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  1. Bring back Katalam and Danaria

    It feels like NCSoft goes through various "phases" where sometimes the main focus in Asmodae/Elysea and sometimes Balaurea. We got Cygnea/Enshar in 4.8 which is Balaurea, now we're back to Asmodae/Elysea with Norsvold and Iluma. It does feel like they're rushing the 5.x patch at this point, maybe they have something in mind.
  2. Bring back Katalam and Danaria

    Here's the issue -- it's entirely up to Korea to do it, and I'm telling you now they won't do it. If they did, places like Norsvold and Iluma would be completely deserted, and neither Katalam or Danaria would fit into this whole "archdaeva" thing. It's very out of place.
  3. Siege times

    They should make it available for all players, not only for NA/South America specific. It's really bothersome when the only siege I can go to is Kaldor.
  4. Incoming european immigrats to NA? o.O

    There's many European players here on NA already, and there will be always people coming. GF is just bad, it's not worth it. If NCWest could balance the UA siege schedule better, I'd love to go and actually pvp. Getting up at 5 AM is not my thing.