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  1. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    @Kibbelz Not to be that guy, but, to also be that guy... You could have just put a poll up on forums saying, "Which Items does the Community want for the Event NPC Issue" A simple post could have avoided all that back lash that had happened. But, side-SIDEnote, thanks for making the change!
  2. The rates may not have changed, but, the ability to get 4 star A Rank minions is not efficient enough to keep trying without wanting to literally quit the game... Yes, I saw @Loki 'Test' out the proc rates earlier... But, also had how many tries to do so? 10+? SO, if there was 10+ attempts that means you had at the very minimum amount of 40 4 star Rank A's. Then yes, Loki is totally right... As far as proc rate... But, there needs to be a known variable that excludes the NCsoft, "Hey let me use my GM powers to give myself 40+ 4 star Rank A minions"... NA CANT do that currently with the limited ways and the absolute OUTRAGEOUS materials to even get 1 4 star Rank A minion... It takes a month~ish to farm out the materials for 1... Assuming one is not resetting Minion Vault to get extra grad A minium. Just to have a 4 attempt fail... 4 months grinding including the Instance runs and the availability of getting contracts... JUST TO FAIL... Was nice for @Loki to test it out in front of everyone that has been STRUGGLING to get one, having it spam world chat more that a couple handful of times.... But, the numbers are NOT applicable when players DO NOT HAVE THE AVAILABILITY to spam to get 1 Srank... Granted some are lucky and 1 4Arank combine and done... BUT, now that there is a need to get MORE Sranks due to a new release in KR, a very few amount of players are going to be ready for that here in NA... Numbers may be right, when you have the resources... Pay close attention to the last part there, 'WHEN YOU HAVE THE RESOURCES'
  3. New Launcher

    I did send a ticket to Support... They then told me to, "Refer to our forums for updates regarding this service." So, which is it, Forums or Support, oddly enough I just let the Support Ticket expire and close itself due to no response from me. SO, who are we actually supposed to reach out to? Support doesn't seem to have the answers either... @Loki @Kibbelz
  4. Minion Rank S Rates

    I had failed 3 4minon combine attempts before I got my SRrank Kromede... Its NOT a good rate of successful combination...
  5. Transformation Update

    Nope, I am guessing it will kind of be like how they did the arena compensation, couple days prior to the maintenance. So, I would suspect the 7th or 8th we should start seeing those.
  6. New Launcher

    You are probably right, logged on and off many times, using different VPN servers on each the old and new launcher before deleting the old one; Old Launcher was normal ping while using the same VPNs for the new one, it was waay higher... SO, I don't know, hoping it may help whoever was also experiencing,with ping issues.
  7. New Launcher

    As a streamer, the requirements to be shown on the launcher seem really invasive. I will test it out, sure. But, I will be very observant as to what is happening in the background.. ALSO, for those that noticed a ping increase, I had found deleting the old launcher somehow stabilized my ping. Before deleting the old launcher and using the new one, my ping was anywhere from 50-116ms... After deleting the old launcher, back to normal with 16-25ms...
  8. Feedback: Event Thread

