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  1. @Kibbelz@Loki@Hime What does this mean for AION? What is the plan of action for this up and coming possibility? Hopefully you at NCwest/NCsoft are able to start thinking about this now and be proactive about it rather than reactive.
  2. I have had pretty good luck with farming the Asmo Fort guards, easy to kill and decent amount of XP.
  3. @Kibbelz @Loki Yes, before anyone copies and pastes what the Patch Notes say, how does one get max contribution now? Its clearly not DPS on Dux anymore because a lot of people got 170gp even though they were top DPS on Dux for their class... It is clearly not the amount of AP gained during siege... Clearly not group based because people in same group got different GP amounts... So, please, show off that new found clear and concise communication that you guys are working on and please answer this for me/us! Thanks ~
  4. Please, lean more to the ABOVE CONTRACT @Kibbelz. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not just put a Green one on there and say its 'ok'. AND PLEASE do NOT make them some outrageous price of either kinah and/or gold ingots...
  5. Though I appreciate the clarification about what Vantheria said @Kibbelz. But, what about the original post? And also, do the BCM items have a higher chance for [Event] Balaurea Crafting Request Bundle?
  6. So, here we are again, on forums voicing our opinion about an event. Aetherforge Masters had promise, key word HAD. Did anyone from NCsoft actually test the 'Greater Output' for the event @Kibbelz or @Loki? What 'Greater Output' used to mean is you had a low chance to proc, lets say in this scenario the '[Event] Balaurea Kinah Box' is considered a 'Critical Output' or a 'Greater Output'. Why, out of 124 crafts did I get 96 [Event] Balaurea Kinah Box? Thats NOT how 'Critical Output' or a 'Greater Output' usually works in AION for crafting, in fact the 'Critical Output' or a 'Gre
  7. To Cyan, Gideon and Hime I’d like to explain the current situation of Aion in comparison to previous Aion updates and will predominantly use 5.8 as it was the most recent and had the best events, please do remember these virtual items cost you nothing to implement and make the playerbase happy, most of the items I will mention in the reward list below are NOT OBTAINABLE via in game means besides events. Aion is one of those games where having fun events that are generously rewarding is the reason the game is enjoyable to the vast majority, and completing other content is just somethi
  8. Heeeey look @Cyan, look there is feedback of WHAT IS A GOOD event reward list... We will do you all's job for you! No worries, we got you.
  9. I am sorry, but, @Cyan can you guys PLEASE listen to the community... This event is rubbish, the rewards are rubbish, do you guys even play the game? We are literally letting you guys know what we want as rewards you guys simple do not pay attention at all. And none of this BS, "We have to send it up to our developers" crap. It not that hard to literally read what the nyerk we are saying... You guys inst-ban things for not being constructive criticism, but, literally avoid the community like a damn disease. @Cyan, want constructive information, READ THE nyerkING FORUMS.
  10. Since the items above are not tradeable and/or be put on the broker, bots don’t really profit off anything. Unless the bot owner logs on to actually enchant things, which takes away from the main point of selling crafting items. [Rune] in EU is like those stamp items we used to get in previous patches. Personally I think it be a good and healthy way to bring players back and have it accessible to everyone free to play and pay to play.
  11. [Rune] Stigma Enchantment Stone [Rune] Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone [Rune] Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone [Rune] Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone [Rune] Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stone [Rune] Ancient Transformation Contract: (11 types) Daevanion Skill Chest (10 types) Transparency Transformation Potion: Kaisinel The one thing that could bring people back to the game and be in open world for pvpve. Hopefully, NA follow in the foot steps of EU with this specific update.
  12. Ok, ok... OK... Let me get this straight... "Repeatable quests to earn GP will be added. These quests will be obtained automatically when entering Lakrum." So, the key thing that was part of LAST weeks Maintenance, is being ADDED in this one... I will be the one to point out it should be 'FIXED' not 'ADDED'... AND WHY THE HALE IS THERE NEW BUFFS FOR RETURNING PLAYERS?! You guys can't even attempt to appease the current player base, let alone actually compensate OR EVEN COMMUNICATE WITH US ABOUT ANYTHING THAT IS CURRENTLY McFUQED UP!!! Little communication is better than NO communication.
  13. @Cyan Can you confirm or deny that you have or had an EK character? Is that why EK is getting some nice things for the 6month life it had? To help out the people you had maybe played with on the Elyos side?! I know there won't be an answer, but, maybe SOMEONE can explain wtf is going on...
  14. ONLY roughly $130usd worth of things in that list... Do not worry everyone on KT and DN, we will get gold ingots.....
  15. We got gold ingots though... Oh wait, the Gold Ingot Shop is garbage....
  16. Everyone besides NCsoft apparently... Don't worry, there will be a new server in 7.0..........
  17. @Cyan What are the updates to the Gold Sand Shop? Its nice that we are getting gold ingots, but, if there is not anything worth anything in there then they will just collect dust. Can we get more information about that please and thank you!
  18. Like the title states, why is there no communication on the 6.x topic that we, as a community, is needing and or wanting? Yay for gear conversion information? Wait, that is it... Why is there no estimated release to NA? Why is there, well, NOTHING about it for NA? Does NCsoft expect the NA community to just sit and wait while EU is fully enjoying the new patch, while we have nothing at all besides doing the same things we have been doing already? I know NA is USUALLY late on getting new patches, but, at least we knew they were arriving with at least SOME information! We need informa
  19. I smell a cash grab enchantment even happening soooon! :thinking:
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