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  1. 3 minutes ago, Lolabye-DN said:

    Well, patch notes show SW has been nerfed again while vandal/glad, etc have all got buffed, any SW's should consider rerolling any other class because good luck doing anything with SW now, Just delete SW and be done with it :(

    They love the vandal class more as you can see. In 7.7 cleric heals are getting even more nerfed.

  2. The problem is that a lot of words seem to be getting lost in translation or NCSOFT doesn't even remember what gender have they applied to their characters. A similar issue happened when during 3.x and 4.x patch during Tiamaranta, a book described Tiamat's rise to power and in the book it mentioned Tiamat as "he", yet we see it's female. Same thing happened with Ereshkigal at first, everyone thought it was male, but nope.

    It would be actually a nice things to see a same-sex relationship in the game (I mean, even FFXIV has done it), but homosexuality is still very taboo in Korea, so who knows. We'll have to see.