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  1. Plese bring AION back

    1. Cyan has nothing to do with the nerfs. He's just a "link" between the players and his superiors that do these changes. Nerfs were announced by Hime, the Community Manager. 2. I would vouch for a classic server, but people have mixed feelings which patch was best and would simply create more conflict within the community. 3. Korea doesn't want to keep update NA to its good shape, and since their classic server failed, it'd fail here too.
  2. Plese bring AION back

    We had something like that, it was called Tiamaranta's Eye event and it was a complete disaster.
  3. HELP!

    The survey was until 22nd May. If you didn't claim it before 22nd May 12 AM at night (the transition from 21st to 22nd) you won't get the rewards.
  4. HELP!

    You had to be level 80 on EK server to be able to receive the rewards from the survey, and it only applied to EK server. If you changed servers or wasn't level 80 beforehand, you won't get the rewards.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 5, 2019

    Another dead week eh, see ya next Wednesday Cyan.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 29, 2019

    There's nothing ever new here anymore, and for that reason this region is struggling so much. That's why they refuse to fix GST, just resell those skins in BCM.
  7. Maybe we need AIon Classic...

    There was even stuff to do in 5.x and that's considered a bad patch lol. 6.x just takes the cake on the crap scale.
  8. Learn from the Russian sell kinah box in BCM

    That's correct, but the ratio between our Luna and ncoins is inflated compared to Quna in Korea. They don't have to craft it and ours demand too many mats for it.
  9. Skins are "End Game Items"

    I think the main issue here is that GM's consider skins "end game" which can be interpreted in various ways.
  10. Learn from the Russian sell kinah box in BCM

    Oh, so to make NA even more p2w? Why not add kinah drop in instances like EU instead. Come on.
  11. Maybe we need AIon Classic...

    A master server wouldn't save Aion from its current condition. It would bite the dust within months if not weeks. The current patch can be improved on but NCWest simply refuses to do so. For example, how come we get 1 run for IDD (2 if you have prestige I believe) yet KR/EU/RU have 4/4? And let's not talk about GST, BCM and the xform durations. Simply said, NCWest has zero interest in keeping this game updated and active. They know it's on the verge of death, they're just waiting for the final blow.
  12. Skins are "End Game Items"

    I guess they took offense in your name "ReverseCowgirl" lol.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 29, 2019

    That's what happen when people only read halfway through.
  14. Skins are "End Game Items"

    Are you really surprised? It's endgame because we have no proper access to skins this patch at all unless you throw in your wallet.
  15. If my guess/prediction is right, they will start adding those before 7.0 comes. If they don't slack, it might be in September maybe.
  16. add permanent mounts

    You don't need a mount once you have Kaisinel xform.
  17. What quests give plumes?

    Lower Udas temple and Dragon Lord's Refuge usually give the plumes. Let's not forget about IDD in Enshar (the solo one).
  18. transformation time

    It wouldn't have been such a big issue if NCWest actually gave a damn about what players think. "Community feedback" my ass.
  19. Add FM portal to north faction base

    Isn't FM either removed or changed to 3-man in 7.0? I know BoS becomes solo.
  20. They don't even want to fix GST to its original status. Do you really think these people would bother caring at all? Stop daydreaming.
  21. Depends on personal opinion. I actually prefer the revamp much more over the older style.
  22. Name Resets

    Aw, EK is upset about their names?
  23. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 22, 2019

    Someone ping me when they fix GST and transformation times.
  24. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Hey, don't judge too harshly, you can buy those transparent scrolls that only give you 10 pieces for 5 ingots. You'll need those!
  25. Not looking forward to it because I know NCWest will nerf everything.