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  1. Here's my two cents: increase the chance to gain letters. There's no way I can always get less than 7 when having multiple alts, and it's not like these are teadeable either. My rng was bad but this is nonsensical. After 5.6 I can't even get an essence core past +2 so obviously the rates/chances have been nerfed.

    Besides, some prices in Ember's shop are way too overpriced with a currency that's hard to get. 

  2. People are terribly homesick about Katalam and Danaria, but really, we need to move forward. Naming those servers as such will confuse players who quit pre 4.8 and that's just not right. I say, keep Siel (original server since launch!) and Israphel, both representing the East and the West. 

  3. Gameforge nerfs all these kind of things because they need to have profit of some sorts. Sure, their population might be big but only because EU players don't have the patience to play with a higher ping. I played it, sure, it's fun, but it's not really that worth it. The idea to keep yourself buying the goldpack (whether it's irl money or in-game means) is ridiculous. They were always greedy, and NCSoft did a terrible mistake by giving EU away.

  4. It feels like NCSoft goes through various "phases" where sometimes the main focus in Asmodae/Elysea and sometimes Balaurea. We got Cygnea/Enshar in 4.8 which is Balaurea, now we're back to Asmodae/Elysea with Norsvold and Iluma. It does feel like they're rushing the 5.x patch at this point, maybe they have something in mind.

  5. Here's the issue -- it's entirely up to Korea to do it, and I'm telling you now they won't do it. If they did, places like Norsvold and Iluma would be completely deserted, and neither Katalam or Danaria would fit into this whole "archdaeva" thing. It's very out of place.