regions, really sad to see how bad our CMs are that can't even make a right conversion math for our server thanks for killing the population for 6.0 gona be fun to play against p2w fully geared users without chance to get the new gear.
  7. Hi i usually doesn't like to post much but this time i want you guys to think about the table of gear exchange you made for our server pls take in mind that the gear rate your using is for the korean server that has a much more geared player base than NA we don't have the same level of enchantment of korea so far since they got some enchantment events like the +3 one you can see here: Keep in mind that other regions like japan and russia have used a conversion level of enchantment lower than the current table we have since most of their players ar far behind from korean o
  8. In older versions the gear you have helped you to grind the new one, in 6.0+ the thing is that you need to have new gear to be able to start grinding pve or pvp endgame, thats why the exchangable gear was created on 6.0 to let the current players be able to get the new one. returning players and new players that have been playing this months should be able to get at least the ancient +0 not lose all the progress and have to start over again veteran players and p2w ones should be able to get the legendary +5 etc since they have invested much time and money ingame But the problem
  9. So basically Ncwest can't afford a proper patch or it's too lazy to develop one, and just copy paste the korean table and will use the korean conversion gear patch for us other regions are already making fun of the poor service of Ncwest with this exchange table.
  10. Meanwhile is russia they have exchange for the prime cap royal at +15 and commander at +5 and accesories at +7 we doesn't even have the same equipement enchantment system as korea yet you guys want to leave most of the returning players and not pay to win users naked on the update GG
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