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  1. 2 hours ago, Kibbelz said:

    @Hoarror-KT Thanks for sharing the list on behalf of players. Definitely agree with some of the comments here about the viability of these as rewards for events, etc, but I see your counter-response that you acknowledge that and simply wanted to compile your perspective on reward tiers/value. I'll send it along to our team, and appreciate the effort made here in an attempt to help! Thanks :)

    Of course! No problem! Glad we could help! Hopefully the list can push us into the right direction! I can make streams like this more in the future as far as possible way for community feedback to NCwest, let me know if that is something we can set up for Future State of things!

  2. 1 hour ago, Kibbelz said:

    Hey @Hoarror-KT, is this where you compiled the list I saw in the other thread? Sad I missed the stream, with a little more heads up I may be able to tune in next time! I'm not seeing a VOD on your channel, did you save it anywhere? Thanks.

    Hello @Kibbelz! Yep the list on the other Forum Post was the final product after the stream with some minor tweaking that people have Directly Messaged me about wanting to see on the list.

    As far as the VOD of the stream, I had to stop saving those on Twitch to the Massive DMCA issue that Twitch has not yet been able to counter. Once Twitch makes an effective counter to DMCA for the streamers, then I can toggle back on saving VODS and what not onto my channel. I do apologize for the quickness and not much of a heads up, I was trying to figure out what to do on AION for the night and then boom Event List! xD HAHA

    I can make this a regular occurrence for feedback from the community about things! Let me know if that would be an interest for the NCWest team to see/read!


    Thanks again!

  3. 30 minutes ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

    I feel like you are not understanding what this list is tho. Yes it is a list of items players want but it is not a list of how they should be implemented in an event. I am sure plenty of players who saw this list looked at it and went yep if i had an event with anyone of these best rewards ild pay $50-$200 to obtain the one i want.

    The list is basically what players consider acceptable rewards to see in events in 7.7 and beyond not that we want all this for free. I guess the best way to put it would be this is a list people would be enticed in to spending on if events had these types of rewards.

    Exactly this ^^^. It is literally just a list of items with item codes to make sure we do not run into the same issue of the current event's reward list. There is a lot of items on said list that does not have to all be included within every event moving forward, it is just a base line to make it as clear as possible for whomever may listen and or reads the list. I fully understand that some/decent amount of the items within the 'Best Reward' column is going to be a stretch and as those items should be difficult to acquire within an event/game; but, at least its a starting point for whomever to start actually

    IF there is monetary way to do so sure, at least the item showed up and that there was also a way to obtain the item without being under a price tag (IF possible). We all know that there are limitations to everything as far as items and events 100%, but, the stuff we have gotten recently is not even remotely close being an incentive to log in and play the event within the game.

    I know this entire thread post is a stretch to achieve, and I am not sure how NCWest would implement them into events or how to create events around the list (which may further assist NCWest) I just don't have the knowledge nor the experience on the creation of events. But, we as a community play the game daily and know the difference between 6.0 rewards and late 7.7 rewards should look like.  


    Early 6.x Rewards;

    [Event][Motion Card] Fluttering Dandelion 300 1/week

    [Event] Animal Farm Enchantment Stone Box 100 1/week

    [Event] Everyday Animal Farm Mount Box (15 days) 40 1/week

    [Event] General Return Scroll Bundle (Contains 10) 1 2/week

    [Event] Ancient Engraved Manastone Box 10 2/week

    [Event] Legendary Engraved Manastone Box 30 1/week

    [Event] Lucky Kinah Box 5 3/week

    [Event] Consumables Bundle 1 10/week

    [Event] Event Coin1-


    Replaced 7.x Rewards for same event;

    [Motion Card] The Dragon's Set 300 1/week

    Legendary Enchantment Stone Selection Bundle 100 5/week

    Golden Pig (15 days) 60 1/week 

    Legendary Manastone Selection Box 20 10/week

    Lucky Kinah Box 5 10/week

    [Event] Event Coin1- Unlimited

    The difference between the 6.x and 7.x rewards for a pretty basic event is not hard to make and it similar to what NCwest already made for the event.


    I would type more, but I am not home.

  4. 1 hour ago, GenericUser28369 said:

    None of this will matter when Aion Classic comes out in NA.

    I am happy that there is number of people excited for the possibility of of AION Classic coming to NA, really am happy. But, can we NOT turn yet another forum post into talking about AION Classic? This is about current version AION, not Classic.