    Quarter 4 of the year is a busy time for events; Halloween, Thanksgiving and New Years. Halloween: I think pretty much speaks for itself as far as the prizes, I am referring to the 4 Halloween themed Legendary Transformations. It would NOT be game breaking to give those 4 Legendary Transformations out freely since the stats are NOT overly insane. But, the stat boost will still help newer players and returning players.Maybe a selection box for players so they do not get one that is not for their class. With the chance of continuing to grind for the other 3 to complete the collection, that being said, do NOT make it outrageous grind either, little grind is fine, spending many hours grinding is no good. By many hours I mean like 20+ hours to get 1 Legendary Contract. Manastones (Legendary/Ultimate) Enchantment Stones (Legendary/Ultimate) are always welcome as well. Ulitmate PvE gear is also a nice addition. Thankgiving: Could make it a food/beverage event for the month, added pve/pvp food/drink buffs. Maybe you could use Benirunerk's Estate instances since there is literally a couple of tables of food at the starting area. And again, Manastones (Legendary/Ultimate) Enchantment Stones (Legendary/Ultimate) are always welcome as well. Christmas: NCsoft could REALLY benefit for Christmas event. @Kibbelz you could put a poll of what items we would like to see in the usual snowball event a month before like in the middle of November, keep the poll open for a couple weeks. Then at the start of December you can send the results to the Development team to put those most requested items in the loot table. I can not really think of anything else as of right now... AND OF COURSE WHEN I HIT SUBMIT; I thought of something else. Gameforge AION EU, has players (streamers on twitch.tv) that they have Partnered up with to do like PR stuff for new releases such as items instances, etc. That would be pretty cool if we saw a closer collaboration between NCwest and the players, might be able to get the game back on its feet.
  9. Transformation Update

    You have to 'consume' the Legendary Transformations in order to attempt for a Ultimate Transformation. How I read this is, if you capped out the account restricted 10 from the bcm, and continued with the acquiring some from the random 30 scrolls, you should be qualified for the selection box. Then 'Consumed/Combined' to get a Ultimate, you qualify... I hope we all get clarification ASAP. But, just incase, I have submitted a Support Ticket anyways... JUST INCASE... Cheers ya'll!
  10. RNG Lootbox Days Numbered Possibly?

    @Kibbelz@Loki@Hime What does this mean for AION? What is the plan of action for this up and coming possibility? Hopefully you at NCwest/NCsoft are able to start thinking about this now and be proactive about it rather than reactive.
  11. Lakrum Guards

    I have had pretty good luck with farming the Asmo Fort guards, easy to kill and decent amount of XP.
  12. @Kibbelz @Loki Yes, before anyone copies and pastes what the Patch Notes say, how does one get max contribution now? Its clearly not DPS on Dux anymore because a lot of people got 170gp even though they were top DPS on Dux for their class... It is clearly not the amount of AP gained during siege... Clearly not group based because people in same group got different GP amounts... So, please, show off that new found clear and concise communication that you guys are working on and please answer this for me/us! Thanks ~
  13. Please, lean more to the ABOVE CONTRACT @Kibbelz. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not just put a Green one on there and say its 'ok'. AND PLEASE do NOT make them some outrageous price of either kinah and/or gold ingots...
  14. Aetherforge Masters - Hello?!

    Though I appreciate the clarification about what Vantheria said @Kibbelz. But, what about the original post? And also, do the BCM items have a higher chance for [Event] Balaurea Crafting Request Bundle?
  15. So, here we are again, on forums voicing our opinion about an event. Aetherforge Masters had promise, key word HAD. Did anyone from NCsoft actually test the 'Greater Output' for the event @Kibbelz or @Loki? What 'Greater Output' used to mean is you had a low chance to proc, lets say in this scenario the '[Event] Balaurea Kinah Box' is considered a 'Critical Output' or a 'Greater Output'. Why, out of 124 crafts did I get 96 [Event] Balaurea Kinah Box? Thats NOT how 'Critical Output' or a 'Greater Output' usually works in AION for crafting, in fact the 'Critical Output' or a 'Greater Output' should have been '[Event] Balaurea Crafting Request Bundle'... But, on the flip side, if our math from above is correct I should have had a 77% chance to craft a '+15 Stigma Selection Box' (**Spoiler Didn't Crit to a 'Greater Output') with three chances to proc it. And, I am fully aware that there are other players that have had way more attempts than I had to proc a 'Critical Output' or a 'Greater Output', all failing. PLEASE for the love all our sanity, please, please, please, check the ratios for this event, if they are 'Working as intended' I fear instead of moving a couple steps forward from previous forum posts, you are now leaping backwards. If anything PLEASE switch '[Event] Balaurea Crafting Request Bundle' to be the 'Critical Output' or a 'Greater Output'.