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  1. @Loki @Kibbelz Please, at least tell us that you are investigating this whole situation!
  2. If you are talking about Inggison and Gelkmaros the kisk is placed on a mountain next to the fortress. If, for example, you are asmodian: you take contributions from Iniggson's 2 fortresses, then you kill yourself and go back to the mountain kisk and jump into the fortress. This was never a bug. It is part of the relief of the map, a mountain that touches the fortress wall
  3. @Hime @Kibbelz @Loki Could you restart the server before siege? The Asmos teleport is not working, but the Elyos teleport is.
  4. @Loki Same as usual we can't targuet npc's.
  5. Please do not change Siege's time. It's alrdy too late
  6. This event offers unreceivable prizes! unless you're prepared to spend all your money!!! Average coins purchased per run (based on your rng may change) from 20 to 30. So, suppose I get 25coins in all runs. In the course of 28 days will be only 700 coins. 25*28 = 700. Based on that, I would miss 1300 coins to pick up a legendary selectable. If I had to buy BCM scrolls to try the best prize, I would have to buy 52 scrolls. I would have to spend 8320 ncoin (per char) !!!! 1300/25 = 52 runs 52*160 = 8320 Ncoin At the end of the day you did not make an event for the players. You have m
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