    Please redirect all your AION Classic talk to the already opened forum posts discussing it. 


  5. @Kibbelz@Loki @Hime

    This is what we as the community was able to come up with as far as current 'Event Items' we would like to see in our future events...

    There was a good turn out on the stream to decide what we wanted.. IF anyone was unable to make it to the stream please reach out to me so I can update the item list to make it as easy as possible. 




  6. First off, I would like to thank you for clicking on this forum post.

    I am going to start creating a 'Item List' to assist NCwest team with the Future State of the rewards that are given out via Future Events. Hopefully we as a community can come together for a common goal better our AION experience.  

    I would also like to build this list real time with whoever wants to come join me tonight (Friday December 4th) on my stream;

    I am planning on starting the list around 8:30PM CST. So, if you do decide to stop by with some items please the <Item Name> and the <In-Game Item Code>. If you are unable to acquire the <In-Game Item Code> that should not be an issue due to there being many ways to obtain the <In-Game Item Code> based off the name of the desired item.


    I would also like to invite @Kibbelz, @Loki and @Hime to this event, so I must ask to whomever attends let us be productive and leave all the BS out of it.

    After the stream is completed, I will update this original post with the item list.

    Thank you all!

  7. Any update on the rewards @Kibbelz or @Loki?? 

    Remember the Forum Post about feedback regarding events?

    What happened to any of those suggestions with the rewards for events? Pretty sure NO ONE said the following;

    [Event][Motion Card] Fluttering Dandelion

    [Event] Animal Farm Enchantment Stone Box

    [Event] Everyday Animal Farm Mount Box

    [Event] General Return Scroll Bundle 

    [Event] Ancient Engraved Manastone 

    [Event] Legendary Engraved Manastone 

    [Event] Lucky Kinah 

    [Event] Consumables Bundle

    We are all aware that the final decisions are not the fault of Kibbelz or Loki. But, for the sake of the community and the game, PLEASE help us with any attempts of getting changes done. Which also includes communicating updates on our requests for changes.

  8. 11 minutes ago, Kibbelz said:

    Hey everyone, just sharing appreciation for the feedback. It's late in the day here, so not much to say in terms of what we can do atm, but just want you to know this was heard and shared to the game team.

    Does the 'Game Team' actually play the game?

  9. @Kibbelz

    Will the Event Coin NPC be updated with newer items? And get rid of the old items that are no longer viable to the game? 

    Also, I would like to hope since this event's rewards are not good; at all. Is next event going to have decent rewards at least so it might actually be worth farming the event coins?

    The community really needs a quick response, because what was once a community favorite event is now absolutely atrocious. 

  10. 3 hours ago, Aelar-DN said:


    The link you provided only explains in vague detail how it works, not why it works so it's still unclear how the tool is capable of distinguishing between different variables when it comes to whether or not someone is hacking.

    I mean, I read the information that was on that link and it is pretty clear on how its configured, and it also gave a buffer zone as to possible server side issues with it needing be a min of 10 skills will show as red. 

    And most of them on that short-list the opening post have admitted to hacking anyway. NCwest has said many times before that they will not use a Third-Party program to start an investigation due to it not being what their 'Support' uses to judge to see if someone is cheating. We can send videos of glide hackers and what not because they can literally see the hack in progress, but, other than that it seems to be a hacker fiesta. 

    And for some of them, they still end up losing in DPS at forts or losing PVP. 

  11. Such a terrible idea for NA... Already a small community, to make it more split would be the death of the game. NA has been notoriously terrible with ALL Private servers that attempted to do the same thing FOR FREE... Not to mention, who is going to support the NA Classic AION, the 3 and a half employees they have working at NCWest for the current version of AION?

  12. 40 minutes ago, Kibbelz said:

    Greetings Daevas!

    Tomorrow, we will have an extended maintenance window as we change server hosting to AWS. These AWS servers are located in the state of Virginia. We expect for the transition to begin at approximately 6am Server Time (4am PT / 7am ET / 11am UTC), and last for approximately 8 hours and 45 minutes if all goes well.

    Thanks for your patience while we work to keep the Aion experience as rewarding as possible - and we'll look forward to bringing the servers back online as soon as we can tomorrow!

    Heeeey @Kibbelz,

    Remember a while ago when you had posted something along the lines of a list of things that you (NCsoft) would working on to make the connection between NCsoft and the community stronger? Yeah? Wasn't one of those things better communication? I feel as if the community probably should have been given a heads up on this decision a while ago. 

