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  1. I get the impression that AION is getting empty.

    Completely agree with OP. Left the game about 2 months ago because of that. I come back to the forums from time to time to read what people think about the state of the game, and it appears that more and more people are opening their eyes. I will repeat what I said back when 6.2 was launched: This game is slowly dying and NCWest/gameforge know it. They're squeezing the most out of their "whales" before this game dies. The fact that there are people who defend this game in its current state Just baffles me. How can you be so blind? It's as clear as day they're milking the hell out of loyal players. I'm glad I left, but also sad because I loved this game...
  2. any in game file to see the settings to copy the appearance of an NPC or something similar?
  3. This is getting worse.

    switch to default graphics engine
  4. Luna workshop skins?

    Only available for real money and events now.
  5. crashes since 10/31/2018

    switch to default graphics engine, that worked for me. not a single crash since. weapons and armor look better and shinier on default engine lol
  6. Lakrum Teleports Map (Elyos)

    thank you for this useful map
  7. Prestige Pass

    I love this. we're getting this maybe a year from now but still very good news ^^
  8. Full loading (5 minutes) every time I load the client

    is your hdd/ssd okay? check with crystalDisk Info
  9. NC. Danaria Elyos need your help.

    being in the losing faction is like communism: geared players can't progress further while new players catch up to them. I'm actually loving this
  10. Future Economic Collapse help!

    that's their goal, reduce inflation. I believe they will give more sources of kinah when most of it dries up and the economy stabilizes. they're smart dw
  11. ayuda latinoamericana

    prestige pass da +30% drop rate. solo eso ya es una enorme ventaja en mi opinion
  12. question about housing and kinah

    if I decide to stop paying my maintenance fee after 6.2, how much kinah am I going to receive. I assume it's not going to be 90% of 5.8 kinah. is it going to be removed a zero, or am I getting paid back in gold bars or something else?
  13. question about housing and kinah

    oh so the 3 week advanced payment limit is still in place. they just paid for 8 weeks of maintenance to people who already owned houses before 6.2 hit, and since I got my house after 6.2, they didn't pay for my maintenance fee. am I correct?
  14. question about housing and kinah

    I can only pay 3 weeks in advance for my estate... am I doing something wrong?
  15. Sendlog after Sendlog after Sendlog

    try switching to default graphics engine, i used to get lots of sendlogs and that seems to have fixed it. almost a month now and no crashes
  16. What Do You Do In 6.2

    this could help you with your question
  17. Final Countdown

    https://ibb.co/dFh45q shout out to Shadowslayerr for suggesting it. I can't think of a more fitting song.
  18. Should i Start Over

    I'd say just do a fresh start. 6.2 has a streamlined and more enjoyable leveling experience. But if you want to continue with the same toon, you don't lose or gain anything, so it's up to you.
  19. about homeward bound skill

    sometimes I get a temporary button to go back where I was when I use it. what is the trigger for the return option? can't find anything online about this
  20. How can I use anti-aliasing without making mobs see through? tried everything and nothing worked. some skills like fiery requiem are dark and some textures in gear are weird. BTW I'm using default graphis engine to prevent game crashes, still testing. idk if it works but no crashes so far.
  21. need help with anti-aliasing and default engine

    you can press shift+f12 to toggle other characters' visibility in highly populated areas and raids to circumvent this problem. this will allow you to keep high graphics settings. this game uses a modified version of CryEngine 1, and it's very poorly optimized. the only workaround is shift+f12. my drivers are up to date, and regarding anti-aliasing.. I've tried 2x, 4x, 8x, all of them have the same problem. I have to disable anti-aliasing for the transparency problem to go away, but then the game looks horrible. I guess I'll have to live with this since nobody seems to know how to solve this, or nobody checks this subforum. ps. not a single crash since I switched to default graphics. seems to work for me
  22. question about housing and kinah

    I don't want to sell my mouse, I love no SS. I was just wondering what would happen in that situation. you know, if I happen to really need kinah in 6.2
  23. question about housing and kinah

    yeah, it says in the wiki that you get 90% of what you paid, but I doubt I'll get the ammount I paid in 5.8, which is 5.5B
  24. how good is the exchange gear?

    Someone on LFG said that the ultimate zenith gear is only the third best gear in game. if this is correct, is it worth it to +25 my gear right now for the exchange?
  25. how good is the exchange gear?

    Thank you!