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  1. 8 minutes ago, Sachibi-DN said:

    if NCsoft dont hear their players now, its gonna end as EU server did.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but whatever Mochigirl and Pocosin are doing would be a bannable offense on Aion EU, they have strict rules for governors and commanders to lead sieges or pass the lead to someone else if they can't. They suffer this whole afk in sieges issue just like Korean servers do.

  2. 24 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

    No. Support would have told them that they can't return the name because someone else has a greater claim to the name. Not because someone stole it. Cyan posted the criteria that Support would be using for name ownership when there is a dispute. If the characters are under level 65, then the higher level will get the name. If the characters are over level 65, then the character with the earliest creation date will get the name. 

    Pretty sure someone like Yuh from Tiamat is above level 66+ and a much longer player than whoever stole their name, but hey, if you say it's like so, then alright.

  3. You don't need a GP reset, but I can see why the whole TM-E wanted it. Enter coalition, refuse to put the kisk, afk the whole siege, I wish NCSoft would just  remove them both from the ranks by wiping their GP out, what's the point? They're really going to destroy DN-E, and it's just the second day of the merge. If NCWest doesn't hear their players now, it may be too late later on.

  4. Danaria's population is still 60-80% Israphel, and trust me, we don't screw around. The whole Elyos side should block them both and do siege their way. How do these people remain on the top with that rubbish behavior beats me, not like they do anything for the faction either. 

  5. Yeah, and keep in mind Mochigirl and Pocosin are married too (or so I was told), which is ironic considering how they're treating the whole faction with utter disrespect. Calling everyone peons, villagers and plebs with the following "get to work" while doing nothing sure gives a nice image. They had a chance to redeem themselves after destroying TM-E, but guess some garbage remains garbage no matter how much you scrub the bottom of it.

  6. Unfair? So it's fair people exploit Fallen Poeta's relics to gain exp with some third party tool? You know what I find unfair? That these people aren't permabanned. They'll simply continue doing their nonsensical hacks while legit players find themselves to quit because of them.

  7. 2 minutes ago, SexyGeneral-TM said:

    no it doesn't. 32bit makes more player lag, drop fps, stutter, DC, or cant even log into game at all. many of my friends have quited till end of fire temple just because u guys turned back to 32bit client because that nyerk doesn't work.compare amount of people that complained about crashes to how many want 64bit back .if u think turning 32bit made problem solve or even decrease problem you are wrong. turn 64bit back on or give us way to choose which client to run cuz atm playing aion in 32bit is worse than crashing

    Incorrect. It simply means the 32bit client is not compatible with your computer or your friend's. It's a standard thing from all mmos to include both bit versions. I have the 32bit version running and have no issues. Usually running this version does help. Try running it in a different compatibility mode, change High Quality engine in settings to Standard.

  8. The error "send log" varies on each person and it's different for each computer. Most of the time, it is either because of memory overload or failure to load the memory location in the first place. What happens is that the game tries to load the graphics too fast or is unable to do so, which is why sometimes you may get it all of sudden or when you go through the door in UA (like it happened to me). Other send log errors may be related to another client-side issue. It crashes the most in SFT as there's a lot of effects and other action going on in there and the client is unable to handle it.

    If you, by any chance, have used a method that may have worked to decrease the numbers of crashes or temporary fix, post it here. This post will be updated.

    Note: Just become one method worked for person A, doesn't mean it'll work for person B. It's important to not rely on one method.

    Method 1

    Go to Options > Graphics Options > Graphics Engine. If you have the High Quality engine, I suggest you turn the "Shader Quality" way down. The client then will stop focusing on loading the background first as fast and instead focus on loading your surrounding area first. Turn down some Water Effects and Effects Quality too for bonus.

    Method 2 - suggested by Hizuk-IS

    Go to Options > Graphics Options > Misc > And in " Display effects for" select *None*. Remember to turn this back on for DL or Spire otherwise you won't see floor effects.

    Method 3 - suggested by Cyan

    Cyan suggests to run the client in 32 bit version. In order to do so (fastest and easiest way), you need to go to your main Aion folder. The top 2 folders is bin32 and bin64. It's suggested you just move the bin64 folder away somewhere else (like desktop) and run the client again through the launcher. If it doesn't work, bring the bin64 back in.

    UPDATE: Currently the 64bit version has been disabled by NCWest as it's known to cause issues with the client, forcing all users to use the 32bit. The main issue with this version is that it may be laggy and/or stuttering for some users. What you can do to fix it is to bring all the graphical settings down and bringing the effects to "none" in misc settings.

    Method 4 - by Unlogic-IS

    In Graphics Settings, bring your Water Effects, Shadows and Effects quality to minimum while having Shader Quality to the max. In misc settings, set your display effects to "All" while Character detail to "Low"


    Q. Why isn't NCWest doing anything about this ?!?!?one!

    A. Because NCWest can only forward this issue to the development team in Korea, and hope for them to give a possible solution as soon as possible.

    Q. Do Korean players experience the same issue?

    A. Yes and no, the main issue starts with the game itself. It utilizes CPU rather than GPU, therefore, it explains the big fps drops in big cities like Sanctum/Pandae or Sieges. Korea has special gaming cafés with computers build mainly for heavy gaming. People at home follow that pattern and usually have no issues with these kind of problems.

  9. 1 hour ago, zenix-SL said:

    You don't really need to play on EU,to know how bad it really is.Not long ago i watched a youtube video of a well known player on EU who quit, and listed everything that was wrong with Gameforge.

    Ncosft is not much better.I quit and ncsoft lost a customer who spent a massive amount of money,simply due to the excessive Xp for leveling,breaking gear that now needs massive amounts of supps to not break,despite gear not breaking the last few major patches.Terrible rewards on events,poor RNG on luna rewards,the list could be massive but i know there's literally no point providing feedback,because NA office doesnt control much,it's korea thats the problem.

    Both game manager's are not very good,they literally do not care if they lose customers spending big sums of money.Eitherway good on EU player's but i doubt it will make them change their mind,quit and find another game it's a player's market something these company's have forgotten.

    I find it ironic you claim to have quit yet here you are posting, as if your messages will be the holy grail to convince people to stop playing a game they enjoy. Here's the truth: NA is still far superior to EU. I stated before why, but let me do a tl;dr for you: NA is actually free.

    Second of all, Korean MMORPGs are a grindfest. If you think Aion is hard now, then I don't think you experienced the grind on release back in 2009. In fact, getting from 74 to 75 is easier since they increased exp gain in mobs and instances. Each patch it gets easier, but don't worry, Korea doesn't have those kind of nerfs.

    Games like Rohan Blood Feud took 6 months to reach from level 98 to 99 unless you spent a hella lot of money, and that games has an open PK system starting at lvl 30.

    Nonetheless, I know NA is improving and still will, what is now is far better than what it was at the beginning of the year. Maybe once in a while try to appreciate the hard work Hime and Cyan are doing for us.