    Like what is the reasoning? What are the future states plans for AION looking like since the game is moving to cloud based servers? 

    Not to call you out, but, you are starting to do EXACTLY what Cyan used to do... ONLY log into forums with Maintenance Notes, then quickly log off. And then not log in again until the next week to post Maintenance Notes again. There is an EXTREME lack of any communication about ANYTHING that is happening. What about 7.7 release for NA? Whoever is in charge of the AION Facebook seems to be more informative than the actual forums themselves...

  13. I think they learned their lesson from the original 'promotion event'. The only reason I saw that is due to the most recent events that have been stated, " Combine 6 Legendary Contracts to get a 'CHANCE' at a Ultimate Transformation Box" So, good for them for learning, but, bad for the community that did not take advantage of the original 12 Legendary Combines.

    I hope this comes back too, but, I doubt it.

  14. 9 minutes ago, OsirisCleric-DN said:

    So your guys solution is to deny others world boss weapons/loot because you don't want them? How kind of you...

    These weapons aren't going away, so it's only fair to make them more accessible rather than pile them all on one side of the fence.

    7.7 will bring even more OP weapons that require world bosses so there needs to be a solution to this to make them accessible.

    Your original post is about weapons... Not weapons AND loot, just weapons. The other loot like gemstones and what not can be event items for sure.

    Those are raid weapons, things you might have to actually fight for. They aren't really just supposed to be given away, and EVEN if they did put them in a event. It'd be like a 1% chance because they are not supposed to be easily accessible. 

  15. I highly doubt this will come to NA...

    NA is terrible with anything Classic AION, we can base it off the random private servers that pop-up. They are super popular for like a month max then it usually is on a timer when it closes down. And who is going to support it? The 3 and a half people working in support for NCwest?

    Sorry to be the downer here, but, AION for NA will never be like it was back then... Time to deal with whatever NCwest has planned for us.

  16. 45 minutes ago, Kibbelz said:

    Hi again everyone,

    This is not the feedback we were hoping to see, and it's clear we missed the mark with our first attempt. We'd like to try again:

    Rather than retrieving the transformations and items, we'd like to pivot our response by instead sending all players an [Event] Locked Hanbok Pixel Transformation Contract Selection Box (4 Types) via survey. Since some players already used their key on the box they acquired for free initially, this will only impact players who still have a key. Based on the feedback we've seen, we will also be adding [Event] Honey Songpyeon x10 to the survey.

    Finally, we want to acknowledge the difficulty in obtaining Pine Needles, so we intend to add a free daily Pine Needle (10x) Bundle to the store through 10/21.

    We hope this solution feels more appropriate. Thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts to us here on the forums; it's because of your passion we can respond like this at all. Let us know what you think - we'll all keep watching here.



    Not to be that guy, but, to also be that guy... You could have just put a poll up on forums saying, "Which Items does the Community want for the Event NPC Issue"

    A simple post could have avoided all that back lash that had happened.

    But, side-SIDEnote, thanks for making the change!

  17. 2 hours ago, Loki said:

    Rates haven't changed for NA. I checked just in case.

    The rates may not have changed, but, the ability to get 4 star A Rank minions is not efficient enough to keep trying without wanting to literally quit the game... Yes, I saw @Loki 'Test' out the proc rates earlier... But, also had how many tries to do so? 10+? SO, if there was 10+ attempts that means you had at the very minimum amount of 40 4 star Rank A's. Then yes, Loki is totally right... As far as proc rate...


    But, there needs to be a known variable that excludes the NCsoft, "Hey let me use my GM powers to give myself 40+ 4 star Rank A minions"... NA CANT do that currently with the limited ways and the absolute OUTRAGEOUS materials to even get 1 4 star Rank A minion... It takes a month~ish to farm out the materials for 1... Assuming one is not resetting Minion Vault to get extra grad A minium. Just to have a 4 attempt fail... 4 months grinding including the Instance runs and the availability of getting contracts... JUST TO FAIL... 


    Was nice for @Loki to test it out in front of everyone that has been STRUGGLING to get one, having it spam world chat more that a couple handful of times.... But, the numbers are NOT applicable when players DO NOT HAVE THE AVAILABILITY to spam to get 1 Srank... Granted some are lucky and 1 4Arank combine and done... BUT, now that there is a need to get MORE Sranks due to a new release in KR, a very few amount of players are going to be ready for that here in NA...  


