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  1. Can't believe people are still QQ'ing even after getting a whole bunch of free stuff. Let me throw some reality at you guys. Aion-is-the-only-game-you-can-play-and-be-end-game-without-paying-a-penny. How tf you expect a game to stay alive if you want literally everything free. You get free Luna, free gameplay, free leg transform. Everything literally free. Stop fking QQ'ing over every little thing and let us enjoy something nice for a change.
  2. I was able to receive compensation and they did solve the issue for me today. I appreciate them looking further into this and helping me.
  3. A few events ago prestige members where able to obtain a case from bosses in end game instances which you can obtain "Ultimate Frostspark Weapon boxes" and once I heard of this I purchased my prestige asap. Later to figure out that it's not able to be opened by vandals, with no mention of this by ncsoft. I sent a ticket about the issue and was told to wait for a fix as they are working on it. And so I waited until yesterday " alot of time to fix it" to send a ticket to see if I can claim the wep finally on my vandal. Ncsoft responded to me saying that it is not useable by vandals an
  4. Just a whole bunch of things. But it's just the fact that their servers are complete garbage. Cant even handle a 400 player mmo and dc's a bunch of ppl during siege, they're GM's are so much of a joke to their players that they tell people not to use kisk exploit and they still do .. why? Because our GM's are a bigger meme than elyos attempting to PVP, half the damn game isn't even available to play because they don't know how to actually make a functional patch . Like I wish they would just shut down the server already so we have a excuse to quit and not look back
  5. you guys should just quit your jobs, of the higher ups should fire you guys. ive never played a more nyerked up game in my life. like this game has worse support the the united states postal service. and you know how bad USPS service is if you've been to one. glad to say that me and many other friends gunna ditch this rubbish game pretty soon. my 4 year old nephew can manage a game better than you guys.
  6. i know alot of you guys don't want to leave the game because we all worked so hard on our accounts and it would just hurt us too much to leave a game that we grinded so hard in, it's not about loving the game that's stopping you from quitting it's just most of us can't handle the fact that we lost so much time and work in this game to just quit. but i think alot of us have to do something as a community whether it's boycotting the game or just flat out not logging in until the gm's decide to actually acknowledge us on the forums. we are being strait extorted and abused in this game. with
  7. Europe getting 6.0 in September 19 Le't go N/A tell us when are we going to get it you guys getting behind let's go.
  8. @Cheesecake-DNif I use my 200% scroll I will get 500% i'm sorry i'm new
  9. @Cyanwhere is the Triple XP I only see 200%
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