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  1. Aion Tshirts When?

    lmao I won a Twitch official stream giveaway something like 2 years ago and never received my shirt. I even e-mailed them twice on the address they gave me on Twitch Whisper but never heard of them since then...
  2. Aion 2

    dO yOu GuYs NoT hAvE pHoNeS?
  3. Level 53, no quests left

    You probably skipped some dark blue quests or solo instances then. I've never run out of quests/campaigns or XP content while I was leveling my alt on the new patch honestly, which is probably the only good thing this expansion is doing. Leveling is simple and basic now, it's not the main idea of the game anymore. Boring? I guess, but what the game is trying to achieve is to get you to max level as soon as possible, which is probably around 2-3 days worth of grind for newcomers, and immerse you in the actual end-game content. If you were expecting mindless grinding (Warframe style) and twinking sub 60 like in the old days of Aion, you're gonna be disappointed. Now, I'd actually recommend you to stick with the game at least until you hit max level, which is actually easier to do than it sounds (and try not skipping any PVE content such as dark blue quests or solo instances, since they make it easier to hit the next level milestone without having to do Luna or whatever else) and then decide for yourself if it's worth it. If even with end-game content, both pve/pvp, you won't find the game fun, then I'd guess uninstalling and searching for a better one is the answer.
  4. Hi, I used to play back when max level was 60, then it got extended to 65 and Infinity Shard was the shit. Now I downloaded the game again and was trying to have fun before 6.0/6.2 hits. Any legion to run instances with, maybe talk on Discord?