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  1. DP skills please

    the songweaver 4k skill is practicle useless in PF >.> it wont allow us to use bc it has self ress effect >.> fck this shit
  2. Bugged Transformation Synthesis

    ty vio, i wrote ticket right after i saw your post and they gave me my transforms love you <3
  3. Enchant rate broken?

    have 2 ultiamte frostpack ring +12 >.> they both failed over 10 ultiamtes each with no succes so far in past 3 weeks, if there isnt anything wrong im cursed
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    only DN seems to be down, i can log to my KT and EK alts >.>
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    Servers are donwn now? isnt there liek few more hours? why early shut down?
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    the Transform boxes stil l give the 50 type >.< imma cry