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  1. State of The Game

    Some people are dedicated, I know I am, throwing countless hours into the game and getting nowhere. I guess 7.0 will be worse than now, knowing the Painter class is absurdly overpowered.
  2. I'm sad.

    Bluehole has also developed TERA. If I remember right, there's some involvement from some previous Aion devs working on A:IR.
  3. EU Cares About His Community

    Oh yeah, I forgot Gideon even existed.
  4. The prices for Tia event were adjusted for Korean players, which at that time the game there was subscription based. Both the devs and NCWest knew they had to adjust the prices before the event came but failed to do so, resulting ultimately in the game's disaster. It was so bad, half my legion quit the game and hasn't really bothered much to return. Even now, the game is far more unrewarding than in 5.8. It's very unfortunate we're fighting a battle we can't win. We're not even asking for big things, but just to restore transformation duration to its original time and make GST like it was in KR (and that includes transparent scrolls).
  5. EU Cares About His Community

    Cyan isn't even full time for us.
  6. Cyan can we get regular updates on critical issues?

    Which is funny because the issue has been fixed fairly easily in all other regions and shipped players with a plastic surgery ticket per character. You won’t see any of that happen here.
  7. And I thought Tia Eye event was a disaster but this is starting to get up there on another level.
  8. Why would NCWest even attempt to bother themselves to talk to players when they just flipped us the bird?
  9. EU Cares About His Community

    I don't think I remember seeing the whole comment.
  10. EU Cares About His Community

    I don't agree with the name calling, that's for sure. We can criticize as much as we want but can still be civil about it. Either way, I think that was too much, a simple edit would've been better.
  11. Just end the GP Season

    Meanwhile at NCWest HQ:
  12. Aion Ping

    You'll be forced to use a ping reducer. There's multiple choices there, ExitLag, ReduceTheLag, WTFast and so on. I currently use ReduceTheLag (RTL for short) because it seems to fit my PC best, but you'll have to explore first to see which one works best. Best of luck.
  13. I'm sad.

    We're all sad about it. What I see is that slow shift that inevitably leads to the game's death. Seen it happen with Rohan Blood Feud, Requiem Rise of the Reaver, Shaiya (which is still my favorite despite its age) and so much more. People have hope so they fight for it. However, ultimately, we'll have to bid it goodbye one day.
  14. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    Everyone can understand why, but doesn't justify the last minute changes. It's a very jackass move.
  15. Damn dude, that was deep and pretty much accurate.
  16. Ereshkigal Server Consolidation FAQ

    That's what my comment above was mostly above. Giving EK too much kinah.
  17. But we're talking about NA nonstop, aren't we? I mean, if you just take a closer look on this thread, sure, only once I mentioned other regions, but other than that the whole forum is a big discussion about NA's bad decisions towards the patch. It's important we DO get the same treatment as other regions because it's clear there's something sketchy going around here. People will complain about this and not only me, since they're well aware how unfair it is. *cough Ereshkigal compensation cough* In fact, now that I think of it, it is RELEVANT to talk about other regions. It just gives us a clear example of what we could/should have.
  18. They're "working" on it. No, 7.0 will bring much worse food to the table than what we currently have.
  19. Ereshkigal Server Consolidation FAQ

    Clearly NCWest knows best what's for our economy and how it exactly works.
  20. Okay then, shall I mention RU instead? Point is, EU is part of the Western market as NA is. While it's true it's 2 different publishers, it doesn't really excuse NA from nerfing our content and then demand money for it.
  21. EU Cares About His Community

    I just find it ironic how the roles have been reversed.
  22. Incoming a compensation of just a lucky Vinna and 10 transparent scrolls.
  23. No one is gonna believe you because EU has kept the NPCs for 2 weeks after event ended.
  24. Oops, read that as Lineage 2 merge, my bad. Makes me think actually. BnS had way too many servers and I know people complained about it being more p2w than Aion. Since I never really played it that much, can't make my own judgement about it. But it is still true the management focuses there mostly. Funnily enough, Lineage 2 is almost giving them more revenue than BnS for once lol. http://global.ncsoft.com/global/ir/quarterly.aspx