    Numbers may be right, when you have the resources... Pay close attention to the last part there, 'WHEN YOU HAVE THE RESOURCES'

  18. 20 minutes ago, Loki said:

    Hey guys, please send in a ticket to customer support if you have any issues you with the new launcher. We want to fix as many of these issues for all the players that we can, and we appreciate you guys sending in your tickets to support.

    You can submit a ticket via the support tab or: https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

    I did send a ticket to Support... They then told me to, "Refer to our forums for updates regarding this service." So, which is it, Forums or Support, oddly enough I just let the Support Ticket expire and close itself due to no response from me.

    SO, who are we actually supposed to reach out to? Support doesn't seem to have the answers either...


    @Loki @Kibbelz

  19. 49 minutes ago, VLessa-KT said:

    I Combine 3 minions A in my vandal and fail.
    Toke it back using my token, farm 1 more and FAIL AGAIN using 4!

    In my SM i tryed using 4 minions and fail!

    After that a send a ticket asking about the rates and like always the give to me a empity answer!

    U guys having the same trouble?

    I had failed 3 4minon combine attempts before I got my SRrank Kromede... Its NOT a good rate of successful combination... 

  20. 1 minute ago, Xyooj-KT said:

    Is there anyone who has already gotten their selection box?

    Nope, I am guessing it will kind of be like how they did the arena compensation, couple days prior to the maintenance. So, I would suspect the 7th or 8th we should start seeing those.

  21. 1 minute ago, DontSee-KT said:

    You are probably right, logged on and off many times, using different VPN servers on each the old and new launcher before deleting the old one; Old Launcher was normal ping while using the same VPNs for the new one, it was waay higher... SO, I don't know, hoping it may help whoever was also experiencing,with ping issues.

  22. As a streamer, the requirements to be shown on the launcher seem really invasive. I will test it out, sure. But, I will be very observant as to what is happening in the background..


    ALSO, for those that noticed a ping increase, I had found deleting the old launcher somehow stabilized my ping. Before deleting the old launcher and using the new one, my ping was anywhere from 50-116ms... After deleting the old launcher, back to normal with 16-25ms...

  23. Quarter 4 of the year is a busy time for events; Halloween, Thanksgiving and New Years. 


    I think pretty much speaks for itself as far as the prizes, I am referring to the 4 Halloween themed Legendary Transformations. It would NOT be game breaking to give those 4 Legendary Transformations out freely since the stats are NOT overly insane. But, the stat boost will still help newer players and returning players.Maybe a selection box for players so they do not get one that is not for their class. With the chance of continuing to grind for the other 3 to complete the collection, that being said, do NOT make it outrageous grind either, little grind is fine, spending many hours grinding is no good. By many hours I mean like 20+ hours to get 1 Legendary Contract.

    Manastones (Legendary/Ultimate) Enchantment Stones (Legendary/Ultimate) are always welcome as well.

    Ulitmate PvE gear is also a nice addition.



    Could make it a food/beverage event for the month, added pve/pvp food/drink buffs. Maybe you could use Benirunerk's Estate instances since there is literally a couple of tables of food at the starting area. 

    And again, Manastones (Legendary/Ultimate) Enchantment Stones (Legendary/Ultimate) are always welcome as well.



    NCsoft could REALLY benefit for Christmas event. @Kibbelz you could put a poll of what items we would like to see in the usual snowball event a month before like in the middle of November, keep the poll open for a couple weeks. Then at the start of December you can send the results to the Development team to put those most requested items in the loot table.


    I can not really think of anything else as of right now... 

    AND OF COURSE WHEN I HIT SUBMIT; I thought of something else.

    Gameforge AION EU, has players (streamers on twitch.tv) that they have Partnered up with to do like PR stuff for new releases such as items instances, etc. That would be pretty cool if we saw a closer collaboration between NCwest and the players, might be able to get the game back on its feet.

  24. You have to 'consume' the Legendary Transformations in order to attempt for a Ultimate Transformation. How I read this is, if you capped out the account restricted 10 from the bcm, and continued with the acquiring some from the random 30 scrolls, you should be qualified for the selection box. Then 'Consumed/Combined' to get a Ultimate, you qualify...

    I hope we all get clarification ASAP. But, just incase, I have submitted a Support Ticket anyways... JUST INCASE...


    Cheers ya'll!

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