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  1. i think it's time

    i know alot of you guys don't want to leave the game because we all worked so hard on our accounts and it would just hurt us too much to leave a game that we grinded so hard in, it's not about loving the game that's stopping you from quitting it's just most of us can't handle the fact that we lost so much time and work in this game to just quit. but i think alot of us have to do something as a community whether it's boycotting the game or just flat out not logging in until the gm's decide to actually acknowledge us on the forums. we are being strait extorted and abused in this game. with the most untraditional enchantment rates that make no sense and we are obviously being lied to about , with ncsoft giving us a candy bar then just letting us have a bit out of it before taking it back forcefully. and before you guys say it's not up to ncsoft on how they handle there player base, it's up to KR. that's not true at all. the issue with ncsoft is they believe they hit a gold mine by hyping players up and letting us down after we already spent money on the game for the hype. and we keep complaining as a community but do nothing. ive been playing aion since release and i stayed loyal to it spending thousands in all the years ive been playing. iv'e been one of those players enjoying the game and watch everyone QQ'ing about how the game is imbalanced and not caring but after seeing ncsoft strait up abusing it's playerbase is something no one should ignore. our GM cyan comes and responds to us 1 time every blue moon and when we get upset about the way he treats us with answers or ignoring us he plays the victim card and tells us to keep the forums civil or else he'll delete it... (so you time to play the victim card but not address the situation in a more professional manner?) but really he knows exactly what he is doing. share your opinions here! please no hateful comments
  2. Aion September Preview

    Europe getting 6.0 in September 19 Le't go N/A tell us when are we going to get it you guys getting behind let's go.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 22, 2018

    @Cheesecake-DNif I use my 200% scroll I will get 500% i'm sorry i'm new
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 22, 2018

    @Cyanwhere is the Triple XP I only see 200%