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  1. HACK

    Is there way to follow aly's commnets? I mean, i dont care he hacks or not but damn i laughed so hard lol I want more aly comments woth funny pictures ^^ Thanks for good laugh aly ^^
  2. Farewell Daevas!

    farewell cyan! you been helping us for a long time.
  3. Recommended Class

    since you are ranger you feel gladi is op (leather < plates), ranger is only class gladi can fight for but even ranger they can run and hide waiting for UD is gone. good ranger have no problem killing gladi. let's bring it to arena gladi is almost bottom in food chain. just think this way, while you can kill cleric, gladi cant kill cleric (same gears, same skill) i play ranger too and when i do solo pvp i love ranger way more than gladi. (even though ranger has less gears than my gladi), ranger can be very good class depend on how you play it. ranger > sorc, sm , gunner, cleric, chanter, sw, vandal (these are sure win if you know how to play ranger, not that i am saying you dont, i hope you wont get offended) gladi > ranger, maybe sin but without UD gladi is just toy for sin, chanter but real hard or cant sometimes if that chanter have evasive set. (gladi acc set doesnt have enough attack to burst him down) ranger < gladi, templar, sin, AT but all these classes are beatable if you really want to win (hide, drain hp, short skill cd, well i felt that way when i play ranger) gladi < sm, sorc, cleric, AT, gunner, sw, vandal(maybe not but fully geared and stigma, gladi cant even face vandal) there are no way can kill these classes as gladi gladi is good on field (with mobs) but without mobs gladi is ez win (i kill mobs when gladi try to drain hp from mob, or i back up and drain hp myself too so both reset but gladi dont have UD so i can stun him and use trap (free dps time for ranger good 2~3 sec). i played gladi 8 years and i am not ez gladi to kill (DQQKI-KT,MooHyul-KT, BEAT-DN) but i am thinking changing class to ranger, it is way more fun to solo pvp on field and can run away if i want but gladi cant unless you have MR set with all red manastones which i have on my gladi but still harder to run. for me i dont give a F how strong class is i ONLY CARE about HOW FUN IT IS! also only devilnest is pvp player here but rest of them i never saw field pvp. so back to threat starter, PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO PLAY OP CLASS, PLAY CLASS THAT YOU KNOW YOU GONNA HAVE FUN WITH.
  4. Recommended Class

    many wrong info here. first, gladi is not top tier pvp class even with extendable it is NOT TOP TIER second, vandal still OP sugarbaba <--- this guy has 15+ stigma and he can kill me (fully geared gladi with kaishinel) in 2 sec third, you gotta think what kind pvp you talking about? and you want ez win? group pvp? fourth, if i were you i wouldnt care about how strong one class since almost every patch op classes changes. so please tell us more about what you looking for
  5. So Vandals got nerfed?

    This is why, you guy better choose class that you know you will have fun. People should play their classes to have fun not to win. I have been playing gladi for 8 years and it wasnt ez class to win (SM, Gunner, sorc, sw, AT, these classes shouldnt be lossing to gladi if you are average skilled player), some point people called gladi as AP vanding machine but i do have fun with it so i stick with it. Nerf/buff? Who give a shit as long as you have fun with it. STOP CRYING ABOUT VANDAL NERF, SINCE IN THE BEGINNING WE ALL KNEW THAT IS TOO OP. Vandal is still strong class change stigmas learn from korean server vandal players, see how they changed their skill trees. Even in 7.5 vandal is one of op class! Damn kids lazy to learn and practice they just looking for ez win. Look chiki he try hard to improve himself not giving up!! I have half legendary half accient geared vandal, i killed few full red geared on field pvp, i was laughing, it was beyond op it was stupid.
  6. Evergale Canyon!

    I agree with you aly
  7. No more candy drop?

    I have been trying to get kaishinel transformation, spent thousands of dollars but i still can't get it yet i was ok since i can use candy to shorten the gap between legendary and ultimate transform but now you guys take it away. What can we (legendary or less) do to make it even out higher transformations? Reconsider removing candies from prestige pack, that was a only reason i have prestige for, i dont need to buy prestige if you guy remove it.
  8. EC compensation ? it is been almost 2 month!

    yeah let's see what they gonna do about us who doesnt abuse EC. ban and compensation is two different thing. also i agree everything with you cheesecake
  9. EC compensation ? it is been almost 2 month!

    we want to hear something, answer us please.
  10. HACK

    i dont give a F about who hack or not, i gave up long ago, because i dont think NCsoft cares about it.
  11. My first Vandal PvP video

    i agree everything you said. i like the music atleast lol
  12. can you update anymore progress about EC bugs and compensation who didnt abuse? it is almost 2 months now, 2 month! please update what we (who couldnt/didnt abuse) are going get it. edit: we are not going to forget about it, there are huge gap between people who abuse and who didnt.
  13. EC bug compensation

    i am not asking to take away stuff from those who abuse EC bug but i am asking, can we (those who didnt/cant abuse EC bug) get some compensation? those who abuse ec bug they are done with their gears, and those who didnt abuse getting killed on field left and right. i dont think it is fair for those who didnt/cant abuse bug, also EC is closed due to bug so as time goes by those who didnt abuse EC getting behind. i hope we see some compensation soon.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 16, 2019

    i missed whole ec runs when it was infinite... dont we need to get something since WE ARE THE ONE WHO DOESNT ABUSE bugs? those who abuse EC got their gears done, who will not abuse bugs from now on?
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 16, 2019

    lmao! really? i saw 4 drops so far (PA, GS)