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  1. Denaria needs a new Gov

    Yeah, but how about, passing the lead to someone else? It's not that too difficult, but they make the situation as so.
  2. As a matter of fact, they are breaking ToS. It's been posted countless time, but let me show you again. While yes, it's true they don't have to lead the faction even if they're Governor or Commander, but purposely passing leads to their AFK alts characters, AFKing the siege and using foul behavior in LFG is breaking the ToS. When the whole faction is begging for a battle kisk and they don't deliver, then they are deliberately disrupting PvP. Source: http://us.ncsoft.com/en/legal/aion/conduct-breaches-and-outcomes.php
  3. Denaria needs a new Gov

    Incorrect. When people started complaining about the Fallen Poeta relic exploit,they DID step in and warned/banned a reasonable amount of players. People may have ill faith towards Support, but at this point there's nothing to lose and might as well send tickets regardless of their response. That or NCWest doesn't mind losing players again.
  4. I agree with @Katari-DN. If people flood Support with tickets regarding these two miserable people, then they will have eventually to step in. The earlier we do so, the better.
  5. Denaria needs a new Gov

    Faction based games are never balanced when it comes to faction population, it's been as so from the very start in any game (take World of Warcraft as an example). The main issue is that we have two self-centered and self-righteous people who are abusing their position, making one side of the faction purposely lose the game. That's cheating, mate.
  6. To my knowledge, both Mochigirl and Pocosin have said themselves that whatever they're doing is "not breaking the rules" which is does as I have mentioned in earlier posts. Any action against the faction that distorts and disturbs other players' enjoyment of the game is breaking the game' ToS. That being said, the two people here defending the pocos are probably the pocos themselves. There's a difference between "roleplaying" and purposefully ruining the siege and harassing the players. They're married, if they roleplay, they should keep it to themselves or let people know, but their actions at siege demonstrate a perfect idea of how they really are. I'm sure they're nice outside the pvp area, but abusing your rank to ruin people's fun is what makes everyone already quit.
  7. nc coin

    Usually it's up to 24 hour wait, but having in mind it's weekend, there's a chance you'll get your coins on Monday.
  8. I believe there's a bigger issue to be concerned about rather than petty comments and attitude from someone such as you. Gonna disappoint you on this one, but I'm not gonna feed you attention.
  9. Denaria needs a new Gov

    It should be a concern to both factions (and maybe even both servers), this kind of thing imbalances the game to the fullest.
  10. We all know you like to suck them real good, but just one action of kindness can't patch up years of torture towards TM-E players. You might as well stop trying to argue if you have nothing to say, really.
  11. Denaria needs a new Gov

