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  1. What quests give plumes?

    Lower Udas temple and Dragon Lord's Refuge usually give the plumes. Let's not forget about IDD in Enshar (the solo one).
  2. transformation time

    It wouldn't have been such a big issue if NCWest actually gave a damn about what players think. "Community feedback" my ass.
  3. Add FM portal to north faction base

    Isn't FM either removed or changed to 3-man in 7.0? I know BoS becomes solo.
  4. They don't even want to fix GST to its original status. Do you really think these people would bother caring at all? Stop daydreaming.
  5. Depends on personal opinion. I actually prefer the revamp much more over the older style.
  6. Name Resets

    Aw, EK is upset about their names?
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 22, 2019

    Someone ping me when they fix GST and transformation times.
  8. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Hey, don't judge too harshly, you can buy those transparent scrolls that only give you 10 pieces for 5 ingots. You'll need those!
  9. Not looking forward to it because I know NCWest will nerf everything.
  10. You can tell even now it's gonna be a disaster.
  11. Don't get too hyped. It's 7.5 patch.
  12. aion is dying

    I agree with Shavera, 5.x was way better than currently Aion is. The issue is that both factions are cramped into a tiny map called Lakrum and called it a day, whereas in other patches you could always go somewhere else. This whole idea of transformations wouldn't be as bad if NA wasn't so greedy with transparent scrolls. Dumah map in 7.0 won't be any better. When I talked to my friend yesterday (she doesn't play anymore), she just said "this isn't Aion that I used to love". Enjoyment with the game is limited unless you blow your wallet at the game.
  13. Proxy users geting banned

    As if, maybe XignCode was updated, but this is only for a while. Bots will come back in a week or two. Banning bots requires an active staff member to monitor.
  14. Proxy users geting banned

    Ah, I see, so they're pulling the old Gameforge style here? Can see why many South American, European and Australian players might suffer because of this.
  15. Proxy users geting banned

    Yikes, well guess I'm staying away from NA for a while until it gets fixed. I'd rather not risk it for the time being.
  16. Good Job Ncsoft

    Really, all they have to do is either give players 2 entries per day, make coins tradable (which I doubt it'll happen) or lower the prices a little.
  17. Proxy users geting banned

    I think back in the days they were harsher and disallowed those programs but now it seems they're fairly okay now as long as you let them know. VPNs are quite popular for bots, so I wouldn't be surprised.
  18. Proxy users geting banned

    To my knowledge, Gameforge does allow ping reducing systems, but you have to let them know ahead you'll be using them on your account. That way they whitelist it. If you get banned though, all you have to do is send a ticket and they'll unban.
  19. Proxy users geting banned

    I wonder if it affects players who use ReducetheLag? Either way, I'm not gonna log in just in case that does happen.

    Oh gee, another p2w event?
  21. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    They won't be considered "good" until they fix xform duration and fix GST.
  22. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    Some great news finally. Now time for you guys to fix transformation duration to 10 minutes and fix GST.
  23. That is partially incorrect. Before cataclysm, there wasn't Elyos or Asmodians as race in general, simply humans and Daevas. It was during and after the Tower's destruction that over the years their once same language became two different languages. The daevas on the northern side of Atreia were covered always in darkness (based on the very first trailer of the game) and had go adapt to the cold and lack of light. That's why as years went by the color of their skin and wings became darker.
  24. Consequences

    Sadness is when none of friends or legion mates get online anymore. I stare at that empty list for hours. Doesn't seem NCWest really cares that much at this point.
  25. Easy compensation for current issues

    A good compensation would be restoring the transformation duration to its original 10 minutes for all transformations and restoring GST to its original KR beauty.