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  1. Very nice VERY NICE VERY NICE The GST is still low on skins compared to KR but at least it's only slightly better. The fact you added Ancient xform for craft is a GOOD choice you've made. I was about to quit Aion overall. AND LOOK! Furniture, wallpapers, other skins in Luna for craft! Now that my friend, is some gud shit.
  2. BnS, Lineage 2 and Aion will eventually share the same launcher, which is what Korea has. Even on KR, it requires login before entering the launcher, so that won't change. Aion is last because Aion is least of their concerns for improvement.
  3. Added maybe 2 new things to GST? Guess 7.0 is close to be announced (I'm guessing after Steel Rake for sure). Either way, we'll find out how good of this "update" to GST and Luna is to begin with.
  4. Mirash Sanctum Reward

    Very low rate, but it still drops.
  5. Account banned due to suspicious activity @Cyan

    That's interesting because I haven't logged in for weeks Nice attempt to troll though.
  6. Decent event rewards

    Too bad this is gonna fall on deaf ears.
  7. Account banned due to suspicious activity @Cyan

    "Everyone", you mean you admit doing it yourself?
  8. when the new event will come

    Give it 2-3 weeks maybe.
  9. Server upgrade & name reset

    That's a nice attempt to troll, my friend. As IF you deserve anything at all lol.
  10. Server upgrade & name reset

    When EK demands a Name Reset lol. That's cute.
  11. Account banned due to suspicious activity @Cyan

    Here's a song to cheer ya up but not really https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSM3w1v-A_Y
  12. Saving this comment just in case
  13. 7.0 incoming soon what I expecting is

    Never expect anything good for NA. They've proven us that they really don't care, so much that even Cyan just posts once a week now.
  14. Why would NA open a new server if they'll have to merge the 2 we have? But since Korea did it, of course NA will do it too. People will try out Painter class and start mass quitting once they see it's overpowered and can beat any class with ease in pve gear.
  15. Give us Aion Classic please

    NCWest: Even if they did, it would have to be from 1.1 patch (according to Powerbook)
  16. so....what...now?

    Nothing you can except block and move on. I got ninja'd the past 2 weeks on BoS necklace I've been needing for months by some BR Chanter. I was pissed for 2 days straight.
  17. Prestige needs to be revamped

    You know it's bad when even Lucimon is giving up on Prestige lol
  18. About Sharing Account Terms update

    I've shared an account with my friend when I was out of town and she'd do some event runs for me back in 5.x. I returned the favor when she was away with her account. Since we're like BFFs, we trusted each other and nothing went missing (in fact, she upgraded my gears and stigmas lol). Of course the example you gave happens all the time, but some things seem to be too coincidental, if you know what I mean.
  19. About Sharing Account Terms update

    A change in IP could imply account sharing.
  20. About Sharing Account Terms update

    I know some ping reducers do change your IP to decrease the latency, but at this point I'm waiting to get banned for just any reason. Basically NCWest doesn't even want South American players to play. Seems NA Aion is heading towards that Bless Online direction, but at this point Bless will have more players lol.
  21. Nooblet back with questions

    Sorry friend, NA is currently the saddest region here. Not like many want to move somewhere else after working their asses for years, y'know. For now just focus on one toon, you can focus on alts later. Do Mirash and CoE for some gears, it'll be easier for FM and BoS.
  22. Nooblet back with questions

    Mirash sometimes can drop a stigma bundle. If you do Crucible Spire, you can use the coins to get stigma bundles, but it's just easier to buy it off broker. The main issue with this current region is the lack of kinah gain. Your best bet is to gather all, sell all. If you have crafting mats, sell it at broker. If you get gear you don't use from instances, sell it. So far it's the only way to gain kinah. Also you can craft kinah bundle from Luna but sometimes it requires too many mats, it usually gives between 5m and 25m kinah.
  23. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 5, 2019

    True, but it proves that the publisher CAN change GST at will and therefore Korea has nothing to do with it. NCWest simply refuses to bother. Visuals remind me of Ori and the Blind Forest. Might give it a try.
  24. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 5, 2019

    This is outdated GST from EU. Those contracts are no longer there. This is how it looks now.