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  1. ok also, they shouldve close tia eyes while they try to find problems? so that everyone is happy some people (who doesnt get drop from tia) have alot of farming ahead already compare with those who cant...
  2. as i said on title why dont you guys close tia eyes? more time goes by more gap between people who can/cant stay in tia eyes... i dont understand is it that hard to think? short server reroll and close tia eyes? i am sorry but sigh... very very... dumb !
  3. earlier patch 1.x~4.x when people duel both agree not to use so we didnt use it BUT draining hp from dummies or mobs fight can go as long as they want to (average skilled aion players). if gladi can drain hp from dummies i wouldve stay near dummies all time just to drain hp, in another words duel can go on so long that it can be infinite fight
  4. do not try to enchant para gears if you dont have 100k money in your bank. i rather wait when they gonna thru event for those gears (in KR server they gave them out with 5~8+ enchant level) this is another stupid trap for those dumb ass
  5. i am keep getting kicked out from tia eyes come on now guys fix it, it is unfair event again some people farming while others cant even stay in there for 5 mins this is tipical NCsoft. FIX IT ASAP!!!!
  6. hello guys does anyone felt soul drop rate nerfed? today i farm souls but i kill over 120 mobs but only i couldve gather 140 souls (i use to farm 200 + when i kill around 100 mobs) reason i know this cuz i usually renew my quest (killing 120 mobs) but after this week patch i have to kill more mobs almost double amounts of mobs i been farming alot of souls be4 i never saw this low drop rates before i want to see NCsoft (very famous to nerf and buff without telling players) nerfed again without telling us!
  7. damn i saved up more than 390 souls and KT server down without alert ... i want my souls back!!
  8. uh.... i saved up 390 souls and all of sudden i got dc... is KT server down again or is it just me?
  9. good afternoon guys i just try to log in and it said "too many players attempt to log in, please try later" this indicate down sized server? also i live in Los Angeles, my ping was 50~70ms, it is 100~140 now (using battleping yes i changed to washingotn DC) guys i think ncwest getting where they cant afford bigger server... i hope i can find good pvp mmorpg before aion die for good... (i really hope not) i hope NCwest fix or look into this problems soon. i really love aion but i am scare now, i feel it will... soon... have a nice day everyone (players and NC
  10. Hello, Thank you for contacting us regarding this concern. I understand that you wish to know about our investigations on this issue. But security reasons prevent us from providing further information on this subject. I also understand your dissatisfaction, but please know that we look into reports provided and provide actions accordingly based on the findings we get. Your understanding is appreciated. Regards, Mako NCSOFT Support Team this is what they reply but it is robotic reply. are they really gonna do nothing about it? now i feel stupid not to
  11. you are not talking about me right? cuz i have no idea what you talking about.
  12. Seem like they dont care..... No reply from them. If they dont answer here, it means they're probably busy. I am going to purchase some ice cream. I think snacks is part of game now, since they dont care about it I was thinking gather data and put it on forum but there are just too many... so i will eat it too.
  13. good afternoon! i have one question are you guys going to do something about hackers? i mean there are so many of them now, i dont even need to tell who they are. again! are you guys planning on doing something about it or not? because i feel like it is dumb not to use it these days. i never used it but if you guys not doing anything about it, why i even pay alot of money for gearing up? really it is been so long that you guys ignore our/player's tickets about hack. i think in this rate there will be more people using hack than who doesnt. have you guys
  14. Is there way to follow aly's commnets? I mean, i dont care he hacks or not but damn i laughed so hard lol I want more aly comments woth funny pictures ^^ Thanks for good laugh aly ^^
  15. farewell cyan! you been helping us for a long time.
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