    Yeah, because you're Asmo, as if you'd care about the opposite faction. So much love indeed.
  12. Because there's only 2 remaining servers, instead of 5. Merge is still fresh, if DN-E dies off because of Mochigirl and Pocosin, then NCWest will be forced to make yet another merge (Danaria + Katalam) ultimately leaving 1 server. If that future one single server dies, NCWest will be forced to shut NA version down as there will be no players sustaining it. I mentioned it before, reading the whole thread does help rather than reading what you desire.
  13. People complain because people care. Aion has a special place in our hearts and these players are willing to fight the trash that's destroying the game in order to have some fun in exchange. People from work or school, they want to sit down and play, do sieges, pvp, and many other things. Aion may be 8 years old but it has a very loyal player base. So, will NCWest care? It comes down to whether they're willing to step out from their safe bubble and punish two players and gain newcomers to Danaria, or, whether they'll let this slide and see the game die off again because the most important pvp aspect of the game (sieges) have become unplayable. I've already stated the possible outcome f this in my previous post, not too far from reality, are we? People complain because this is a first thing anybody has seen in any mmorpg, where leaders refuse to cooperate with the faction they're based on. Have this happen in other games and it just won't go through. TM-E already suffered for long enough, doesn't mean we have to sit back, wear diapers and pay kinah to these two ungrateful twerps to do something in exchange. It's not fair for either faction, when the faction leader is against his own faction, pvp becomes more unbalanced, dull, depressing and just not worth it. So yes, we want change, and want those two gone now and forever.
  14. The word you're looking for is "sabotage". They're both purposely doing this. By keeping the highest rank, they feel untouchable and laugh at NCWest's face with "lol they won't do anything to us". We don't know why they're doing this, but they do for a reason. Perhaps they've planned this from the very beginning -- ruin the server while it's still fresh. It is why it's important that NCWest step in asap. However, if you read closer NCSoft's rules regarding Aion, you will see that by the things they're doing, they've broken the most important rule so far. See: http://us.ncsoft.com/en/legal/aion/conduct-breaches-and-outcomes.php In-game infractions bullet point states the following Aside from this, there's other factors that should be kept in mind, like obscene language, harassment and abuse. See: http://us.ncsoft.com/en/legal/aion/aion-rules-of-conduct.php
  15. Here's what may or may not happen: 1. People complain, fresh merge, everyone with hopes NCWest will listen 2. Cyan or Hime will say "send tickets". People sent tickets and support will reply "need more proof" or send an automated reply that they're working on it. People already have ill faith towards them, so generally people do not wish to bother or waste their time. 3. Cyan/Hime will say "nothing we can do about it", whole DN-E becomes frustrated. People with money will buy xfers to Katalam, reroll Asmo or simply quit the game because "NCWest doesn't care about their player base" 4. DN-E suffers a major player loss, we may be forced to merge with Katalam at some point, leaving just one server available to NA players. 5. People will start quitting until eventually NCWest will be forced to shut the game down as there's no players to sustain the game. As bad as this sounds (all speculation), I wouldn't be surprised it may happen this way
  16. Please don't speak if you have nothing to say, your argument is pretty invalid as you can't compare the situation now to what it was few years back. A full GP strip + a ban would probably please the whole Danaria server of both sides, but that's a bit too extreme.
  17. The merge will be all in vain because the whole purpose of it was to increase population on these servers, but if NCWest does nothing against Mochigirl and Pocosin, then the servers will die off again because players will be unable to find joy to play it. The purpose of the game is to enjoy it without having two pathetic idiots ruin the experience.
  18. Correct me if I'm wrong, but whatever Mochigirl and Pocosin are doing would be a bannable offense on Aion EU, they have strict rules for governors and commanders to lead sieges or pass the lead to someone else if they can't. They suffer this whole afk in sieges issue just like Korean servers do.
  19. Character and Legion Name Ownership Policy

    Pretty sure someone like Yuh from Tiamat is above level 66+ and a much longer player than whoever stole their name, but hey, if you say it's like so, then alright.
  20. You don't need a GP reset, but I can see why the whole TM-E wanted it. Enter coalition, refuse to put the kisk, afk the whole siege, I wish NCSoft would just remove them both from the ranks by wiping their GP out, what's the point? They're really going to destroy DN-E, and it's just the second day of the merge. If NCWest doesn't hear their players now, it may be too late later on.
  21. Character and Legion Name Ownership Policy

    I've seen a couple of people complain on FB groups saying the support can't return them their names because someone already stole it. So, it goes back to the "first come, first serve" ordeal, and not everyone is happy.
  22. Denaria needs a new Gov

    Danaria's population is still 60-80% Israphel, and trust me, we don't screw around. The whole Elyos side should block them both and do siege their way. How do these people remain on the top with that rubbish behavior beats me, not like they do anything for the faction either.
  23. Denaria needs a new Gov

    Yeah, and keep in mind Mochigirl and Pocosin are married too (or so I was told), which is ironic considering how they're treating the whole faction with utter disrespect. Calling everyone peons, villagers and plebs with the following "get to work" while doing nothing sure gives a nice image. They had a chance to redeem themselves after destroying TM-E, but guess some garbage remains garbage no matter how much you scrub the bottom of it.
  24. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 11, 2017

    Merge is already happening, 11 hour maintenance. Boy oh boy.
  25. @Cyan FALLEN POETA

    Unfair? So it's fair people exploit Fallen Poeta's relics to gain exp with some third party tool? You know what I find unfair? That these people aren't permabanned. They'll simply continue doing their nonsensical hacks while legit players find themselves to quit because of them.